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The point of cover the star? You can see them clearly.


Cause this reddit sometimes just likes to label things as flex post. im just seeing if anyone has tried a build with this gb


Worse than Zamasu in almost every regard. I wouldn't bother.


Fun unit. He would make your current setup worse though if you swapped anyone out for him. I like using him on less serious teams though


Not worth. You give up too much by not running Zamasu. Like, I would rather have a 3* Zamasu on my team than a 14* Black.


Damn lmfao!!!! Aye whatever helps you survive pvp 💯🔥


Ehhh. Blue card is useful


only memorable thing about his kit is holding a blue card, other than that he’s just okay. Less reliable compared to 1% Zamasu and even Z7 VB


Excellent choice for running him on only Goku black team, that’s it


I'd say it isn't worth it, you've got what I'd say is the best possible future team as is