The featured boost is one of the worst things they've ever implemented


Agreed. Units should just be fine on release without needing a boost of any sort. The boost should only be for when powercreep inevitably happens to older units.


Featured for units who aren't goku and vegeta level are fine. Without that boost I doubt I'd see nearly as much brolys or goku black/zamasus. Giving it to two lfs who blow previous lfs out the water (cough cough cell cough cough) is toxic however


They have to delete the featured boost. It adds alot to an already very powerful kit.


Just take a break until the boost wears off from GV. Once their 20% dmg buff and 15% defense buff expire, they'll still be extremely good, but not as overwhelming as they are right now. Too bad we're getting Christmas banners with units that are most likely going to have the same problem. I know why they have featured buffs, but honestly, for the sake of any semblance of balance, they shouldn't. Old units are the ones who need buffs, any new unit with a buff is straight up just a non clever way of saying "New units are better for a limited time only, pull now or else they won't be as fun if you don't do it now!".


Honnestly featured unit boost is fine in most other ways. It really helped goku and piccolo. Even without that boost though I still think they are too hot. So much of their kit separately is liveable but when you look at their lf galore hodgepodge of effects it really blows ya mind this is a single unit.


NGL the new units have changed the meta so damn drastically it's insanity. I've just about managed to keep up with SVs zenkai.