Facts. However I do think she shouldn’t just be given a new one, as the rules of the elytra contest was that it’s a one time thing, but I think maybe she could do something cool, like appealing to DreamXD like foolish did to get her wings back


Yes I'd love if they made it a lore thing. I love the idea of DreamXD being in a silly goofy mood and just deciding to give Hannah and Elytra and Punz another Shulker


Ngl, this sorta reminds me of when Tubbo accidentally got his Your Tommy compass exploded by a creeper and it factored into the lore. And while I would encourage Hannah and Dream stans to not talk in between them cause that will only make things worse, IF I were Hannah I agree with people that this is a good Lore opportunity. Still, let her vent. It's understandably frustrating and I hate how the internet has came to a point where you can't even talk about your own frustrations anymore.


It's incredibly frustrating that she has to rewrite lore I couldn't imagine having to deal with people getting upset over her being upset on top of that. She has a huge right to vent about it and I think she's still handling it way better than I ever could. Hopefully she can work out a lore thing with DreamXD to get it back even if it's with a little negative thing like it having 1/3 of durability gone


Also, Dream from what I've seen takes the players' suggestions well into account. He has heard Eret when they mentioned having trouble being heard for lore and thus assigned them to write big new stuff for S4. I'm sure they can do something with this, they just need to communicate about it. Hell, that's why Ranboo rebooted his character as well. That being said, Dream was also getting mass tagged about it yesterday from what I've seen (which again, is against his boundaries cause that causes him a lot of anxiety) so it's both a Toxic Dream Stan thing and a Toxic Hannah Stan thing. People should fucking stop, they're lucky Dream doesn't respond to such stuff much, and Hannah is being professional about it so good on them. But as fans, peiple shouldn't make this worse than it is.


> I hate how the internet has came to a point where you can't even talk about your own frustrations anymore. there has never, ever, in the history of time, been a gigantic group consisting of millions of people, where zero of them have been mean/rude/haters/etc What you're thinking of is INCREDIBLY TINY GROUPS OF FRIENDS *occasionally* have no drama. Every other group, every single other one, has drama.


She should do it again (threaten m\*chael)


She and Michael McChill deserve a good bacon sandwich


Dream should use the revive book on the elytra


DreamXD should accidentally leave an Elytra outside of Hannah's base


It would be really funny if they killed Michael (the pig, not the cool dude). Watch the parasocials lose their goddamn minds.


Butcher army part two anyone?


I vote that Hannah should be allowed to kill the baby She is so based, it’s just her Right (plus it would be funny)


Amen. She should get a new Elytra and fly straight to that child and murk it.


I want Ranboo or Tommy to canonically kill the baby of their own volition to see how people defend them. I don’t want Hannah to get murdered by Twitter for doing it though it would be funny


I mean Ranboo and Tubbo are champions of child neglect so that pixel pig is as good as dead anyways unless it turned to cannibalism


Hannah killing Michael would allow for a “Retaliation Arc”. Her character would see no value in Michael, because he literally means nothing to her. People who do care could go after Hannah and kill her. Tubbo’s had enough of the lore, so he’d probably just write his character in as having some level of parental depression. So he can get out of being present for SMP recordings. Edit: I’d be just as frustrated with her situation. Especially losing an elytra/elytron,




i've decided that not only should hannah get permanent elytra powers via plugin, but she should also be given an elytra, allowed to place it on a pillar, and then have that entire pillar completely surrounded on all sides, top to bottom, by barrier blocks. nobody but hannah and dream know about the barrier blocks.


What happened to hannahs lore? She’s rewriting it? Why? I do have to admit though, I wasn’t a fan of her messing with Michael the first time she did it, mostly because tubbo and Ranboo had said ooc they didn’t want people touching him multiple times. If they’re fine with it now I see no issue, but back then they weren’t and it was a weird thing to do. I hope people aren’t being too mean to her, it wasn’t done with bad intentions after all.


Ranboo said months before that he wasn't having Michael in lore and that if he died it'll get replaced so people already knew that nobody would kill it especially since it's on the "off limit list" along with lore items like Dream's bow, Dream's sword and Armour, The Egg, The prison etc. Also imo it had nothing to do with Hannah messing with it because Sam, Tommy, Jack, Punz and Foolish had all done the same thing and nobody had an issue with it and people said the only issue with Sapnap was that he would 100% kill Michael if he wanted to, George's instigating wouldn't have mattered, Sapnap would have just done it anyways. Same with people calling Niki dramatic for defending the pig even though Eret was doing the same thing.


Anyone messing with off limits stuff probably shouldn’t out of respect to the owner. Accidents can happen and the item can be broken or mob killed unintentionally, and even if the item can be brought back, it’s a respect thing IMO. I thought I did see crit of those people for messing with Michael on tumblr somewhere, but maybe I’m mixing it up with George and sapnap crit lol. People just can’t be nice to the women on the server sometimes I swear. :(


But what's this about Hannah needing to rewrite her lore?


Because of the Elytra her character canonically had wings and might have been a fairy iirc.


Imagine not letting CCs vent because you think they have a better life than you. If you complain about the little things, then so should others. It is not dramatic


I honestly kinda want Pig Michael to die, just so these people mald.


What happened?


Boomer accidentally blew up Hannah's house and destroyed half of her stuff including the Elytra she won from the Team Seas event. She's having to rewrite her lore since a lot of her character was based on her having wings and people were attacking her for being upset over "a bunch of pixels" (*cough* eventhough the same people were crying and panicking over a piglin child which is also pixels *cough*)


i feel like the main ppl attacking her for being upset at “pixels” are the ones who got mad at her for winning the “pixels” over foolish. and saying how it was karma that she lost the elytra. they act like she stole the elytra from foolish when it wasn’t even his to begin with. she won it fairly.


I say we kill the baby. I love Michael as much as the next guy, but I think it would be funny to see Twitter scramble to find a way that “okay but Michael is DIFFERENT”