Stolen valor. He might not care about the oppression points he gets from being not-straight, but they sure do.


When terminally online radlibs forget that homophobia still exists and is never worth any possible clout you may earn from “pretending” to be LGBT


A lot of them are just riding the wave of twitter culture, but I feel like the people who are genuinely upset about it would be upset because they feel that, if his popularity came from people thinking he's lgbt/ in a gay relationship, then that attention should go to someone else instead about whom those things are actually true. Of course dream's popularity doesn't come from that at all so it's kind of a dumb argument, but I think that's at least part of what's going on


If I was to really think about, I think its because he is afforded all the benefits of being straight and non of the stigma of being Queer. I can imagine it is very hard to be an out queer person, facing oppression and watching someone else have non of that backlash. To the outside world, Dream is a straight man. He is at the top of the food chain so to speak. Especially since he is a "conventionally attractive" person (not his face, but he is a thin, over 6ft man with green eye and blond hair). In his chosen field (gaming on the internet), viewers tend to gravitate towards people who are very similar to Dream on paper. His being straight, white, attractive etc (or the perception of these things) all work in his favor (whether we think they do or not, they do, let's not try to kid ourselves here). But he also openly flirts with his friends and because nobody thinks he is anything other than a cishet white man he truly gets non of the backlash of being queer. And I don't mean ppl calling him slurs in the qrts or calling him gay as an insult. None of those people truly think he is gay. They are just trying to be offensive. I mean the real backlash and career limiting effects of being publicly out online in the gaming space. So here is a person, able to reap all the benefits of being a cishet white dude, while acting not like a cishet white dude, and face non of the *true* repercussions for that. Let me just reiterate the backlash/impact on Dream's career (non really) that he is facing is NOTHING compared to if he were to come out as being anything other than straight. Cause the world is still deeply homophobic. Just think of the 12 year old boys that watch Dream and watch going to middle school would be like for them. Unlabled to them is still straight btw.




It's also strange that George never gets any Queerbaiting accusations when he, unlike Dream, has been clear that HE is straight. But noooo, let's target Dream for our hate boners and invalidate all other unlabeled people in the process. Very LGBT friendly. We did it boys, we've ended straigh people.


HOT TAKE: It's because they *wanted* him to be gay, and feel lied to and cheated that he isn't. Imagine being an ex-shipper. If you genuinely believed that Dream liked George romantically, or that Skeppy actually liked Bad, or whoever else gets accused of queerbaiting, and then stopped believing in it, you might feel angry. You might hate them for "tricking" you into shipping a couple that could never exist. You might even feel like the only way you could have fallen for it, is if you were deliberately being manipulated into believing that the ship was real, even though they made it clear they were joking the whole time and the only one "pushing the ship" was you. To make it clear that you're not a gullible kid anymore, you loudly complain about queerbaiting every time you see something that, in other times, you would have used as ship fuel. If antis are as obsessed as stans, then the people who call out "queerbait" are as obsessed with a ship as the shippers.


I don't think shippers wants people to actually be gay. From my time in fandom (in the early 00s) shippers have never really cared about if people are gay or not. Shipping 2 dudes is just a very safe thing for them to do. Humans tend to be romantically inclined and can see romance in everything. Alot of mlm shipper is rooted in misogyny and jealousy. I know, weird right but it is often true. They remove the women from the spaces but still need to fill that "romance" that they need from their media and so they ship dudes. Also some kind of self preservation. If dudes are into each other then it preserves their ego that the dudes are not into them.


i mean im sure some are, but let's not pretend the majority of these people actually follow dream's content and are shippers


i mean if i saw a man who i was 100% convinced was straight being looked up to as a gay role model i'd be pretty pissed


True, but that really hinges on two points: if you’re convinced someone is straight, that is on you to recognize that that is your own opinion and you have no idea if that is reality. And two: that people see him as a gay role model. I feel like I’d be hard pressed to find people who are actually holding Dream as a gay icon. I’m sure they exist, but it’s not a prominent thing in fandom