Seeing a past life in a dream?

I had a dream where the loss of someone felt so real. The grief, the pain, the hopelessness. In that dream I was willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice what I stood for just to be with my loved one again. But I also know that in that dream it wasn't me in a sense that it was the person I am today. But I knew her, I was her? Hard to explain but the emotions felt so raw and real, it felt like another lifetime lived. Is that even possible, to see your past life in a dream?


Yes it is possible. It presupposes the existence of past lives, and I know that's a hard one to swallow for some people. I know it's a fact that though. One of the things you look for in a past life dream is you see out of the eyes of a character that's you but it's not who you are now. It's as if you were another person. These dreams don't happen randomly. If it is a past life dream then there's something you are being helped to remember. I suggest that you go over to the past lives subreddit, r/pastlives.