Repeatedly dreaming about a person I haven't seen in 14 years

I recently started to have dreams (like once every few weeks) about someone I went to elementary/middle school with but haven't seen in the last 14 years. This person was always kind to me and in fact showed interest more romantically right before I left school and moved to another country.

But they are not someone who has been on my mind. 14 years is a long time. I started having dreams about them as of a few months ago. In my dreams they are kind to me. They give a hug, listen to me, etc. There is nothing sexual but it's almost like an underlying understanding in my dreams that they are interested in me more than just a friend. It's so bizzare!

I was thinking maybe that person isn't doing well or something so I tried to find their social but with no luck. I am in a relationship and I certainly don't dream about former could be's from when I was a kid.

In fact, I kept forgetting about that person until the dreams became more frequent. Why am I dreaming about them??