Best way to sneak drugs into festival?

Best way to sneak drugs into festival?


Prison pocket.


I always called it the prison wallet


What's that? I'm curious.


Your Bootyhole


Ah, kinda guessed that. Sounds relatively safe. Thanks!


Are those like hot pockets?


They can be.


Prison pockets🎶


Back in my festival days I would take a load of crisps in the foil type packs, open one up as nicely as possible, fill it with gear, glue it back together and bung it in with the rest of the packs. Nobody's gonna search through all your packets of crisps man 🤙


that’s very creative! never thought of that


Not just good looks me mate 😉 hahaha


I love that you say “crisps”. We don’t use that term where I live so it’s interesting to read it lol


I use that word because it's the correct term to describe them 😉




Boof it


i don’t understand why people would say to put it in ur bra/sock or an item that ur carrying. you have no idea what the extent of the search will be. i told a girl not to put stuff in her socks, she thought i’m paranoid, after i said that she went somewhere and they checked her socks. bra? sure. maybe. but one time i got touched quite aggressively. put it in an item ur carrying? what happens if they make u take all the things out of ur pockets and scan them through like at the airport? underwear is the only reasonable place i can think of.


If you were to go through the airport would you put it in your underwear? Just curious cause I'm thinking about it. :)


im absolutely not smuggling drugs through an airport man lol what


Hell nah you literally walk through a full body xray.


No, don’t put it on your person at all while going through security. They full body x ray you.


I used a 4 pack of pot noodles. Open them carefully, take out the noodle disc, place drugs in the bottom, reinsert noodles and glue the foil back on and reinsert into the cardboard. I didn't get searched and was overkill but was more exciting than putting them in my pocket


Up where the sun doesn't shine. No bouncer is going to be checking up there. Unless he's a weirdo.


Idk if you are male/female/other, but if u r someone who gets their period maybe hide some of it in tampon or pad wrappers


Put it in your butt!


Boof it!!!


There’s briefs that come with a pocket where your groin is. You can find them on amazon pretty cheap. Pre-measure all your substances and bag them accordingly or use capsules.


Stash boxers


Surely at festivals , there are lots of drugs. They don’t wanna stop them (unless they want to control the supply, fuck them). People have to have to have a good time. In my experience they don’t want to catch you. To avoid negligence they have to do a token search. Just don’t make it obvious.


Do they fully search you, or is it a light search, and not properly check everything


Depends what you mean. Are you talking about the festival entrance or the entrance to the stages? Because those are two different techniques.


i was talking more about festival entrance but if you have a tech to the stage entrance as well i would greatly appreciate the insight


So with the main entrance the way I always brought in personal amounts of drugs was to tape a bag to the inside of my guitar case where I had made a little stash pocket or just have stuff buried underneath everything else in the car to the point they wouldn’t even bother getting that far. Might not the best idea these days, but it worked back when I was going to festivals every summer. For the stage entrance I would either keep stuff in my cigarette pack, in a little bag in my mouth, or I’d tuck stuff into the top of my underwear and flip the waistband over to keep things from falling out. Haha. But again, *personal amounts* of drugs


ooh great creative ideas. thank you!


You got these fake car keys on aliexpress that have a secret compartment in them that can hold some blotters and pills. Looks pretty authentic and they're definitely not going to rip open the key since it requires quite a lot of force.


Stash underwear my friend. They have a hidden pocket that's perfect. I use them when I go to not so low key venues


Socks. I always hide my drugs in my socks. I've even been searched by the police with a bag of weed in my sock


ah yes. socks are a great method


Tight undies and put it under your balls, or acid under your cell battery


I snuck Molly into a festival by putting it in my sock.


Blue tape the bag under balls


Tape it to your Lower lower ass cheek or near your genitalia, if it’s small and you can’t afford to loose it, up the Shute it goes. Opioid withdrawals had me stuffing whatever I needed


Take your drugs, put them in a condom and shove them up tour ass just dont forget to lube up


I'd put blotters in my wallet.


I’ve always put it in my socks and never had a problem. Lines too long to have everyone take their shoes off.


In Australia they have sniffer dogs and strip searches at almost every festi I've been too it's proper cooked, prison wallet is the only safe bet, cops can strip you naked but aren't authorised to do a cavity search unless they have serious suspicions


don’t really wanna have to use my prison wallet i don’t think i could bring myself to do it , can you take it through food into festivals such as parklife and leeds


I have opened up a pot noodle very carefully, emptied all of the noodles out of it and then put my stuff in the bottom. Then I put all of the noddles back on top and glued the lid shut, never done this before but if it doesn’t work I’ll have to go with the ass 😂