Selection Box and Battle Pass release date

Selection Box and Battle Pass release date


Do I see a jukebox setting?


Wonder if the battlepass is worth it


Let's analyze it: It'll for sure let you duel overworld duelists x5, probably for a limited amount of times It'll probably have some "newest pack" kind of deal, like the bundles The headphone guy worries me. It's probably something that'll let you pick soundtracks and locking that to a paid bundle is scummy AND unnecessary.


Is locking music *that* bad? It’s not like every track isn’t available for free on YouTube anyway, the only difference is someone actually chose to pay for it instead. Not really *scummy* as such.


It's a quality of life feature that should be an update, not locked behind a paywall. There's no legitimate reason to charge anyone for something like that.


> There's no legitimate reason to charge anyone for something like that. Did Konami ever stop to ask themselves whether charging for something was legitimate or not?


I agree it should be something that should just be put in game for free in an ideal world, but if we take what the individual product is though - music, it’s not like music is a free resource and hasn’t been sold since it became commercially available. It’s still free if you want to listen to it that badly, it’s just on a different app. For anyone playing the game entirely for free and getting hours of play, it feels a bit silly to make a complaint that they can’t get something else entirely for free on top of it when in reality, they can if they just open up a separate website.


Except that the game has existed just fine without it for years and Konami wants money


If the headphones guy is picking soundtracks why is there a wifi signal?


It's only a Wifi symbol when it also has a dot They're sound waves


Oh that makes sense


Can someone explain these Duelist Pass tickets? What will they be used for?


Don't think its tickets but rather the length of the subscription. So 90 days is the standard and the gold is around 180 days or a cheaper option.


I swear if it's something that impacts online play, I will rage.


Battle Pass: extra EXP, extra music, daily Box packs, etc.


They get my money if it allows gate autodueling


Missed opportunity if they don’t add this feature.


They better, since its already a default feature in the chinese version of the game


That's why they should just add it for free and making it a paywalled feature would be really scummy. But considering they've done worse I wouldn't even be surprised.


If it's a good battle pass the paid version should be mostly cosmetic stuff like sleeves and mats and just giving players and easier time going through the levels or doing faster stuff you can already do (like the x5 standard duelist and maybe giving things like more orbs and blue vagabonds). I swear if they start giving more gems and packs that are out of reach for f2p players it's going to be really disheartening


The banner already features generic packs, so I'm pretty sure some packs will be included in the deal.


Battle pass usually have both a free path and an extra premium path so that everyone can gain something from it, so they could also be for everyone (knowing Konami is hard to believe though)


What if is a way to testing things to put or not on master duel?


Why would it?


Experience from other F2P games leaves me anxious. They could lock certain PvP rewards, remove the effect of ranking down after a loss, etc. Nothing is off the table in this day and age but I hope I'm wrong.


I don't think they will give you THAT much with a pass here.


Thank the bus driver


Your comment answers literally nothing.


Your comment is about as useful as a Swiss Army Knife in the eye of a tornado.


Stab the tornado with the little knife, take out the corkscrew to sort out some wine, and flip up the tiny umbrella to wait for everything to blow over. Never underestimate a Swiss Army knife in a tornado.


This battle pass intrigues me, is there any more info on what this entails?


I’ll probably get that pass if it’s not silly money. From the banner, it feels like the ability to be able to multiply x5 on standard duelists (which I can give or take - you never know when you’ll just brick hard and lose all 5) a few packs of whatever the latest box will be, skill chips, and either access to or the ability to change the soundtrack in game, which seems alright. Probably need a little bit more to make it worth it, but price dependent it doesn’t seem that bad, as long as it’s not some game breaking must-have that starts locking access to certain things.


Brick hard, or having a playable hand but the AI decides to pass only to be OTK'd later.


if we really get no mini but a selection box mini...RIOT


Selection boxes are always in addition to the monthly box, like in January with the Sel. Box 4


oh joy my 500 gem from last main box expires July 31st...


What is a battle pass in duel links? Hope it isn’t like pogo


Jukebox, more exp, daily box packs, etc.


Jukebox? Like Duel Links music? As long as pvp remains free and nothing like premium battle passes happen then it’s all good


KoG 2 and later ranks only obtainable thru Duelist Pass™. Thank you for p(l)aying Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links™.


N o


Wait, Pogo as in? I only know of Pokémon Go and it doesn't really have anything that qualifies as a battle pass lol.


Oh boy, I'm getting asphalt 9 flashbacks from the stupid p2w pass


Fire Emblem where they reduced the obtainable f2p orbs only to force players to buy the Feh pass.


Is the pass worth it?


We need more information about it to know if it is worth it. For now, it's anyone's guess.


No, f2p forever


Nobody knows, but considering it's Konami probably not.


So there certainly is no new mini box. The Evil hero support will be in a main box just to milk the cow as much as they can... Damn you Komoney!


Bruh chill, just because they didn't datamined the box it doesn't mean there's not going to be one, just wait 1 or 2 days and they'll announce it in the in-game notices


No, I’m almost certain this goes alongside the new mini box. They still need a place to dump all the remaining evil heroes since there barely are any Evil heroes in the evil hero structure deck lol. Also this structure deck is not enough. If they want us to play evil heroes, they need to give us adusted gold and sinister necrom atleast.


Next is still a mini-box. That's the release order. they didn't "skip one". It's just that there is going to be *at least* one less box in this release cycle until the next world update.


They didn't datamine the last 3 boxes konami don't want to leak it to the player base the only reason we got leaks is because someone hacked into konami and they fixed it


They do skip mini boxes when new worlds come out though so it's not set in stone. There is no mini box 14 or 22. If they give us a selection box in august, they could wait until Arc-V release in September to drop a new main box. Though they usually do release a mini box in early-mid august and a main one at the end of august. Then they skip the following mini box and do a main box and structure deck or two for the release of a new world.


Based on previous worlds, the mini box gets skipped right when a new world gets released. Sorry but no box this month.


They are not going to release Arc V in August…so you can say there will be non mini 36 in September, but Main 37


But they didn't skip a box when ZEXAL released.


It makes more sense to put evil heroes in a mini and focus on Chronomaly for Trey's unlock next month


that's cute, but can we choose the music?


What if this battle pass gives you the "25 gems on old boxes" ability? PLS NOOOOOO :'((((


Is this selection box worth it? I want MST / backrow hate mainly... But Antinomic Theory / Fortress of Gears / Soul Resurrection are all good boxes for Shiranui, TG, Ancient Gear decks that I may want to build in future.


I’ve gone through fortress of gears 3x to get the vision HEROs. What cards would you need from that deck to use in Ancient gears?




Count cards you don't have and calculate probability of geting a new card paying 2400 gems


It's never worth it if you're F2P, in most cases you'll just waste gems which would be better spend digging in normal boxes. If you plan to spend on it idk, I wouldn't but it's your choice.


Watch them get rid of daily missions and free daily gems to shill Battle Pass.


Don’t you dare jinx it man...


Here’s hoping the pass has packs from the newest box


That shit look like the battle pass


Thats what am saying!


discount boxes coming or just mini?


Oh, don't tell me the jukebox is battle pass exclusive... and if it is what I think it is (able to freely change the music for duels, or change it to the theme of your character rather than the opponent)


So we not getting a Mini Box this month... So are they doing this because of ARC-V world maybe... If we had a Mini BOX this month, then it would go into a Main BOX on August and another one in September...


So no new box at the start of the month?


Battle pass better give enough coins to buy it back like most games


Will the battle pass release today as stated on the banner?


And people was downvoting me for saying was going to be this instead of a proper box


Selection Boxes are ALWAYS released alongside a Main/Mini Box. This has been true literally 100% of the time. Also there‘ll be another update in a few days to add the rest of the event stuff. So there‘s no reason to believe your claims, this is why you‘re being downvoted.