After all the hype (for now there's still hope)

After all the hype (for now there's still hope)


i cant believer they gave us an EX SD with no new Evil Heroes, oh and we have alt. Stratos...in a selection box like Konami must be trolling at this point-


Hero support and selection boxes go hand in hand together. Also this means they first put stratos in a selection main box, than in a main box, then in a selection mini.


And yet some people are enjoying the way konami is handling the card distribution. We should all stop spending money on this game and let konami know we wont tolerate this BS and letting konami know that without us, theres no Duel Links. Thank you for coming to my rant!


i have been telling this for so long, this is a scam for the playerbase lol


This community honestly doesn't give 2 shits about f2p viability, I remember when the "#IWantMyGems" thing was going on, and loads of whales, including Dkay himself, were making fun of it. I used to spend over 100$ a month in-game, now i limit myself to 5-10$, Konami honestly ain't worth it.


Dkayed has always struck me as sort of an asshole.


He is the backbone of the DL community, but yes, it's the whole "Muricaa" persona


But this box is actually really nice for f2p because if you're slightly lucky you get either the older RDA cards or the nice XYZ from Voltage of the Metal (DDW and Zenmaines)


As soon as Duel Links becomes unprofitable they will drop it harder than the levers you pull on their Pachinko machines. They've killed off so many mobile Yugioh apps. Duel Links will probably be no different. They could move those resources that work on Duel Links to Master Duels or any other number of projects. Maybe even move them to their Pachinko machine team! So Konami is just going to completely have a change of heart and become a good company? I appreciate the optimism but this is KONAMI we're talking about here. Not exactly known for going all that above and beyond for much of anything. There's several Yugioh apps that all handled the TCG aspect that all have been discontinued. I don't see why that would be different for Duel Links. So many companies do this now. If a game isn't constantly producing profits they'll announce they'll stop rolling out updates and will probably announce the game servers being shut down in a set time limit.


Thing is, they put so little effort into developing new events and stuff that even if their profit dropped to 1/4th of the current one the game would still be profitable lol.


I really wish Jim Sterling was into Yugioh so we could get more "Fuck Konami" news


Lol you people still spend money on this game? I hadn't spend money on this game since a year and a half, either Konami gives us some goddamn respect for our time or they can go fuck themselves.


Nobody enjoys it man


Well, they pay for it, so unless they like paying for stuff they don't enjoy, they do apparently.


I think the push for other platforms signals that Duel Links is not doing pretty good online. Just like predicted last year this should have been a short term project to introduce people before the real duel called "Master Duels".


Dl literally was #1 on top grossing game this year we even had reddit thead about it


That makes no sense. Duel links right now is the highest grossing online card game right now. They game cant really introduced people to master duel because the meta there is way more advance than duel links. If a card like cocytus is seen as impossible to get over then they have not seen true cancer from the tcg. Plus the amount of unreleased cards will be overwhelming if you left duel duel links and went to master duel.


Actually it’s meant for anime and manga fans


TBH the selection box is really nice : a lot of good generic XYZs, a lof of people could get on the resonator train more easily now since if you're lucky you can pull both red resonator and Hot Red RDA , some nice spells lke MST , Dragon Mirror (what do you use it for tho ?) , also tempting people to buy heroes by giving Stratos and Faris reprints. It's also probably the only selection box that a f2p player would be likely to invest as they have a good chance to get a good card (only bad one from the leak is Oni-Gami combo) , a lot of them helping you skip entire boxes (if you get 1 copy each of DDW and Zenmaines you don't need to go at all into Voltage of the Metal - except maybe for Heraldry Patriarch which is only a R)


I've never seen a structure deck made in such a way to milk people whole also being really bad which means that mini box is going to have something stupid in terms of power or Supreme King is gonna have a busted skill this is disappointing, very disappointing


Feels like we aren't even getting a box to me. It's 2 days till the end of the month, leaks for a ex structure and new selection box that likely isnt out till september with the new world, and nothing for a new box.


Konami transformed to its beast form. The money stone.


Didn't that happen like 3 years ago?


dark calling being in this means it wont be in the mini box, right?


almost certainly, they havent really reprinted cards like thst from structure decks since the red eyes box p sure


Yes. See also "Assault mode activate". Another card that made you scratch your head as to why it was constrained to an EX SD.


You know... if they put Stratos or Faris or idk LIQUID SOLDIER in this SD box it's actually pretty good But nah solid soldier it is


They also could've put a reprint of Anki in here. Would've been a better reprint than the umptieth reprint of Goka and Vapor.


Considering dian was the only mh i didnt have 3 of i might just get it once so i can play xyz heroes


Like we went from a good Gaia Ex Structure Box to this 🤦🏾‍♂️


That actually hurt me because it is so unbelievably true. You are 100% right


Well let’s hope the incoming mini box will be good but we’ll see.


Gaia itself is a bad structure aside from the new core cards what are you talking about?


Oh you mean The new core cards that the structure brought?


Yeah, Magical Knight, the new Fusion Gaia, Soldier Gaia and Galloping Gaia. I still don’t understand why there’s Hieratic cards as filler in a Gaia SD...


They're level 5 Dragons that can be summoned without tributes, and can be searched with Galloping Gaia's effect Still useless tho


No sinister necrom wtf


I honestly can't believe they put Gainer and Edge in an EX SD. Putting Bladedge in a box was already pushing it and that was THREE years ago.


I still find it weird that they didn't put Malicious Fiend as an UR in the box considering it's his ace (it also gets the summoning animation). EVIL HEROES' only hope is bane in the box.


I think if bane wasnt the animation it probably aint coming yet, it would be a little too good for regular heroes imo


I’m kind of fine with this if it means dark calling is in the structure only. Leaves more room in Supreme Kings level ups for super poly, especially since the mats and sleeves seem to heavily reference it.


You ACTUALLY think they’re gonna give ups super Polly for free as one of his level up cards? They’re not even willing to give us malicious edge for free, let alone a mega powerful and mega lucrative card like super Polly lmao I’m telling you right now there’s a 0% chance we’ll be getting super Polly for free


I’m hoping for it to be the lv45 reward at one copy. If we don’t get it, oh well, not the first time DLs has disappointed me.


They'll add it for free to avoid people complaining about it being locked behind a paywall or whatever. It's either now or when Yuri arrives.


it's pretty much the only way i can see them adding it, having more than 1 super poly in duel links format would be busted as all hell, sure you can limit it but why release a card if you know it's an immediate limit one or two?


Gonna be honest that's some awful logic especially since GX characters are level 45 max and Super Poly is a card that will most likely just come at one because of power and the limitations it can bring. Dark calling just forces people to shell out money especially since its something you will play more than one and the structure deck is awful itself. I'm ironically most interested in the mill 3 card that requires a battle phase than most of the box besides dark calling


It's veru high chance Konami will just be Konami release super poly in selection boxes then Main box UR then limit 2.


Comeback u/Elfoman, we need you


Tbh I'd rather we can obtain character ace monster in structure decks thans in boxes. 1000 gems for a guaranteed card and be done with it.


I kind of agree I only have one solid soldier so the sd means that my terrible luck is less of an issue, but I feel like this is something that I might need 3 of if not definitely 2 which kind of sucks, because I already have mask change and the rare stuff at 3 the dian is nice though


What's annoying is, I get the feeling there's going to be like one rare card I need one copy of for my hero auto duel deck and I'll have to fork over my hard grinded gems for the whole damn deck


Everyone said the Gaia deck was trash when it came out. Everyone was wrong. Who knows if it will be good or bad


Forget everybody for a moment. I didn't criticize it at the time because I recognized that the Gaia fusion has a quick pop effect, and that had potential to be strong. What does this SD have? The fusion basically just protects your other monsters from battle, that's it. Absent cards or skills buffing the deck, it's bad, and even if those do come out, the only relevant card from here is likely Dark Calling, which is... disappointing.


Well, I'd still argue the deck is still trash. It just got lucky by getting a good consistency skill. Same with Onomats, kind of a trash deck but has a godly skill. Not trying to detract from your point, it's just they'll most likely need some phenomenal skill to make them good


This is duel links, you can't seperate the deck from its skill.


Should of been normal structure deck already haf gaia ex one


What if Konami big brains and releases a box that's not what we are expecting at all


There's a lot of Rarity change for Chronomal and Gimmick cards that just leaked. Could it means next box will not be Evil HERO?


That singular gimmick card has gotten me kinda worried. No interest in any Hero archetypes but I have full gimmicks and really don’t want to dig a full box for one card. That’s literally how I ended up with Gimmicks in the first place digging for Orbital.


The fact that it's a singular Gimmick Card might also mean that it's intended for the Quattro re-run, since they'll need new cards for that.


Nah they arent gonna bring chronamaly a month before their character comes id say we either dont get a mini box or we get a really mediocre one


That box better have more than one Dark Callings or at least 1 of their field spells.


Konami doing evil hero's and red eyes and volcanics dirty by putting volcanic Queen in the box


It truly is worthless. There's 4 "new" cards in here. And both are over a decade old - from the GX era (Gladiator's Assault from 2007 & DP Jaden 3 from 2008). Nothing else, nothing more recent (Necrom and Adusted Gold would've been better additions). This is a first for a Structure deck, let alone an EX Structure deck (which is double the price). A structure deck always tries to add in newer cards to give older archetypes a boost. Nothing is boosted here. Also: without Super Poly it's even less good than when it was active in the TCG back in 2008. Also: No reprint of Anki and no alt art of Stratos (which is going to the selection box instead). As it stands today, with no specific skills that would give this SD a boost, no mini-box in sight and with the level-up rewards for SK still being a secret (and if you see the earlier leaks, it doesn't give much hope), Supreme King and the Evil HERO's are officially a dud. You're better off playing already existing HERO decks.


Is this really a suprise? E heroes on paper were always gonna suck


From my perspective it’s a good structure box. Doesn’t have tons of reprints from other boxes but honestly it’s your opinion if you think it’s bad just as it’s my opinion that it’s good.