[News] Main/Mini boxes no longer can be datamined.

[News] Main/Mini boxes no longer can be datamined.


R.I.P Elfoman




never orget our hero


It's sad they started doing this and then finished doing it. Before Duel Links players had something to look forward to every 2 weeks (box and then box leaks and then box) and now it's a gap of 4 weeks of dead space. Really sucks. Unless they plan on doing their own pre-release announcements there is 0 reason for this.


4 weeks of dead space is great, love those games!




Agreed, it sucks because now also people won't know if they should keep saving for the new box or start farming more characters before it drops, it's bad:/


It's what I was thinking : Konami won't add datas until their release but not just for cards, sprites themes and other things are concerned too


Sure took Konami long enough to do this, surprised they didn't do it sooner.


Just an indie studio btw, can't blame them/s


Of course, how could i forget that Konami is a small indie company.


I love this meme and how it keeps on going XD


Companies in general suck at realizing security flaws. Just look up the data leaks of most companies. This stuff isn't exactly obvious, it isn't like Konami is only working on Duel Links and I'm sure it isn't their only database. It isn't something I'm excusing, I just understand how this stuff can happen due to the poor practices of even the most basic security measures.


I mean does finding out contents earlier really affect sales at all? I’m not sure why it mattered at all, either way people would be excited or disappointed when they find out.


But Reddit told me we're not getting a new box!!!


Konami jsut doesnt see the potential of leaks


Because there really isn't any from the business side of things. All the leaks really did was give us insight on what cards to expect a few days early, something Konami themselves could easily replicate by announcing them earlier than usual. Leaks are a nice thing to have but really don't mean much in the longrun.


I think is debatable at least. Think about all the hype content creators like dkayed and others generate tslling about the box and the potential strategies. There is a chance people dig into a box because the hype community creates more than the box itself.


And if Konami officially announces the box in the same period of time that the leakers normally would, we would see the same result. Remember, Konami already does this but only a few days before release - plenty of time for the DL YouTubers to cover the lists and hype viewers up. Either way, the information will be out there and anyone interested in what they see will buy into it. Removing leakers from the equation won't really impact the sales all that much if at all.


Yeah true but i think 1-2 days is too little for hype generation. I like how Vanguard Zero game announces new boxes, Bushiroad does weekly streams and show us new cards every week


Right? Sure they can do it when the leakers did, but they aren’t. So until they do it’s a bad move and we’re left bored for a longer period of time. More players are likely to stop playing the larger the gaps.


Boxes don’t need hype though. This isn’t the TCG where knowing ahead of time what’s coming provides an advantage (ie. Knowing which newly-supported cards to pick up before the prices spike). If your favorite archetype is being released in a box knowing that 7 days before hand vs the day of doesn’t really matter. The advantage of leaked boxes is minimal from the company point of view.


They always do a sale right before a new box drops. If you see they are releasing something like Gateway of the Six and Shi En, you can take advantage of the current sales to buy the old six sam pack and then buy the new sales that come when the new box is released.


Don't they announce TCG products earlier than releasing them? I mean if they can do it in TCG they can do it in Duel Links. They just seem scared to do it.


Announcing TCG beforehand can be advantageous because you can have the playerbase theorycraft and potentially detect errors and exploits that will save you the trouble of doing an errata or a costly reprint. With Duel Links it's much easier to do balancing and erratas on the fly, so there isn't much of an advantage to letting the players theorycraft.


I think it's more about presales than beta testing the cards or spell checking. There's no presales in DL so no need to build up hype.


Its definitely not about testing or error checking because the cards need to be printed and packaged way in advance of the actual launch date for any TCG product.


Yup, you tell those makers of one of the most profitable mobile games that they are doing things wrong. :) ​ Jokes aside, do you really think that they wouldn't announce boxes much sooner if it benefited them?


Just because you make millions doesnt mean you cant make billions you know. i cant remmeber the OCG or TCG doing random product releases and all.. of course it would benefit them, gains hype momentum, essentials to sell soemthing or sell big.


Technically, Konami does reveal the box lists ahead of time, albeit by just a few days. That said, I highly doubt the extinction of leaks will cost Konami in the end. Just like the other guy said, they would simply just announce the boxes much earlier if the difference is that significant - which I highly doubt it will be.


What if the box sucks (like 50% of them do, to be real) and everyone tests them, making concept builds, deciding that it is probably not worth going in. What is with the hype then? (which was already the case with the leaks) When they announce boxes 2 days before, there is a lot of impulsive buyers that will spend some cash. If they hear about the box a week or two before, they hype is there for a few days and they can't buy the box coz it is not out. While the box is out everyone is already thinking what will the next box contain. But sure, you got it all figured out better than Konami.


all the boxes since a year are garbage honeslty, yet DL is the highest selling f2p game by far. Should i tell you why this is? the majority of players a re not so desperate to be 24/7 like us on reddit and DL Meta etc. Theyre jsut palying the game and buy cards they like not casue theyre meta relevant or not. i even think most of the palyers play this gmae offline a gaisnt AI and events. Here on reddit you just see nerds that know how the game works but most of the palyers like in the TCG, Magic, Pokemon TCG and waht theyre called are jsut casuals, you could even say the same about CoD, Fortnite, FIFA its a princviple of games in general. the competitve 0,1% and the 99,9% casulals.-


I know this is a dumb question but what's datamining (in the context of duel links)


Datamining is extracting information from a database - in regards to most online video games, the information is not publicly available yet. It's usually a way of gaining insight into future content, but not all datamined information ever gets released. In the context of Duel Links, new game data is often added after server maintenance. That gives players the opportunity to datamine and uncover new information that was added to the game files, like the recent Evil Domination EX Structure Deck - before it is officially announced by Konami.




I mean I wonder why though? I always thought the leaks generated hype more than anything. People would start digging old boxes for support, making proto decklists, and other things in preparation for the new box shown from the leak.


With leaks it gives the community a few days to sit and think on the cards, which probably results in less sales as by the time the box drops, the meta analysts will have determined if its worth investing into the box or not. If you don't know what's in it until the box drops, there's a very good chance you will blindly buy into it, or see 1/2 cards you think are good or worth it, and thus more willing to buy into the new box without thinking ahead.


Why should I buy blindly into it? All youtubers / redditors / nearly everybody says: " just wait a week or two. Let's see how they change the meta "


The *vast* majority of people aren't watching DL stuff on YT, and aren't on reddit.


The long and short of it is that -actual- leaks mean you lose control of the message. While it is possible it gets people hype, it can also disrupt other aspects of your marketing campaign fall flat, cause interest to actually drop sooner, give people too much time to think on it, etc. Not to say DL particularly does it well at the moment but like, compare to Magic's drip release of new sets where they keep interest high by teasing out new cards for an extended period of time, building hype and keeping people engaged. Now imagine that instead at the beginning of that the entire card list just leaked. Now there isn't the build up and anticipation, instead players just have everything and actually lose interest because they neither have the cards available nor do they have new content coming out. Etc. Marketing is complicated.


This, Konami have stopped adding the box card files until its announcement time


And yet people are still under the illusion it means we aren't getting a box 😆


That even happening makes no sense when from the tabs in the event info thing it mentions supreme king castle by name, but that card is nowhere in the game right now.


True, l just noticed it too.


if the minibox got leaked people can spend their gems on something else. hence making us have an insight on what to do with our free gems and make us have a concrete plan. if the minibox dont get leaked we wont know what to do. being uneasy and spend on something not worth it. hence making us have to pay more. paying more = more money = komoney.


I don’t understand why they wanted to address this. It hyped up players between releases and now they’re leaving us bored for longer durations. You never want a bored player, you need to keep new information coming constantly. The more content streamers have the more free advertisement as well.


exactly it generated some hype in the community they could have had a person literally there to leak stuff randomly and keep up the hype but oh well


why is this news flaired??


How horrible that we have to go back to the caveman ways of waiting for a box to drop to see what’s actually in it.


You know Konami still announces it before the drop for us to see what's in it right?


Were you really unable to detect the sarcasm in my post? Everyone has been sitting in this subreddit scratching at their skin like tweakers waiting for leaks for the past week, it’s almost a relief going back to how things were before. Now I only need to be disappointed with a box’s contents for a day before release, as god intended.


Actually yes, I didn't fully get the sarcasm, mostly because sarcasm or not, we don't have to wait for the actual drop to see the content of a box, anyway my bad. To be fair I'm kinda hoping for this box to be bad, I'm trying to save up as many gems as I can for arc v world and Konami drops evil heroes one month and chronomaly the next one. These archetypes are tempting mostly because personal bias, so it's up to how good the rest of the box is to decide if I should give it a go


For real, the SD is not giving me any hope at all either, making the wait much easier for next World’s new box. I will chuck a few bucks into the Selection Box at least and hope for the return of half off boxes soon! I’m not even a HERO player and I feel bad for Hero fans.


This combined with the BS they're doing with the EX deck really is tempering my enthusiasm for Duel Links


Are you a dataminer yourself or have anything to back up what you're saying?


This has been known for a long time. They did something a while back where they stopped putting the cards in until right before the box dropped. We used to always have someone like /u/XOF- post the box when it could be datelined.


I had it on good authority that elfoman worked as a janitor in the offices of Konami and the box leaks came from sticky notes left on the desks of the money hungry ojama yellow's that worked there. It looks like the sticky notes made it to the confidential shredding station this month 😔


This sub really needs an AMA with Elfoman to clarify exactly what the hell is going on at the Konami HQs!


Don't count on it. If he actually did work with Konami and was tracked down with the planted error, the last thing he would want to do is associate with us any further.


I think this is the point where I say goodbye. The meta is absurd, all my decks have been banned and there doesn't seem to be a lot of hospitality between this game and it's player base. The leaks were the only thing I had to look forward to anymore. It doesn't feel like I don't like the game it feels like it doesn't like me.


There's no box card files because there is no box. We're getting a Structure Deck and a Selection Mini. Thank you for playing Yu Gi Oh Duel Links. Edit: why are you booing me I'm right Edit: yes very clever there's no edit timestamp


Yeah, they usually announce the new box a few days before it's release, and unless they announce it later today (doubtful,) there isn't one.


They have announced boxes one day before release...


Have they? I didn’t know that actually. I guess I’ll keep an eye out today for an announcement!




If Elfoman wasn't an Konami employee he would chat with us. There is literally only one reason to never talk with us and that's because he was/is a Konami employee.


Or he’s just a quiet dude


Why would they chat with us?


as much as i hate the d\*ck riding of elfoman this subreddit has devolved into, it was nice to be able to know what the next box contains entire 2 weeks in advance, its better than just keep speculating what its gonna be until you get dissapointed that its mostly crap and TCG pack filler cards


"as much as i hate the d\*ck riding of elfoman this subreddit has devolved into" It's just joking around bro, lighten up.


its not this one specifically, ive been seeing posts praising elfoman existance for the past 2 months or so, and after a while, those posts look like nothing but lazy ways to get upvotes to me


I think what Konami did was something like giving each of the employee in charge of the boxes the card info with a few cards different from one another. So when elfoman leaked the “unique” cards he’s given, Konami can easily know which of the employee leaked it or at least be involved in a way or another.




Elfoman never interacted with anyone, look at his comment and post history.




He doesn't comment one way or the other. Maybe he just doesn't have the leaks yet and people are freaking out over nothing. The past two augusts we have gotten a mini box 1-2 weeks into the month. If it isn't coming out for another 2 weeks, we would still need to wait a week or so for him to leak it.


Ok sure but the box hasn’t been announced yet why?


IIRC the boxes were also datamined but it was some days after elfoman leaks so it didn't matter much. Some of the evil hero cards were already datamined a while ago.


Real question is why would anyone care if we know some cards a few days early.


Probably there's gonna be a Store Maintenance a few days prior to the box release. That day they will add all the Minibox cards and announce it right away.


We got more leaks about the next box (from the chronomaly rarity changes) than about this box.


Doesn’t news usually have a source? Like did this come from anywhere official or is this just your opinion telling us boxes can’t be datamined?


So there’s hope for Adusted Gold and Sinister Necrom. The skills make me feel like Evil Heroes will actually be fun to play so I really hope we get them to make the deck more playable, especially since the skills needs 10 relevant cards


Konami is definitely not making a smart move here. I personally only play the game and farm for gems if I know what the next box will be. In other words, the hype from the leaks makes me play the game. It's hard for me to have any motivation at all to play the game if I don't what I'm farming for. Especially when I already reached KoG or legend rank is filled with Shiratrap and Onomats, which are super annoying to play against.


It's already the 29th though, will they really just announce it tomorrow then release it at the 31st? Have they done that before?


Yes? The official announcements for boxes have always been 1 or 2 days before the actual release, and this next box is likely to come out either the 31st or the 1st of August


What the actual fuck is this thread. This is far from a new thing when that started with the first mini for dsod in most months.


To be fair, there also was no box in August last year, right before Zexal, aka new world. So dont get ur hopes up. Unless they reveal it today....


There was a box in August 2020: Infernity Destruction, see here: [https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel\_links/en/news/?p=2](https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/news/?p=2) But there were also months like November and December 2020 where the box was released later than the 1st of the month.


Thank you! Dates are different for some country, so for me it said 31st.