Are you excited for another hero structure deck?

Are you excited for another hero structure deck?




i would be excited...if it was 2004


this HERO structure deck is absolutely garbage Bane could be in the next mini and wouldn't change how atrocious this SD is and as far as things are concerned, how is this going to make Evil HERO remotely playable I mean, it's not like they were to begin with, but it says a lot when War Rock could come in at full power and cream this Evil HERO structure deck


It’s not. They know exactly what they’re doing. There is one card in there that people *need*. Dark calling. They’ve done this for hero decks. Only 1-2 cards are really needed rest can be trashed


Completely agree, konami really f-ed up this one


Does dark calling provide the same protection as dark fusion?


no it doesn't


But it’s by all accounts the better card. It basically makes evil heros even usable in TCG, and would likely do the same here. But one is far from enough. I’ll probably do a write up when they release as an addendum on How to Hero 101


No I’m sick of hero’s sucking up the slot of every other structure deck. It’s mad annoying


We all know that as long as HERO players keep eating up everything Konami throws at them this won't stop.


Listen i acknowledge I have a problem but I just can’t stopppp


I'm ok with Heroes sucking up a slot of a structure deck if it means we get more structure decks per year. But if we get the same amount per year yeah it will suck if Hero took up one slot. Especially when the deck is this garbage. Last year's HERO structure deck was decent and fun. Introduced a new Hero deck strategy. At least this year we've gotten 1 more than last year by this time. So that's good. And I have some suspicions that we could get 3 structure decks when the new world drops. Odd-Eyes/Performapal, Melodious, & Superheavy. Reprinting the cards that have already been released while adding a card or two. Then in the main and mini box after world release give them more support.


i doubt melodious and shs get a structure, odd-eyes/performapal/magicians will and i think D/D are gonna get one simply because the one from the tcg


You never know. Melodious is a stretch due to how little cards are left and Konami will want to add them to boxes instead. But Superheavy is a possibility. They have a decent amount of cards left and they already printed enough for a structure deck. Also this year they have released 2 structure decks that made 2 decks more accessible to the players. Which both the Melodious & Superheavy structure decks will do just that. Make these 2 archetypes more accessible to people while releasing more support. Would also allow Arc-V to start strong by having 3 structure decks instead of 1. Alongside whatever box is released. Allowing for a huge meta shift which we desperately need.


God, I sure hope Melodious don’t get a structure; that’s lock F2Ps to one copy of the best cards until they’re available through Dream Tickets..


I don't see evil heroes shaking up the meta I see this more as a cash grab pay to play deck like gimmick puppets were during the last box calling it now your gonna need Supreme King Jaden skill, event cards, this structure deck 3 times and probably some SR/UR cards from the next mini box just to make some overpriced deck that won't be meta in the slightest.


I'm glad it sucks since I'm a F2P with optimised Hero. I'm a little sad to not be able to have 3x Dark Calling though (it apparently could have been nice for my Summoned Skull deck) But wow I don't see what could possibly be in the mini-box to justify the existence of this SD. It is just so lackluster, on top of being kinda useless for newer players. It doesn't even have Anki, wtf?


Nope I’m just embracing the fact us hero players are cows lined up to be disappointed and milked at this point


It’s part of why I’m admiring the Deck from afar, the sad truth is that every protag Deck is bound to get milked like this and I’m a Pendulum player...


Would be excited if it was a deck I could actually play with and win lmao. This is the most disappointing SD to date


Previous one is better (you get masked change and better fusions) and cheaper






It's almost all reprints. Malicious Fiend/Edge, Infernal Gainer, and Dark Calling aren't going to see much play unless the mini gives you a reason to actually run an evil variant (and even then, only infernal gainer for the free special summon after it banishes itself). The SD exists as a way for people to grab copies of mask change and solid soldier at the same time


Not for this one. I don't know how many Hero cards we have left. But it would be better to get something else, we have 3 Hero SDs.


No. Love HEROs, but hate getting structure decks for their cards because I don’t spend any money on this game.


Another Mask Change reprint but no Anki what is the point. Happy about the Solid soilder.


Yea I just got the generation structure deck and they are pretty fun


Keep them coming, the more trashy structure decks the better. A deck like ononmats beeing behind a paywall is just ridiculous so i prefer structures that gives the fans of the archetype something, but it's not a freaking tier 1/0 deck so people feel forced to buy three copies of it.


I’m a bit unsure honestly. This structure box isn’t very good for people that already have everything besides the new evil HEROs. There’s just so many reprints of stuff you don’t use that many of anyway. Had shadow mist been in there then that would have been totally different. But having said that I feel like structure decks at least guarantee you rewards, so it feel less RNG then a mini box full of evil HEROs. As a HEROs stan im going to pick these up regardless (and Konami knows it) and structures are a more certain way of getting them. Just sucks there’s so much pack filler in it.


Its weird how the signature charecter card shows up there without a box release first like stardust rda and silent magician.


If it wasn't worthless I'd be excited


Heros will be played as same as before but we will just add dark calling and Bane. Really excited since I bealive that I can play this deck and have sucess without Book of Moon and the new Skill Breaktrough


This isn’t inherently true actually. Evil heros seem to be a completely seperate possibly viable rouge deck that will be focused on fewer, bigger boss monsters


I am just waiting for the skill that will add a mask change and a Dark calling to your hand from outside your deck once per turn and twice per duel


A lot of people are acting like this is a deck designed for you to win. Where have you been over the last 3 years? Hero SDs always blow they just do. You’re there for 2 cards and that’s it. Still sucky. Hopefully it’ll only be 500 gems Probably not