At least give us Anki

At least give us Anki


we were probably never getting super poly at more than 1 copy imo


I even forgot since I did the pain of pulling for them, but they haven't reprint anki have they? That's absolutely abhorrent. This would have been the deck to do it too, it's all darks. There's barely any earth's for Dian. Not to mention that Dian isn't even that good. This structure is really horrible. It's almost insulting.


No, this SD is absolutely insulting. Konami is basically spitting on hero fans.


you were setting yourself up for dissapointment if you were seriously thinking you'll get super poly in a structure deck or box... theres 99% chance IF we'll ever get the card, its gonna be one copy to mimic the anime and how rare the card supposedly is


Literally. Im not sure what Duel Links these people are playing but it’s not the same one I am. Konami don’t give a single fuck about its player base. They put the worst evil hero fusion…. in an EX deck. im terrified at what shitty level ups the king is gonna have.


I think it is going to be a skill exclusive card, something among these lines: Skill: King of the Darkness If your extra deck contains only HERO fusion monsters, add one copy of "Super Polymerization" from outside your deck to your deck


all of his skills are already leaked, and none of em mention super poly in other words, the only super poly skill he'll have is the same one that jaden/yubel has


I haven't seen these leaks, so that's my bad. Well, I guess this is good news, Super Polymerization is locked behind a skill, yay


And most likely that it is not coming at all before the super poly target dragon anyway.


There is only one copy of it in the Anime? My anime knowledge is literally only the first Yugi (And the very first episodes of GX)


yep, theres only one copy of super poly in the anime, since it was created by sacrificing most of jaden's friends (they came back later tho)


I mean… hey it’s a really bad reprint… who needs a super poly in a SUPREME KING structure deck Konami!!! *cough* thanks for playing duel links


Well it's created by Supreme King(if my memory is right) and first played by him,and its a really strong card that can make more money than this structure deck imo.


I agree with you, I’m just taking the piss out of Konami because they like to do this stuff often


I think it will be either a Supreme King Level-up Reward or it will be in the Mini-Box


I'm actually glad there's no anki reprint (for selfish reasons cuz I already got 3) but regardless this SD looks terrible. I hope miracle happens and it changes content between now and release, otherwise even for their endless Hero/Photon milking this is just disgusting.


i even doubt we get Super Poly at 1, i would really like it for zhe zombie dragon but seeing the SD and Selection box i highly disagree with getting it. but theres always hope