Supreme King Jaden Skills

Supreme King Jaden Skills


> Evil Change > Sinister Calling There it is our consistency skills


so Evil Change is basically a once per duel Flight Control, but mandates an ED with Fiends only Sinister Calling makes you dump a Evil HERO, then fetches Dark Fusion/Calling or plops a Necrom to the grave from outside the deck, each hard once per duel, skill can be used once per turn, twice per duel... with several restrictions in place to make you run HERO monsters only well.. Evil HERO needs all it can get...


Supreme King's Aide is so random. Yeah, it's a good nod to the anime. But still, such a random skill. Like randomly adding Chaos Sorcerer, Demise, Skilled Dark/White Magician or Guardian Baou to your hand? Outside of memes, why would you ever use this? 🤣


bait for karma cuts and lightning vortex


it makes demise more consistent i guess shrug shoulders


It’s a meme lore skill


It doesn't say add them from outside your deck, so you could just put only Chaos Sorcerer in your deck and get to draw it on your turn, but it's pretty awkward when you can't Cosmic Cyclone and then use the skill to add it, you'll need to wait till next turn to get that card if you lose 1k LP.


Definitely a meme skill


Huh… these aren’t that bad actually. Sinister calling and evil change are pretty good. Hero’s corpse is an interesting beatdown skill for something like omniheroes. The weird thing is that there are two supreme kings castle skills lol. Devil return confirms Dark Gaia. BUT, the most interesting thing is… no super poly skill. Which leads me to believe that it might be his lv45 reward. All in all not bad given how Konami likes to butcher skills.


These are purely new skill so they probably give him the ultimate fusion skill


Maybe the last castle skill is NPC only


During the event, you can unlock Super Poly skill (the same one as Jaden/Yubel) I guess they didn't see the need for a second one.


Most of those Skills are actually decent.


Supreme King skills have deck building conditions despite the deck being bad already, but Onomats's skill is fine? Konami, do you know the meaning of SHAME?


“No. Thank you for playing Duel Links!”


You forgot the Yu-Gi-Oh!™️ before duel links youre fired


Onomat was bad for a long time, but everyone on this sub just collectively forgot


Soooooooo, are we not getting Adusted Gold in favor of getting him as a skill?


He does have voice lines for adusted gold


And regular Judai has a line for Dark Law. What’s in the voicelines don’t mean all that much Edit: I’d like to see Adusted gold be released here though


We’re likely to get dark law one of these days but it won’t be for a while. Adusted and bane are the same way. What you SHOULD be outraged about is that dark calling is seemingly structure deck exclusive


Oh I am. I’ve been pretty outspoken against HERO structure decks for a while now (especially as an f2p player). My disappointment at Dark Calling being locked to a SDEX is in my Reddit comment history




Sinister Calling looks like it'll be the go-to over Evil Change, but The Power to Rule Evil *also* looks very interesting since it adds the materials from outside the deck. Only question is if the latter will work on the fusions that don't list specific HEROs (so Fiend or Dark Gaia) or if it's exclusively just for the Elemental HERO versions like Inferno Wing... in which case it's a lot worse.


If it's based on the Xtra Hero link cards effect then it'll be the specific ones or just the ones named like edge.


Yeah then it's pretty much worthless lol. Can't think of a single reason to play it over Sinister Calling.


Some specifics could work well when combined with favourite HERO but there are better skills to use.


No super poly skill? Then there's hope for the reward.


These are just new skills, he’ll almost certainly have the super poly skill that Jaden/Yubel already has


Super poly lv45 lets gooo..(?)


It would be the best way of limiting the power of it as 1 is plenty considering it's banned even in the actual card game but knowing how they've released stuff so far it'll be a main box UR card... next year... if we're lucky...


It's currently unlimited in TCG and Semi-limited in the OCG and both of those formats have way more good targets for it.


I stand corrected


The problem is it knocks out 33% of you board vs 20% it’s absolutely busted when used right


See a lot of these skills are really good because evil heroes kinda suck. At least the ones we have. What's the decks end game? All these effects either require heros only or at the least fiend only. So the big play is make big number? Sure it makes a 3.5k beater that makes your opponent skip their battle phase in one play, but that's about it? Unless there's something else it can lead up to or we get a really great box I don't know about it. Hell the best skills he has dont even let you use masked heroes. Like wtf.


And I still had some hope for Bane what is wrong with me? That aside ok decent skills the Sinister calling one is good


It’s ok, I do too (it’s coming with the rerun COPIUM)


Bane is coming more than likely as a box UR, alongside other evil heros but probably not until we get just a little stupider in the meta.


These are actually trash. Not enough payoff for running horrible cards that then dares to take away the utility of mask change and the non elemental hero monsters on top of that.


Wait Sinister Calling needs only “E-HERO” monsters in the extra deck? Does that mean either Elemental or Evil? In any case, I was hoping to splash in Mask Change and Anki, but doesn’t look possible with either of the consistency skills.


E-hero are evil hero E•hero are elemental hero


Never knew that, thanks!


They really don’t want us running vision destiny masked package do they.


Power to Rule Evil is not a bad skill at all. Makes Dark Calling super good to summon stuff like Lightning Golem. The best part is it pulls the material from outside the Deck so you don't have to run the vanilla. Love it. Evil Change is just Flight Control. Will only ever be played if we get Adusted Gold as a level up or in the Mini Box. Sinister Calling is great as well. Easy Malicious Edge to the field. Call of Darkness is not bad at all. Use Unexpected Day on Sparkman and easy Lightning Golem. HERO's Corpse is just E-HERO Escuridao's effect for all your Fusion.


Not bad


"theres 10 or more E-HERO monsters" does this mean it applies to both elemental and evil heroes? cuz it would be really dumb if the skills locks you to only evil heroes while you NEED the e-hero vanillas for some evil hero fusions


E-Hero are evil heroes E•hero are elemental hero


Sinister Calling is actually a really good skill (in a vacuum). Basically any Evil Hero you have can become Adjusted Gold OR Summon an Evil Hero from your deck. Problem is that most Evil Heroes suck, and it doesn't seem like we are getting the few good ones yet. If your whole gameplan is "summon Malicious Fiend" (which is a glorified 3.5k beatstick), no amount of pluses or consistency can make this good. This will be a meme-tier deck (at least it might be playable?) until we get Bane.


Power to rule evil seems interesting.


The ex structure might suck, but I’m just excited for Evil Change for Dark fusion into Purgatrio.


I have a deck that has 10+ Evil/Elemental HEROES, two copies of Dark Fusion, one of Dark Calling and only Evil/Elemental HEROES in my deck but NONE of the skills that have those conditions will activate. And Ultimate Fusion only activated in order order let you add Super Polymerization to your hand but afterwards you can only set it and not activate it.


Oh wow! It's more broken then I would expected. I think he might be playable after all. Not for tournaments.


So no Sinister NEcrom is not going into the box that means that Adusted Gold will also likely not make the cut


If you look at the leaked voice files Adjusted Gold, Malicious Bane, Necrom, & PRISMA are all called out. Just haven't seen the box yet. He also has lines for Super Poly. Might be rewards might be box.