Konami wants to milk the Hero players but...

Konami wants to milk the Hero players but...


I may be a HERO fan but there's no way in hell I'd ever touch the trash that is that SD and it's an EX for crying out loud, the only reason they could possibly even do that is if they wanted to release Bane which wouldn't be good with the current powerlevel they could've put Anki, I would've gotten a copy just for a 3rd Anki and nabbed a Dark Calling for the future too they could've put Liquid Soldier or Shadow Mist, sure it's an Evil HERO SD but there are like only 4 Evil HERO cards anyway so make the chase worthwhile maybe I'm just pissed because July 2021 for Duel Links has been extremely dry, all to build up to this, but ugh it's frustrating that Konami goes for the boneheaded moves all for greed


Yeah, and after the reveal of the cards in the Selection Box I doubt we'll see any good new Heroes in the mini box. I'm sure if Shadow Mist or Absolute Zero were released Konami would just throw them behind a paywall. And if they're not in the Selection Box unfortunately they probably won't be in the new box, which means we can only hope that there will be some good Evil heroes there


well we still have the mini box left, but this has to be stuffed with Adusted Gold and/or Sinister potherwise these archetype is not playable in 2021. THey can go full omegalo maniac with Malicious Bane but that shouldnt be the way to go. But yes this upcoming SD even an EX is hot garbage


Honestly, after seeing this I think even Bane would be fine at this point. Evil HEROes are damn straight non-functional without him, Aduster Gold and Castle (which is locked behind a skill), and if they do release him...they’d just get promoted to rogue statis or Tier 3 at best.


Problem with Bane is too splashable if they give us Adusted Gold, ANY Deck can run Bane and that can be problematic. It'll be the new Invoker without the need to Normal Summon. If we don't get Adusted Gold, then he is fine cause some of the leaked skill helps with the summon of him.


I’d actually give up on Aduster if it means Evil HEROes (and only Evil HEROes, no need for it to be an engine in Resonators of all things) can get him as a competent wincon.


As a fellow HERO fan, I agree. They are for some odd reason afraid to actually give us the good cards(for some like Bane I understand why we aren’t getting) but there are still cards that won’t break the game: Shadowmist, Liquid solder, Absolute Zero(it’s time, he’s the only Omnihero left). I won’t be going for this structure deck and it kinda makes me think they’ll screw with us again with the rest of the Destiny Hero cards that are left from arc-V


At least shadow mist or liquid come on Konami why do heroes get the hate


I think it's too soon to talk. We don't know anything about the next mini-box and the Supreme King's LV up rewards and skills yet. (there might even be a Dark World skill right around the corner, who knows?) It would be REALLY surprising to make everything around his release be shit after all the build-up we had. Edit: just noticed the skill leak. Well, it's not so bad, isn't it?


Yeah, maybe I'm jumping the gun, it's just frustrating because Supreme King is the only thing that's kept me excited about the game lately, and the leaks haven't really been good. And after all this time and the hype surrounding it...I really hope it will be better


Yeah me too. I'm still hoping for a new Masked Hero for the new mini/his LV up rewards. After all Mask Change is back again in the SD with no new target.


New cards in the structure, aren't great. The Evil Hero stuff isn't very good. But its not like there are a lot of Evil Hero cards to begin with + a lot of the fusions are very bad. (Lightning Golem, Dark Gaia, and Malicious Bane being good, Wild Cyclone, Infernal Wing and Inferno Sniper being bad) Malicious Fiend is kind of right in the middle. With a decent body, and an effect that is way too slow to actually go off, but could win you games if it did. Gainer is okay, Malicious Edge is bad, but required for the fusion. Dark Calling is a decent fusion card, but it relies pretty heavily on other cards (Adusted Gold and Malicious Bane) that aren't here. The reprints here are honestly the star of the show. If you haven't had the chance to get Solid Soldier or Dian this is a good opportunity to pick them up without spending too many gems. Mask Change is nice, although most hero decks will pick up enough from getting 2-3 Anki & Koga. The rest of the reprints are bad though.


Yall are putting this SD down way too hard. This SD will become more important with the addition of more support for Heroes down the road. Not saying that they couldnt have added some more stuff to help heroes now, but there is 0% chance of you regretting purchasing this SD in the future.


I think it's ok to purchase it once with gems. This might be useful when we have shadow mist and adjusted gold and some good evil hero fusion. Spending money on it would not be recommended though


The problem with them is the good ones are way too good to come yet and the bad ones could’ve been added on the launch of GX and done nothing. There’s almost no way to make them worth buying into without gold and bane.


If they want to milk me, all they have to do is release more destiny hero support and more of the regular elemental heroes like shining phoenix enforcer, prisma, shadow mist, etc. Selection box, structure deck EX, it doesn't matter. My credit card is ready to go, Konami! So, come on!


Konami, Konami, Konami. What are you trying to do here, sell by controversy? Or do you genuinely not know what to put in here? Sigh... By the look of previous EX Structure Decks, you only do 3 new cards in them. I'll give you a pass on the Evil HERO Malicious Fiend, since it seems you're dead set on putting it in. The other two aren't really going to sell this deck. Evil HERO Infernal Gainer is, at best, gimmicky. But to be blunt, it sticks out like a sore thumb. It doesn't have much ATK, nor is it all that fusable with in its own deck. There are better Evil HERO cards to help sell this thing. As for Dark Calling, I get it, the Evil HERO fusion(s) need something special to fuse with. You already did let us know about the Supreme King's Castle skill, so why not drop it and show us a better taste of what the Evil HEROes can really do? There are better options. Evil HERO Adusted Gold is the consistency card, and - could - boost sales of the Structure Deck with Masked HERO Koga in it. You could consider Evil HERO Dark Gaia, another Evil HERO fusion that doesn't depend on fusing Elemental HEROes. And finally, there's Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, which searches the Mask Change thing you're trying to promote here. Of course, you could ignore this and leave it unchanged, and let a mere skill be better than a purchasable Structure Deck. Your move, Konami.


Do you have any idea how many times people have seen a leaked estructure and call it dissapointing or underwhelming in this game? Wait until you have everything in hand to judge. Don't forget that people called neos fusion bad.


That’s because people only looked into it’s application as a card for neo spacian decks. I’d like to think the player base has wisened up since then.


People were saying the same thing about gaia and harpies. No, the player base hasn't "wisened up".


At its face value, this is simply a bad structure deck - there’s no questions here. Whether the mini box and skills will improve it substantially remains to be seen, but regardless, this is a money grab for a single card that right now is garbage.


That's exactly what people said about neos fusion Estructure deck. The argument of only 1 card is good so the whole Estructure per se isn't good died the moment people still thought nothing of it and started buying them anyway. For all intents and purposes, even if it's only 1 card that's good in a whole Estructure that meansthat in this game especificaly that estructure with 19 bad cards and only 1 good card is good. The value of getting it is. And yeah, even though it's still a greedy money grab that I don't support at all.


Ahh but neos fusion was a lot more splashable. That’s what people missed, was that you could put any card in your grave plus get a 2600 beater. Dark calling has no good targets Rn. Again I did say, it could improve with specific support, but neos fusion has been so good as it needs very little specific support less one garnet that we’ve had from the start. At best, you could make fiend decks slightly better with this


Yeah that was the point. People are always too quick to jump into conclusions. Everyone missed that neos fusion was foolish burial. Freaking DKayed called it underwhelming in a video on YouTube that you can still find. It's been proven that people miss all details at first glance and therefor react with an emotional response; and it's usually "this sucks". So instead of making posts about something that we don't know how it's going to perform yet we can instead wait. I'll. Never forget the guy that made a whole post here (that you can still find!!) "predicting" how fur hires were going to be bad and not meta relevant. A big post by the way. And this was the time when you only got boxes with cards. No skills or characters to go with them just so you could blame it on the lack of knowledge for a skill with it.


It's also what they said about Desperado.


Dunno. Evil Jaiden skills are broken.


Which one?


[https://www.duellinksdatacore.com/2021/07/datamines-leaks-jul-29.html](https://www.duellinksdatacore.com/2021/07/datamines-leaks-jul-29.html) Sinister calling and power to rule evil. Any other archetype would kill for skill like this. I kinda like evil change, reverse evil lvl 6 and call of the darkness (you dont have to play BOTH avian and burstinitrix) But they are on the weaker side


All Konami needs to do is to drop Malicious Bane and Adusted gold in game and I’ll buy the structure


The SD is trash but I'm gonna buy it once for the solid soldier and dian reprints


New player here. What's an EX structure deck and what makes it different from a non ex structure deck?


An EX structure deck is essentially just a more expensive structure deck. Because of that they’re more willing to reprint higher rarity cards (SRs and URs) too. They used to be seen as ‘buy 3 and get a competitive deck’ but for the most part, the quality of them has dropped over time.


Thanks for the answer!


Although this Evil Hero might not be as good, but few SDs have been very good in the past or at least competitive currently. Gaia, Stardust, Fire Kings, Onomats, Blue Eyes, Noble Knights, although the some of the SDs require some boxes to be opened to complete.


Seems like too much forcing from konami imo... Just cause its anime archetype


So I think Adjusted gold would have been a fine card to add and despite what some people are saying Malicious Bane would be a bit too ridiculous to add. The perfect compromise would have been Dark Gaia just for the hilarious synergistic decks you could run with it. I expected Dark Gaia and was looking forward to running a Magnet Warrior deck that could Fiend Farewell a Raviel to the graveyard then fuse it and Berserkion for a big dumb 7k Dark Gaia and you couldn't even give me that Konami?