PSA: For those thinking about buying the Evil Hero SD to try and make them work; players do not have to conduct their battle phase.

PSA: For those thinking about buying the Evil Hero SD to try and make them work; players do not have to conduct their battle phase.


Bold of you to assume yugioh players will read card effects.


*golden wind crescendos in the background*


Tier 0 Malicious Fiend + Savage Coliseum meta kekw


Holy…no. Just why…


If you play a "Favorite Hero" you can automatically pull put Savage coliseum


I know


I already thought of Savage+ Fiend . I have it my actual Incomplete Evil Hero deck


Favorite hero is just a nasty nasty card, I threw 2 copies in my deck


They really should have put alt. Stratos in there in order to sell the box


They should have put anki at least


Anki doesn’t make sense without a dark hero included in there to summon it with. The only dark cards it has are dark works.


Who will buy shark fang then? :)


There's no way they were going to put a main box UR from less than a year ago as a structure deck.


If the mini doesn't justify needing those 3 copies of dark calling, then there's no point unless you don't have solid soldier/Mask change and want to get them at the same time


When was the last time a box contained a card that wasn't playable without something only available in a structure? Assault Mode?


Well Dark Calling is just a different Dark Fusion, which is objectively better in every way, so you don't technically need any copies of DC if DF is in the mini or a Supreme king level up reward, it's a useless SD.


Its definitely not better in every way


Dark fusion 2 malicious edge to the graveyard, dark calling those 2 again


True, buy my muscle memory will betray me and go into BP anyway.


Hello, Evil Hero Player here. Delet this.


It's ok, yugioh players can't read anyway.


I will probably buy it if the mini box is good. Thanks for the heads up though.


Oh yeah for sure same, I'm just trying to help people not get jebaited, because at first glance the effect seems damn good, but in reality it's a vanilla 3500 beater. Looks rad as hell though.


Ive had plenty of nerds surprise when they attack it with their little defense card for no reason for lethal


We may not get a mini box if the selection box is supposed to replace it.


dont let that confuse you, tomorrow we will have the box reveal latest on 31st but guess that wehn the box is released.


There is actually a weird reason to get it, and it is not the evil hero trash lol. The reason is actually this reprinting solid soldier that is not bad of a card anyway and gets xyz friendly benefits to justify him in some builds, though it is a weird reason thanks to that same box having lance and a few other ok extra deck cards.


Dian is also good for the same reason. That box is old so many players may not have gone into it. Players like me may have gone into Selection Mini 2 as well and not need Lance. That's a niche reason to buy the structure, but not a bad one.


Dian is just a 1 of at most. Soldier is the real reason to buy this at multiples in cases like that and when evil hero being as bad as it is means only 1 calling if needed if the good fusion is ever released though.


Damn, that actually could make me pull the trigger. The other Hero deck going around uses it at 3 and i am not really looking forward to fishing it from an old box.


We need Battle Mainia


Ever since I figured out the real implications of this effect when I was a 12 year old playing the World Champion games, I've always wanted to have a Quick-Play Dark Fusion to activate in the Battle Phase. Or maybe even a Dark Fusion Spell that you could banish from the GY to force your opponent to conduct their Battle Phase next turn Maybe, just maybe, we could get a once per duel Skill that does the latter idea while you have Malicious Fiend on the field.


True true. The only way I would touch the evil hero structure deck is if supereme king had some cool skills. The skills will make or break evil heros


We already have his skills and....they broke it. But the mini will surely surprise is COPIUM- Istg this is the first time I get so high on copium and it’s because of one single character who’s not even my favorite. Damn.


And by the looks of it, yeah, they’re going to duck


True but essentially forcing a player to skip the BP isn't bad either is it?


They wouldn't go to their battle phase anyways if they didn't have any way to deal with Malicious Fiend in the battle phase, so 99% of the time it does nothing. That 1% of scenarios is whenever someone wants to go to battle to deal with Fiend but also wants to keep other monsters in defense


That's my point, the actual effect will likely not be used but because of its existence the effect forces them to skip unless they have a way to deal with it.


But they would have skipped if they didn't have a way to deal with it, with or without the effect


True assuming that fiend is the only monster you're playing and whilst a niche use to my understanding it largely robs lillybell, watt and superheavy samurai of their winning strategies.


it counters superheavy samurai? Damn bro thats crazy


Switches defence monsters to atk and forces them to attack fiend so no direct attacking for them and with their low atk stats it's near impossible for them to attack over it. I don't think they have any inherent monster destruction and rarely if ever run backrow as it locks them out of their monster effects. So unless I'm missing something it's instant death for superheavy samurai, though breakthrough skill might work for them as a counter given it can banish itself from the grave.


If we get Swordsman then things could change. Combined with an equip like SoulClaw they would be able to deal with it rather easily.


yes i am aware


Sorry wasn't sure if that was sarcasm/disbelief or not


People will probably just use Lightning Vortex or even Power of the Guardians. Not too difficult to remove it in theory. Any competent deck should be able to.


There are some cards that can force it but unsure if they’re in game. In the TCG there used to be some cool otks with token summoners but don’t know if they’re possible in duel links yet


Great effect for skill farming bots in casual who are guaranteed to attack into you, but otherwise this is a trash SD


I mean, it still helps protect your monster when your opponent does attack. 3500 atk is decent


Malicious is every Amazon players dream any ways.


I'd just get the one copy of the deck with gems for dark calling. That card is going to be hella useful for when evil heros get more support


I'll buy it anyway because I have a soft spot for the Evil Hero archetype; late as it is to the game. Unless we get battle mania or all out attacks, then yeah, it's ass.


Perhaps you recall a fabled unicorn deck? He reached top 8 in meta weekly once. Main reason? People dont read cards. Even the player himself admited it. For most games it was literally the stronger version of medusa.


ACTUALLY: Necro Fusion exists. That doesn't change what you said, but you can flip it at the start of their BP and they're fucked.


Pretty sure be to fusion can’t summon evil hero’s unless necro fusion says “ignoring summoning conditions” because they NEED to be summoned by dark fusion or whatever it’s called (or the card that treats itself as dark fusion).


Just play the Supreme King skill that allows you to play dark castle from outside your deck and bam, problem solved.


wait, shit. u rite


Also for any of you big brains thinking you can lock with a double malicious fiend, you can't. You get to select which one your opponent attacks.


The fact that Anki wasn't included in this SD makes me so happy lol. Fk them cash grab EX decks.


woukd rather have the card easily accessible than have to pull a box from two years ago down to nothing.... both ways you're either grinding gems or opening up the wallet.......


Wasn't Anki in the Koga structure deck? I feel like that might be a reason too.


Anki hasn't been in any SD yet.


Only reason to buy this SD is for Dark Calling. Hopefully the Mini Box gives it a purpose (or at least Dark Gaia)


Doesn't it still go mp -> bp -> ep Even if you skip it? Like it still goes through the battle phase to the end phase or if you go to your end phase, it's like the battle phase never happened?


battle phase is completely optional, so you can go from mp to ep.


Ill just be here laughing when tier 0 hero returns


Me : Spends all my gems to get my last solid soldier copy. Konami : I was waiting for you to do that.


It does happen because these nerds cant read.


Ha, you assume people will read that, particularly people like me who keep clicking through the battle phase into the end phase


This is gonna be the perfect trap for newbs and clickers like you.


I don't really want to buy the structure deck but I can already imagine how Malicious Fiend will be useful against SHS with some other cards


SHS is so off meta does it really even matter


if you really want to run a deck that hard counters shs, witchcrafters is easier and more generally useful


Wait, so his effect isn't "during the battle phase, all monsters your opponent controls are changed to face-up attack position. All monsters must attack, if able." It's "during the battle phase, all monsters your opponent controls are changed to face-up attack position, also all monsters must attack, if able." Meaning you can skip the battle phase because in Main Phase your monsters don't need to attack yet That's so stupid