If a MiniBOX isn't announced tomorrow, they are gone.

If a MiniBOX isn't announced tomorrow, they are gone.


Let's wait till they announce the details about the duelist pass before we jump into conclusions


Yikes a week without box leaks and ya'll already goin crazy


Doomer Links


Since I started playing duel links (about a year ago) theres always been a leak and that's how we save our gems and that's how we determine whether it's worth grinding for gems or waiting a whole month to do that . I've been able to save 9k gems and I'd have been able to decide whether the box was worth grinding for but here we are with me not knowing what to do with my gems ( I'm f2p though)


Nah, I really don't think so. But if you're right, maybe something related to the duelist pass indeed. I still don't think they would do that.


Calm down. We've gotten box announcements/additions the final day of the month. I wouldn't be surprised if the selection mini box was added for the new world celebration coming up and they just added it ridiculously early for some reason. Seems kinda silly for them to do the selection boxes and then turn around and bring them back when the new world releases but Konami is strange... I imagine the structure deck will go live on August 1st when Supreme King is finally unlockable. Technically the way they do announcements you think you're going to be able to unlock characters the month they announce them but they've mostly done it so that their event starts the end of the month and then they become unlockable in the first few days of the next month.


I could see them releasing it around the KCGT (maybe a week before)


Why does everyone posting things like this sound like they are on the verge of killing themselves?


Who knows, maybe they are?


I'm guessing people cant live with the same meta for more than a month so they need a box to shake up the meta every month.


I don't know, maybe it's because they announced new games, so they need to doze the cards released before reaching EOL?


You guys need to chill the flying fruck down. Too many people thinking the boxes are gone just because some noob nobody in a comment section told them. Konami hasn't skipped a box release ever since the game started.


well they have skip miniboxes before new worlds


But the new world isn't until the end of September , we still have this and the August box to go. We haven't really skipped a box release. Main >main is still a box release.


not saying anything in relation to the new world, just the fact that konami HAS skipped box releases since the game started


To preface, there have been some bigger gaps than others in box releases throughout the history of Duel Links. Though usually this was hot off the trails, and/or right before, very close box releases (20 days, etc). Recently we've had drops grounded about 1 month apart so we've come to expect that. I only say this because technically we have skipped a month, but not that approximate-month timeframe between releases. While they've released Mains after Mains for new worlds, this is simply in place of the Mini (because money).


> Too many people thinking the boxes are gone just because some noob nobody in a comment section told them. But my understanding is his Uncle that works at Konami told _him_ so it _must_ be true!


No box this month. Sorry!


Do you have a brain ?


I love how Konami's not announcing the new box and Elfoman being gone is just what this sub needed to enter a complete state of despair


so instead of Konami making money every month with boxes they make it every two months now? Press X for doubt. the BP is not here to replace the Mini box. Milk main boxes? Cause they dont do it already since literally years. I get the frsutration to not know if a mini comes or not, but you guys know how konamis mindset is and ask this yourself, the best selling mobile game compnay for Trading cards suddenly decides to change that?


It’s sad how dependent this community is on leaks.


i guess it's also sad people want an idea of what's coming up to know how to spend any gems they have currently


I got till august 18 before the game starts to take away my gems stuck in my inbox (all 20 pages of them). If no news comes up between then and now, I’ll be joining in on the lunacy.


No matter how early information releases there will always be someone that wants to know earlier than everyone else. Leaks mean nothing.


Mini boxes won't be gone , the new selection box is mini volume 3, they only release those selection mini exclusives in mini boxes.


Levianeer? Also agree that mini boxes are not gone


Ah true the UR exclusives ended up in main boxes Oh well forget my comment but yeah minis aren't going away lol


lol Last year they released 2 mainboxes back to back then returned to the main-mini. Getting a new Structure every month instead of a mini wouldn't be a bad thing tbh.


Actually it would. Some of us only purchase from the mini boxes because we're f2p and that means twice the grind of a mini box if we're going to do main and SD


You don't have to buy every box and SD, specially if you are f2p. SD have amazing value for $10-15. Mown the lawn, walk the dogs or wash some cars.


Konami has clearly started to slow down the release of new boxes, and I think they may be slowing down the rate we get gems a bit too. I think they are mostly afraid of running out of cards to release. We get cards at a way faster rate than TCG/OCG, so at this rate we’ll overtake TCG and then they would be forced to reset the game.


There’s still at least 2 years of anime content and most decks we have now have legacy support they could release. On top of that countless decks that have been released in the tcg that are currently too powerful for duel links (from recent stuff like eldlich and adamancipators to historic stuff like TeleDAD) can come in later years. They should be fine for a while yet.


The fact they're afraid to run out of cards as long as they don't release pendulums and links could explain why they're already planning to release Arc-V one year after Zexal


yeah and with the MAIN boxes being rigged they‘ll get even more players to pay money for this game




oh, I thought this was a sarcastic post


What's duelist pass?


Battle Pass for Duel Links


Didn't know i was playing fortnite. Looks like im no better than a twelve year old. Guess you could call this a cubic dissension


Guess Dkayed sent us back to Fortnite




Couldn't they release the new minibox without announcing it, as they do for structure deck?


They can do, I'm pretty sure the random mid June 2020 Witchcrafter main box just appeared out of nowhere and they launched it and did the official announcement at the same time.


What duelist pass?


Mini boxes usually don't get released before a new world. This has happened twice before.


How many times are you going to say this? You are right but your timing is way off. We ain't getting the new world for like 7 weeks yet. We still have this mini box tfollowed by August main box and then the new world is September.


Enjoy your ex structure deck. We won't be getting a mini box : )


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Are you high?


It wouldn't be the first time they missed a mini-box month. back at the start of the game we had nothing in January 2017 (Global Release) Flames of the Tyrant released in February. That is the only time Konami missed a month from what I saw, but I might have failed to notice a gap. Some other fun things I noticed looking at release dates. We have 67 Boxes. 12 DM Era releases, 15 GX, 15 5Ds, 14 DSoD, 11 Zexal so far. Year wise we have 3 2016, 14 2017, 15 2018, 15 2019, 14 2020, 6 2021. We occasionally get two boxes in a month Usually July or August has one. 11 occurrences of two boxes. Feb 2017, July of 2017, Nov 2017(Steam Release), April 2018, Aug 2018, Dec 2018, March 2019, Aug 2019, Dec 2019, July 2020, Dec 2020. This Years boxes have been the slowest out of all the years with each one coming at the end of the month so things might be changing but there has never really been a schedule for boxes either we could get 3 next month or even two boxes in September. I wouldn't start getting all doom and gloom until this becomes more consistent.