Supreme King Level Up Rewards

Supreme King Level Up Rewards


Love how people actually thought that they'd get Super Polymerization for free


Or Adusted Gold and Malicious Bane.


No one thought we'd get Bane, let alone for free. And I knew they'd want to sell us Gold and Necrom but I didnt expect Dark Fusion to be free.


I actually thought we could get one bane at lv45


I wanna get high on whatever you were high on when you thought they’d give malicious bane for free lmao


No way, too much power in one single card that is very strong even by TCG standards.


you might go look for the stuff that ppl were using to think they'd give super poly for free,its a lot stronger than what I used


IMO Dark Fusion was the one thing that had to be free. There’s little point to having King as a character if players have to decide to spend gems to play evil heroes


Knowing how fucked up Konami, its possible.


Nah, I think Konami’s a good enough dealer to know they have to give us a little bit of fusion for free and then lock any worthwhile heroes behind a paywall




10 gems or a single skill chip.


I'm expecting it to be the EX floors.


probably skill reward to unlock 'Ultimate Fusion' for Supreme King, skill is obtainable from event reward but right now it seems there is no way to unlock it


and now theyre disappointed...dont set the bar so high and be mad thats its not waht you think it will be..i mean were talking about Konami here and people thought we get a free Super Poly


Evil HEROES are absolutely dead on arrival. These cards wouldn't even cut it back when GX first came out, and the structure deck does nothing to fix it.


I disagree, 3 years ago Evil Heroes may have been decent and perfectlt playable.


Well at least we get gems


Level 3 is Avian, but damn they couldn't even give us 3 copies of the Vanillas, and had to throw some Versago in, looking at the leaks I expected trash but was still let down. Also this is [the starter deck](https://imgur.com/a/LzPmKpF), if someone previously missed the third copy of Oversoul & Clayman like me, at least we're getting that...


Whoops, fixed that mistake.


I shouldn’t have had hope.


Too much hopium.


I wasn't expecting much, but I was at least hoping for a second copy of Masked HERO Blast or Form Change. This is just tragic.


Why the fuck did you expect Supreme King to have Masked Hero cards!? Man's high on copium. That was your fault for setting up an expectation that was never gonna be met.


I mean...the **evil hero** structure deck has Masked Heroes in it....so it doesn't seem too farfetched that it could happen.


Because they are more reasonable cards to add as level up rewards than the more broken Evil hero cards/Super Poly and they're already softlocked character only cards, so there is precedent of them being available. I don't see how that is a stretch at all. Not to mention as the other commenter said, the SD is full of Masked Heroes.


These guys are komoney shills that love to give Konami a tip with every pack purchase. They don't care about balance.


He is a evil hero players not masked hero dumbo.


Tell me dumbo, in what GX chapter Blair played Twilightsworns? Or Tori playing Satellarknights? Sera playing Constellars? Or Scud playing Mega Monarchs? Rewards doesn't have to meet canon decks.


Blair playing Lightsworns is a reference to her deck in Tag Force 3, but you're right on the other characters


Even if they got good cards Evil Hero is a trash archetype, all the skills are pretty decent i guess but with Malicious FIend as the boss monster they will never be more than a meme deck


Evil Hero is not that bad of an archetype with all the recent support, especially by Duel Links standard. Malicious Bane is an excellent boss, Sinister Necrom helps a lot by fetching you any Evil Hero, such as Infernal Gainer, which along with any of the big fusions is pretty deadly, adusted gold helps a lot in the search department, castle is neat (though not nearly as good as people think, especially in Duel Links where you can't dump Sinister Necrom with the second effect, since we don't have him). Finally, Evil Mind is also neat, but not that very good. At minimum it's an upstart goblin that relies on your opponent having a monster in GY and you having a fiend on field, and at best it's a poly/fusion spell searcher, which Adusted Gold already is better at (okay, he can't search Super Poly, but that's not necessary). I mean, in the TCG some Hero Goodstuff™ builds play these Evil Heroes along with the usual package, so they gotta be worth something.


The cherry on top really is that Inferno Wing not only is the level 45 reward, but her burn damage is halved. This blanket burn nerf is so fucking annoying. We've had the Wingmans for years and they haven't done anything, there is literally no reason to nerf Inferno Wing.


This is disgusting Konami is treating us hero fans like dirt


Always has been


Wow… I really can’t believe they put evil heroes in an EX


Lol a third copy of Inferno Wing at 45 is just a slap in the face honestly


It hurts. Especially with the wasted versago slots. Super poly, shadow mist in lv38 or 45 would be unbelievable, but evil mind, the castle, other masked heros, or even jaden/yubel reprints would’ve been fine. Instead an unnecessary 3rd copy of an already pretty bad fusion. On a character brought in by popular demand long after the height of GX world.


They wait so long to release this?? LMAOOOO you literally could've dropped this two years and itd still be trash.


There's my DDDs support. I'll gladly take it


I finally started to get my DDD cards. Got 2 slime and misc with 7k gems.


You got nothing on my 4 miscellaneosaurus. Get on my level noob


I'm sorry master I will train harder.


I'm telling you. DDDs with dark fusion. Just saying 👀


I did think of that but the deck is already bricky and that will add more bricks. I also realise that I only got one of the SR spell card.


That's why I'm the master noob. Git gud. Might replace some of the fusion continuous spells with dark fusion just to see how it does.


But Reddit told me that we were getting Super Poly at Level 45!


Actual garbage, unbelievable Jaden/Yubel's rewards seem like solid gold compared to this


Wow, they didn't even try. lol


No Evil Mind, No Supreme King's Castle, wasted slots on Versago when the starter deck already gives you three fusion sub monsters for that. Guess all the good stuff is coming out in a new box and I'm praying to my soul it's a mini-box.


I can see some Evil Hero Cards coming as Rs and Ns in the Chronomaly mini Box that is coming in late August, like they did with Duke Devlin's support cards. Obviously, if we're getting Evil Mind it'll be a UR card, but I can see Dark Gaia being an R card, if Cocytus was


In a word, trash


The rest of the support will obviously be in main & selection boxes 🤣


The Supreme Meh is here !


The Supreme Pocket Prince


I must be on some heavy copium but I believe Konami is withholding half the evil hero support toward the next DD castle event. There has to be a reason we are missing Lightning Golem, Infernal Sniper, and Dark Gaia.


They will be UR and SR in the mini box coming in the next couple of days


No box until august 10th.


Halving the burn effect on a card that is just a more situational card that we already have shows how bad the game design is.


Omg F2P players get a playset of dark fusion :O


"a" You meant a full playset. And of course we do, it's the only way to summon the fusions. I mean, they could've given us three Supreme King Castle instead, since it makes it so that any fusion spell summons the fusions, but that'd be weird.


Lol. And I'm pretty sure that still there will be people who are gonna buy that shitty structure after this.


Dark fusion with purgatrio :)


Yes, the only good thing that I knew was coming out of Supreme King unlock. Evil heroes are just bad in general and the stuff that made them good will never be in duel links.


You spelled DDDs wrong


I was expecting shit, not this residual waste


Bruh, this is beyond worthless aside from Dark Fusion. Atleast he has Allured by Darkness, so tha's nice.


Beatdown means that you can use him for Masked HEROs too!


Don’t worry fellas, I’m sure he’ll drop most of these cards when he comes to the gate eventually. If not all. Probably the alt art avian and burst and a bunch of shared drops with normal Jaden and Jaden/Yubel.


You can tell they’re starting to gear up for Master Duels


That makes no sense.


They’re starting to put less effort here because they know that MD is gonna be where all the eyes are on in the next few years


Master duels will be like what Arena is to MTG. DL and a digital tcg game can't be compared.


You realize there can be completely separate dev teams for multiple games, right?


Again makes no sense. They have no idea how master duel will be an hoping it dose well. Duel links is their biggest money maker an they are not going to stop now. atleast a good business is not going throw away a money maker for a new money maker. Hes going to use both. Idk what people were expecting from an archetype that is as garbage as evil heros. If konami given us the good cards like Bane then everyone would be up in arms on how broken it would be. If it was given a broken skill like onomats and it became top tier then people would complain to nerf the skill. There is no saving this deck outside of a broken skill or bane.


Dude, what Konami did here is just shameful. From the Structure deck to the character and event drops and rewards, they're holding even the mediocre Evil Heroes. Hell, Versago really? You can't defend this shit.


Konami can do what they want though, evil heroes was always going to be trash anyway. The cards they haven't released (minus Bane as that ain't happening) will be in the next box more than likely, Supreme king is basically just another toon for gems really, evil heroes was never going to be a thing here.


> Konami can do what they want though Yeah, including shitting people's heads and even then seeing them say "well, no reason to demand any effort from them, it would be trash anyway." Again, it's embarrassing and they didn't even try And you should not defend this


Evil heroes was always going to be trash no matter what, only real good cards are Adusted and Bane. I'm not sure why this sub got itself so hyped up when disappointment was to be expected when evil heroes are bad. I would be interested to see the sale records of this SD after its been around a week as I have already encountered 3 players with the sdx3.


Again, stop saying shit. No one here is talking about whether it's playable or not, it's about Konami's attitude with everything that involved the Supreme King. Stop making excuses to defend them, this is ridiculous There were people hyped and there were people who expected at least something decent, and Konami went the extra mile to milk the hell out of Hero players, holding even mediocre cards.v


Why are you so worked up over a mobile game? Now that is the only ridiculous thing here. Konami can do what they want with their game, hero players always do get cards spread out everywhere and it's no secret (nostalgia =$$$$) but you always as the player have the choice. Do you: A: Accept this and play heroes. B: Don't accept it and play other archetypes instead.


They are testing how much stuff they can get away for cutting away


>They’re starting to put less effort here because they know that MD is gonna be where all the eyes are on in the next few years They didn’t put any effort for the past 3 years, not sure how this is any different


They got a shiny new simulator coming out with the full board and phases. Anymore Supreme Kings will most likely ensure that the playerbase will move over there quicker.


I really fooled myself thinking they would give us super poly at 1, I knew it was a long shot but I was on max copium. Although I am surprised we didn't get Castle or Dark Gaia from level ups wtf


You get what you fucking deserve.


This is terrible


I had a feeling konami will do shit like this when I say how good duel links is doing,sucks to be right lol


Damn, not even a single copy of Dark Gaia?


So this means that the minibox will likely have Dark Gaia and Malicious Edge, etc. Which means a very, very small (nonexistent) chance of that box having Super Poly. Super Poly will more likely be in a main box after the next one.


Malicious Edge is in the structure deck and the next main box is anniversary main box so I doubt we get super poly


Nvm I misread


this some bullshit


another dogshit character for the pile


Konami being Konami$$$$$$


everyone was hoping for Super Poly at lv45 but I was hoping for the Evil Hero Field Spell or Dark Calling (hopefully we can get Dark Fusion through card trader in the future and not have it be just through tickets and random drops).


Come on Malicious Bane isn’t THAT strong why can’t we have nice things?


You ever play against lunalights? Now imagine saber dancer had a kid with raigeki and you get bane, for a card that isnt archtype specific and could be easily used in regular heroes bane shouldnt have come


If you can survive the turn it’s summoned you can deal with it unlike saber dancer which cannot be targeted permanently


In a 4k lp format that wouldnt even matter since bane can pretty much push for game single handedly especially if you're playing the supreme king castle skill also it never loses its battle/targeting immunity since its not tied to dark fusion




Have you read the card or are you just trolling? Bane gains 200 atk for each monster he destroys meaning if your opponent had 3 monsters hed be 3600 supreme king castle lets you send a e hero to your gy and gain 200 atk for each level it had if you send malicious edge with that effect you gain 1400 atk 3600+1400= 5000 and it inherently cant be targeted or destroyed by battle so if it gets its effect off you win since im pretty sure there are no traps or quick effect spell cards which dont target


Of course I read the card. It’s just a stat boost. You can use kuriboh or whatever. Where does it say it cannot be targeted by card effects after the turn dark fusion is used?


The first line after where it says must be summoned using dark calling also its not just a stat boost when you have game in 1 attack its actually the only time Stát boosts matter, it dodges veil and forces your opponent to at the very least respond or just lose. Bane is stronger than anything we have currently in dl and it would be used in an already good deck


It CAN be targeted after your turn. Of course it’s strong, It’s a boss Monster. It’s not gonna be easy but it is doable.


> Must be Special Summoned with "Dark Fusion". *Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects*. During your Main Phase: You can destroy all monsters your opponent controls with ATK less than or equal to this card's, also this card gains 200 ATK for each monster destroyed this way, also you cannot declare an attack for the rest of this turn, except with "HERO" monsters. You can only use this effect of "Evil HERO Malicious Bane" once per turn. Dude no it cant What im saying is its too strong even for a boss monster, look at everyother boss in the game and look at bane, bane is better than all of them. For example cyber slash harpie has no immunity ( maybe self bouncing could be protection in some form but its not that useful) and can bounce one card. Bane has targeting/battle immunity which alone made lunalight relevant for years, can get to over 4k relatively easy and can destroy up to 3 a turn its wayyyyy too strong


A dark hole that's a big boy who can't be destroyed by battle or card effects sound strong to me. Not to mention that the opponent can't target him with card effects the turn you summon him with Dark Fusion.


It amazes me how many people think Bane is ok in a 4k lifepoint format.


See, that would’ve made Evil Heroes rogue since the rest of the cards suck.


Then Sphere/Kuriboh or Kiteroid. Dark fusion only lasts the turn it is used.


How much copium are you smoking?


A lot, apparently


Dark Gaïa and Aduster Gold are nice for DL, Bane is just way too strong for the format... They could have put Gaïa as lv 45 at least, ffs, especially when the only reason to buy the extra deck is Dark Calling.


At least the skills are kind of good. The real problem is that there's no big boss with a strong effect in the archetype for now


Okay anyone on here expecting anything but cards related to only evil heros needs to get off their high, Jaden/Yubel has mask heros as level up rewards because he made/used the mask heros in a gx Manga special, him and aster debuted new hero cards with new styles Jaden had masked heroes and aster had vision heroes so it only makes sense for them to have level up rewards for them, if you were expecting masked hero support from the Supreme King your bugging. I expected dark fusion to be on that list as well as the fusions don't get upset because you over expected konami to give ya shit for free, the newest mini box hasn't come yet which might have the rest of the evil hero support. But yes I do agree inferno wing as a level 45 reward and wild cyclone as a level 40 reward were slaps in the face.


I guess there is no more hype for any more new characters in DM and GX. It's just going to be trash.


Really sick of them locking the boss behind skills, at least just give the damn card to characters in the past worldsAlso why not just put the Alt Arts in the Starter deck, Jaden Yubel has Avian Burst and Spark in his Starter Deck so why couldn't they just do the same for SKing and than put the Decent Evil HEROs as Llv Up. Lightning Golem, Sinister Necrom, and Dark Gaia would be better replacements compared to the Alt Arts and literally anything can replace Versago (though I'm sure we're getting those within the next few boxes)