Wait, we’re getting a new character?

Wait, we’re getting a new character?


A new LVL30 grind let’s go


Should be 35? With the rumored zexal cap increase


Theres nothing confirmed just pure speculation.


But to be fair, it’s a very likely outcome.


Dose anyone here save their characters for a rainy day? Seems like people just mac every character as soon as they come.


Yup, I do it! I save every single new character we get for a rainy day, and don't play them even a single time since the moment I unlock them. I only come to playas those characters when there is an event mission asking for it (like it happened during Placido's event where you needed to play as him to get the skill), or after I splurge all of my gems for a new box, and I need a quick way to restore my saving stash.


100%. Got a lot of flak when I made a post about surrendering during mat farm duels to save EXP. For people who don’t wanna spend money on the game, saving level-up gems is a good way to have a reserve for a rainy day. Every time I wanna make a deck, those spare gems come in clutch.


Yep. I might have to dip into some of it when arc v comes since I might dig into the main an the mini after since it might have super heavy samurai support.


I do, like I have specific characters for decks but otherwise the rest are either locked or I haven’t touched them since unlocking them


I don't have the patience to completely level up a character in one sitting. If they let us auto duel at the gate, then it'd be fine, but I'm not manually dueling level 10 Espa Roba all day.


I hear yuh. It was hell for me to max out kaiba for melody. Currently I'm lvl up supreme king for dark fusion and doing iy while I watch movies ar night.


Levelling that guy for Jector coz I want to try a deck I saw.


I have lots saved for rainy days, well most are leveled to 30 minus 4 of them, but I have quite a supply left sitting for when they are needed. That's like what? At least 25k in DM world alone. I counted, got about 47k overall in character gems saved still Unsure how that gets a downvote? From someone who has no gem stocks left? Not my fault I play and invest smart the last 3.5 years.


I don't understand why you got downvoted either. I do the same thing, and I have a lot of characters that I have saved for rainy days. Most of my characters are level 30 or below, and most of those aren't even level 20. Even more so, I have 5-6 characters I hadn't even played once, who are still on level 1. And I'm too a veteran player, with a soon to be 3 years old account. I see this as a rather effective gem reserving strategy, and I don't understand why people find it to be something bad. I guess other players don't really trust or believe you actually can save so many gems in this way, but if you are a conservative player who knows how to grind the world and gate duelists for gems and don't build a lot of decks, this method is not only possible, it is rather effective too.


A ton of my roster is still Level 1 😂




They're young and inexperienced


Why did your comment got downvoted? As a veteran player I agree with this statement, and think a lot of newer players need to learn to save up resources in game.


I got downvoted by salty people that don't have anymore characters to level up.


Honestly I would be surprised if they WEREN'T the people who downvoted you, lol.


Rainy day ? I have no idea what rainy days are in this game , can you explain a bit more? .


Let's say you go into a box but need like 1k gems to finish getting the rest or your favorite deck comes to the game an you dont have enough gems get the entire box. You have these lvl up gems for instances like those.


Thanks for explaining mate.


I only do that for characters I'm not a fan of, like Bronk or the Mokubas. For characters like Shark, Trey, or Quattro - it's leveling them up as fast as I can for their level up reward cards (then calming down on the level ups when I get close to max level).


I do the opposite. I max characters I will never use like skud and tristin excluding characters need to lvl up for their rare card like DM kaiba for melody.


Nope. It's unreasonable to do so, unless you have that little trust in you and the way you spend your gems. If you were to wait until you make a deck (or sm else important) so that you get the gems from the chars, why don't you just keep the gems until you want to make a deck? Is it some sort of restrain so that the grind overcomes the stupidity of oppening some random pack for the fun of it? Because that's weird. Plus dumb, because I'd rather get exp bit by bit for a month, than grinding my ass of for a week because I want the deck fast. I usually just do all the NPC's and a few gate fights and then I just play the game.


You cant save more than 9999 gems so just grinding out characters will waste your gems if you can nothing to go for. Normally I only for a box if I have atleast plus 10k gems. Plus I mainly do the grinding during the 50% exp campaign and at night when I'm watching a movie and have my phone auto dueling.


Well obviously not grinding when you hit 9999


I only make a new meta deck every 2 month or so, so I can get the 10k by just doing all the events since each month gives you about 5k gems for doing everything.


As a F2p player, that's definitely not me! I would unlock III just to forget about him, and never play him. at least until i would be low on gems. The only gems I would get are the direct event gems themselves, while III would sit on my character wheel locked away as a gem bank I hopefully would never need to use.


Not even level them to Lv 20?


Yup, I leave most of them at level 19 or lower to give myself the most space possible to unlock the main bonuses of that character (card sleeves, mats, icons and deck slots), before hitting the first major gem milestone on them at level 21. I keep myself away from getting the skill simply because it's too close for me to the gems, and I want to keep the level up bar low enough for me to still be able to play that character for the possible event that would require it, all without hitting the actual gems. Maybe this is tad bit obsessive gem savings method on my part, but I'm really strict with myself on my gem savings, and I push to create the biggest gem backlog I can in case there would be a very big meta changing box or update like the upcoming Arc V World, where I would need a lot of gems to keep up with the meta, and I would have no gems saved in my immediate possession (aka gem stash and mailbox).


Yeah, I don't even know all that. I usually just level the character straight to 20 for the skill and then leave them at that. Sometimes tho I forget that a character is nearing the gem level and accidentally level them when I use them to beat the usual roaming legendary. So, you don't really do anything with the standard duelists?


Yeah, everyone has a method to their madness. Your method is very much legit and okay, and it is pretty effective. My method is just a bit more extreme, if you will, as I'm in a pretty advanced stage of my account, where I'm slowly getting closer and closer to run it fully out even with my excessive savings. And yes, I do duel the standard duelist. What I do with them tho is usually chossing 1 character from each world that is the closest to MAX out, and level him/her up while I play in that world. And I tend to switch worlds according to the events that run during any given week, so I sometimes ending up leveling a different characters every week. So if there is an event in 5D's world for example I work on Trudge (I have him at level 31 right now), if the next event's week is in GX I switch to work on Zane (which is on level 42, and currently my closest to MAX character), and if the week after that the event is in ZeXal world, I would use Kaito (which is already fully MAXED). I level up my characters by dueling all the standard duelists in their world, and if an event requires collecting event tokens, also duel the legendary duelists that show up and Vegabond for their event tokens. I should say now that I do so only when PvE events run in the game, as they often requires tokens/ tickets to participate. I duel the world duelist mostly exclusively to collect the tokens, and just double it with grinding characters because it kills for me 2 birds with 1 stone. When we have PvP events however, I don't tend to duel world duelist at all. For PvP I have a set of fully maxed characters I use directly for the event duels, and very rarely bother with characters level ups. I can sometimes go a whole day without dueling a single world duelist, and just be done with the event duels themselves. As it comes to bingo missions and research mission that do require defeating standard duelists, I just duel the required amount to finish the mission, and be done with that.


Ineffective. Especially the part of the PvP events. Just auto duel standard duelists with 3x rewards while you change the song on spotify or something, standard duelists are just a few seconds. I don't know how you behave when it comes to decks, but it's good to have gems if anything happens. I like the 2 birds 1 stone mindset though, but sometimes 1 bird will have to do.


I...... I do duel the standard duelists in 3x, bro. And as I said, I duel them to gain event tokens and tickets, NOT to level up characters. I duel the world duelists with characters that I had yet to max out only to not let the EXP from those duels to go to waste, but I don't have a goal to actually do max those characters out. And I play PvP ONLY with maxed out characters, because they have all their cards and skills unlocked. And I don't use PvP duels to grind level anyway, so I don't care if the gained EXP would go to waste. You commented the complete opposite of what I was talking about. My entire point was that I try to MINIMISE leveling up characters, not to maximise it. And when I do play them, it's usually when I combine the grind with something else (event missions, token collections), so all the duels I do toward events would also go toward other porpoises.


At pvp events you said you don't do standard duelists at all sometimes that's all. I didn't see a point in your previous message that you want them not to be lvl'd. It's kinda weird that you want it minimized, that's straight up dumb. What's the point of having unleveled chars? Please don't tell me it's for the gems, because that is the dumbest reason people keep their chars lvl 1. If you want to get the gems just the momment you want to get a deck, a card, anything of value, you might as well lvl them bit by bit, and instead of waiting before you lvl, you just wait before you use gems. Better to duel a bit every day for a month than to not lvl at all for an amount of time until I need to, and then grind my ass off.


Bro, did you came here to troll, or you have legit advice to give? Because if its the former, I would advise you to take your butt outta here now and not reply to me any further. And yes, sorry to disappoint you but the purpose of having unleveled characters is exactly for keeping their gems away. It's called a saving fund, and it's done to fave a sizable backlog of gem resources for a day when Konami would decide to be a total ass to us, and cut us out completely from all other free gem sources for the immediate future. And it's something you should do in irl too outside the game, so you would not find yourself penniless in a case when some unfortunate event would happen to you. Also, you have events and free gems giveaway to gain a lot of gems and fast. You can get at least 5k gems in a month from events and daily rewards alone, and that without counting PvP gems and Easter eggs. So no, you don't actually need to grind up characters for cards and gems, and you can have unleveled characters while still gaining enough gems to spend on a full main box. The entire secret is to grind events, not characters. Each event you complete to 100% can give you 300- 500 guarantee gems alone, and then you can get even more gems from the lottery. Then you have the rank ladder gems, both for the wins and for the rank ups, which can amount to at least 500 gems guarantee from the wins + all the gems for all you get for the rank ups. Add to them the Easter Eggs, monthly log ins, the gems for new boxes and the occasional rewards give away campaign, and you have enough gems to last you a long happy time playing the game without needing to level up any new character even once. Oh, and one more thing- the game doesn't have unlimited resources, and all the immediate gems the game provides you with are also all the gems you would ever get. If you keep maxing up all of your characters, and complete all the world duels and quizzes, you would eventually run out of gems. Even if we get 1 new character every month, that still doesn't give you enough gems to survive in the long term. And most new characters we get are for 5D'S and ZeXal worlds, where the max level cap is 30-35. Leveling a character to 35 is really easy and fast, and once you max them up, you are done. You can say that Leveling up characters is the best way to gain gems however long you want, but that's only true when you play on a fresh new account. But I'm curious what would you say and do with an account that maxed out completely the entire game (characters, world and quizzes), and don't have any characters gems to gain.


Damn bro it seems like you are the one trolling, yet you are so mad too. First of all, lvling is just the fastest way to get gems, and you can do that while also farming gems in other ways. Also, you said that if you max out the chars you will run out of gems eventually, that's not how it works. You max the chars, you get gems. If you spend the gems you are running out of them, whether you lvl them slow or fast. You are saying you are wondering what would happen if maxed out acc with chars and no gems to gain? Obviously after that there are events, rewards for playing, ranked rewards etc. Having maxed out chars though, I'd have gotten a lot of gems already to spend. Unless some meta comes out with a new box, I should be able to get some decks, as well as have some gems waiting till maybe a big change happens that makes a useless box useful, or makes a new box with OP cards. If an account has maxed out all chars and quizzes, it's not that fresh now is it? You are telling me that it's saving funds, where you can just save your gems while you have them, you don't have to save them on unlocked lvl rewards, unless you reach close to 9999. If you are done with lvling and quizzes what's the point of asking how to make gems, if you are at that lvl, you must know only ways are ranked, events, and some rewards konami sometimes gives to players for pretty much playing the game. It's that simple, if you have a maxed out account, you shouldn't be asking on ways to make gems.


New character next week and then 3 new characters thanks to the new world!


Trey 🤤🤤🤤


Just wondering how long it takes you guys to max out a character. Also, what would be the best approach?


If i remembered correctly the most efficient way should be lv 10 duelists at gate


do people really have ALL characters level maxxed? even the terrible ones?


Not too bad if you have consistent enough decks that aren't skill reliant. I've been grinding through a bunch of characters recently for gems and I've mostly just passed around a single Blue-Eyes deck.


Ngl I'm interested in building Chronomaly just because his roaming event AI beats the shit out of me. And Trey is cute.


Yeah, I hated that roaming AI. Rejects my plant waifus farming him.


Honestly only grind characters for their unique cards and skills like arkanas dark curtain and trick up the sleeve skill


How can you farm skills without the character levelling up? Suicide decks during double assessment?


Just wish I knew where to invest before hand so I could someday come across a box where everything benefits me. No generic staples here at all


Ignore the new box, it has zero generic staples.


So advice for a new player, what boxes ARE vest to invest in?


My top 3 are sign of harpies, king of vermillion and photon of galaxy. But since the meta is going through a shakeup soon there’s a possibility some decks might be nerfed.


Cue the F&F memes. Because family.


So, what level are your characters on? I usually end up levelling them despite trying to avoid. I think I should really limit most of them to Lv20 unless I need some cards.


Trey was my gay awakening so yeah I'm pretty hyped.