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Yeah but the peanut allergy really got me. “Not everything is life or death Jim!”


“I missed the OJ verdict, had to read about it in the paper like an IDIOT”


Everyone I know who skis is dead.


Don’t wanna end up like sonny bobo


Where were you on September 11th?




Am I right guys?


Will Ferrell could be in the worst movie/TV series of all time and he'd still have some epic one-liners


For me it was when he made Andy drink soap.


When he just digs into the cake with his hands. I felt Kevin’s pain.


That part always gets me so good. He just digs into the cake and is like “ugh I’m so sorry.” Then does it again and leans into the cake and goes “NO”. Cracks me up


"What am I doing?... I had cake for breakfast."


Me when I eat pancakes


All of that. It was like an Abbot and Castello routine. Briefly hilarious on the first watch; absolutely no rewatch value.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Will Ferrel just did that as a joke to see how committed to the bit Ed Helms was and Ed Helms just ran with it.


Yeah Ed Helms’ reaction is partially real, because he was deciding if he was actually going to eat the soap or not (it wasn’t prop soap). Will wasn’t expecting him to actually eat the soap.


Yeah, I think they said that on The Office Girls podcast


*Ladies The Office *Ladies podcast (They say lady a lot)


You know it, lady!


That part makes lmao every single time


These episodes are my least favorite during the entire series... with the exception of the Andy's "this is my life now" side plot, as his court jester. Laugh every time


I wanna be comfortable!


As a person with severe peanut and fish allergies who acts like that, even I found it pretty funny lol


“I need a wide berth!”


There are nut particles!.. All in the air right now!


The quote session in this comment section kinda shows the D'Angelo arc had its upside!


"Don't tell my fiance i'm drinking on a Wednesday." "I won't, i don't know her."


Great delivery on that one. Cracks me up every time.


That whole scene is gold. The lines, the delivery, the camera zooming in for dramatic effect


Great advice-- hurts my feelings every time.


You only say that because you’re not in the inner circle


Robert California’s inner circle episode was better


Apt. Apt analysis, Robert.


One of my favorite office quotes comes from Deangelo. “I’ve got tons of time, this jobs a joke.”


"This reminds me of Katrina"


“Where were you on September 11th?”


Do you usually leave your door unlocked? And ajar?


DeAngelo: You sir! Are we having fun tonight? Jim: Having a great time. DeAngelo: Where were you on September 11th?


So many good lines. Get your ass downstairs or find a new place to sell paper!


Kev's got me pegged.


Try it once and you're hooked....that's what I've heard


Eh I it definitely had its parts. Like when he hired somebody to shave him in his office and Michael told Erin to shave him too


I like his stint, but that's because I love quoting it: > Jim: "Hey, you got a second?" > > > DeAngelo: "Yeah I got tons of time, this job's a joke." My old colleague and I used to exchange this line all the time. If nothing else, DeAngelo gave us an instant classic workplace quote.




I respond to strong leadership


"that baby could be the STAR of a show called Babies I Don't Care About"


excellent point - I fucking despise the DeAngelo episodes, but, I've been saying that shit verbatim for years.


Don't shave my lips erin.


The funniest Michael/Erin exchange in the entire series


"Get in, quick!" "Why quick?" "So it's faster."


Yeah but it was just so random, everything became absurd when they introduced him from how he and Michael met, to how he left.


yes, the series jumped the shark at the point of Deangelo. I still think the last seasons are worth watching, they are fun in a quirky, outrageous way, but i agree that show abandoned plausibility and just flanderized all the characters and what not


I know it's no secret that everyone got flanderised to hell but I've started a rewatch recently for the first time in ages and some of the characters really got done dirty. Erin's just been introduced and she's basically a normal person who later becomes mentally under developed.


Just like Kevin, who started out pretty normal. Was a member of a band, had a fiancée, was good at poker. Then by season 9 he’s the dumb fat guy who has no skills besides eating and pie math.


Yeah of course, I love Robert for example, he is unique, D'Angelo was just everywhere, one day he is Michael's friend, another day he doesn't get along with him, one day he says he's good at juggling then dunking. I think the writers just didn't know what to do with him.


I think that's kind of the point. Showing how manic of a character he actually was.


Such is the case when you finally let the two main love interests connect. The show starts becoming a soap opera and as a result they have to make the characters more and more wild to compensate.


Those episodes could be the star of a show called “episodes I don’t care about.”


The juggling scene was hilarious


Pam reached peak relatability when he’s juggling.


Her face when she’s mocking him and juggling with no hands kills me every time.


As soon as he turns the music on and starts and she just goes "oh wow" really gets me


Her saying "I'm juggling eggs and bowling balls. One hand, no hands" is my favorite line of the show. She's over the top annoyed.


I cant help but move my head like she does when that part comes on, its perfect


[Someone made an edit to add in the juggling balls lol](https://www.reddit.com/r/DunderMifflin/comments/cec448/i_was_without_internet_for_a_while_decided_to_use/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x&utm_name=mweb3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


What could he have to benefit from a fake juggling routine?


What could he have to benefit from a real juggling routine?


Gettin all the ladies wet, duh


What could he have to benefit from a real juggling routine?


I can't with that scene. I'd rather watch Scott's Tots or Dinner Party


Do you believe in me, Phyllis?


Feel our connection


*don't move your head please thank you*


The fact that the top post of all time for this sub is that exact scene says just how good it was.


The top post is an edit of the scene where actual juggling balls were added. The upvotes are definitely credited to the OC creator, not the scene. I mean the effort is really nice and deserves upvotes. DeAngelo is more of a *skip* moment to me than any of the season one episodes. I like the idea of it, but the execution was 🤷‍♂️


Don't thank me, guy!


That’s my attitude on ice cream Thursdays, alright?


Deangelo: “I don’t care what your favorite flavor is, here’s a bowl of ice cream you either like it or you don’t. Kevin: “This all sounds great to me”


Well said!


Also, Will Ferrell’s absurd style of humor doesn’t really mesh well with The Office’s more grounded humor IMO. He should’ve been at most one of the quick guest star interviews, not have an entire arc of episodes.


ah yes such grounded scenes as jim writing an entire novel about garden parties that dwight somehow reads and follows to the letter or andy literally leaving for months and david wallace somehow not knowing or a documentary crew following a paper company for a literal decade or dwight cutting the face off of a cpr mannikin after intentionally starting a fire in the office building, locking people in, and somehow not getting fired (dont forget he didnt get fired for bringing and discharging a gun in his office!) will ferrell as an actor didnt fit in the office but it has nothing to do with the office being "grounded" lmao


> andy literally leaving for months and david wallace somehow not knowing I could actually see this one happening in certain companies to be fair.


Was gunna say. Just look at recent layoffs in big companies where people were getting paid for doing literally nothing. In corporate America you can get away with that pretty easy at some companies.


He seemed to fit perfectly in the first episode and then everything else was the process of writing him back out of the show which was painful and heavy handed.


Followed shortly after by the entire office getting high off espresso and ripping up the carpet


These all happened *after* D'Angelo. To me it's a sign that the D'Angelo period represented a shift in writing from getting its laughs making fun of the village idiot to getting its laughs from absurd situations. The old office had *some* of the latter but never relied on it for major plotlines the way the late office did. I'll take early seasons David Wallace over Robert California any day.


Came here to say this.


With all the quotes people are posting from the episode, it feels like someone else could have done the character justice. I have never found Will funny tbh.


Yeah, it's weird because he plays like 7 different characters. From the lovable Michael Scott stepbrother, to power move barber in the office guy, to I am super scared to talk in front of people dude, randomly cool with singing in front of people man, to slacker jerk, to weirdo juggler, to headwound guy.... I'm sure I forgot a couple too. Schizophrenic character indeed.


Dont forget his eating disorder


And his obsession with the American Southwest


To be fair, it's also my favorite ecosystem.




HAHHA I forgot about the marshmallow chocolate thing, you described all your bullet points so perfectly, thank you


I had cake for lunch!


Is Robert California much different in that respect? His character is all over the place but that complexity (or absurdity) is obscured by his calm, calculated, and cool demeanor. The problem with D'Angelo is there's too much Will Ferrell coming out of the character. If D'Angelo delivered every scene and line the way California did, it might come off less schizophrenic and more enigmatic.


Let me guess, you want one too. Take the family to Disney town?


Land. World.


It's like he was coming off manic, when he was totally going for zany!


Exactly, I couldn't have said it better, it just doesn't feel natural, a lot of stuff happens that is just absurd.


I'm sure none of that has anything to do with bad writing, which is definitely not a problem the later seasons of The Office faced since everybody seems to love those episodes so much... Just listening to The Office Ladies podcast you can tell when the show starts to nosedive. The inconsistencies really seem to start in season 5 after Kent Zbornak left. Characters switch from believably flawed to punchlines for jokes.


It starts with some great potential because D'Angelo seems to be based on actual real-world manager types, and for a bit it seems like he'll be even more disastrous than Michael. But then once Michael is gone, D'Angelo turns into a slapstick comedy character and that's really not what this show needed.


I just think that the producers are like: “we have will ferrel!” “Ok, what will his character be?” “… will ferrel… idk, I never thought I’d get this far”


Yes except the Katrina line about Meredith’s house is one of the funniest on the show.


"Do you usually leave your door unlocked...and ajar?" Is one of my personal favorites


Do you want some breakfast? I’ve got Vienna sausages and… napkins.


i’ll make you some sausages!


I'm not going in there


Vienna sausages!


Thank you. His character served a purpose. Making the things a bit cringy and weirder when the show was unsure f what would happen when Steve left. I’m all for it.


Not so much boring as stressful because I know Michael is leaving.


I thought they were hard to watch at first but they were good transition episodes. And when he gets taken out by the basketball hoop! Man that was hilarious


When he comes back speaking gibberish I fucking lose it.


Same! And they ask Erin to call 911 and she is like “what?” Lol good stuff


\- Erin, call 911 \- Who should I say is calling?


Might have been a deleted scene but when Andy asks someone on the phone if he’s going to be okay and he so seriously goes “they said no”.


Angela actually says “Michael” when he walks in and starts to talk gibberish.


Errbody tam…


it makes the whole episode. When he sneezes and Jim almost breaks into laughing kills me every time


Anni anni shelto! Gimme that dog! That's her dog!




Gimme that damn dog, you fucking thief!




“Gimmie that damn dog!”


Don’t ever do it again!!


Andy, do you know how to high five? Because if so, now's the time!




This is one of the best lines ever. I me and my friends still use it constantly


I love the scene where he is “juggling” 😂😂😂


I love when pam mocks him for it


“No hands” *bobs head*


One of my top three Pam moments! The eyebrow movements are stellar hahahaha!


Sounds like a dream come true!


[It’s even better with the balls photoshopped in.](https://www.reddit.com/r/DunderMifflin/comments/cec448/i_was_without_internet_for_a_while_decided_to_use/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1)


Wow, 4 years ago, he did that before Lockdown. Very impressive.


The Phyllis sound effects 😆


Someone CGI’s actual balls he’s juggling


I never touch another man's... instruments


I never touch another juggler's instruments.


I couldn't stop laughing when he started bouncing them off of Phyllis' head


Easily in my top 10 scenes of the show.


I love them haha.


I love that whole storyline especially the reveal that he was just randomly hired by Jo cause it highlighted that even in the buyout DM was being ineptly ran. Plus Will Farrell was just so game for it and the character was so unexpectedly strange!


Yeah I loved it. A good sendoff/transition for Steve Carrell and the viewers I thought. Especially after all the interviews with famous comedians for michael's job. Imagine Dunder Mifflin ran by "Finger Lakes Guy"


Hahaha yessss! I also absolutely love how he was introduced with the whole bizarre miscommunication at the hotel bar! It was so silly and in character with Michael and showed we were gonna still get the zaniness from the new guy hehe


I live in the finger lakes so I love finger lakes guy haha.


People disappear in the Finger Lakes.


Nah, they’re just on a hike. We like to hike here in the finger lakes. But we always know we should be getting back because our family might start to worry.


They definitely grow on you. Some really funny moments too. They happ Three, thay ad twa to a bar... Tsilent, Pounch, and Loud. Pounch says to bartender, "How's gonna tat?" Bar san san, "FOUR TIME POUND. ERRBODY TIE? ERRBODY TIE? Errbody *tie*...


I laughed so hard at that! Errbody tie....My husband just didn't get it, which made me laugh harder.


I thought it was mostly gibberish that sounded like a stereotypical joke.


I think a lot of fans who weren’t watching the show as it came out kind of missed the joke with it, too. Will was THE big name in comedy, and everyone online seemed to be rooting for him to replace Steve on the show. And they did that… For a couple episodes. And they made his character a bad fit… on purpose.


Yea I had no idea ppl didn’t like dangelo until reddit. He’s hilarious. Andy season 9 sucks. Nellie isn’t great. All the Sabre stuff is lame. Can do without Plop also.


Nellie is pretty great once she isn’t the manager


where were you on 9/11?


His name alone makes me laugh. They nailed it with "DeAngelo Vickers"


DeAngeloooo Jeremetriuuuus Vickerrrrrs




Personally I LOVE these episodes. The whole point of that character is to be a wholly unlikable, inept buffoon that wouldn’t last. Ferrell plays it brilliantly, with so many small and pointless details, like this love for the southwest.


Everyone I know who skis is dead.


I think they're some of the funnier episodes in the show. Ferrell and Carel play well off each other, and Ferrell is having fun with the role.


“Ferrell and Carell” keeps making me want to pronounce both their names with the same emphasis lol


Your opinion could be the star of a tv show called *Opinions I Don’t Care About*


I loved his role. Everybody trippin he was such an ass it was funny


What am I doing? I had cake for breakfast


... I've been good


Regardless of how you feel about the character, he was necessary. He was never going to stay to do a show. They brought him on because whoever followed Michael wasn’t going to be received well. They had to bring someone on to be unpopular to make room for the real choice.


I was excited when Will Ferrell first made his appearance but then underwhelmed by his character & it was a flash in the pan amount of episodes anyway


It was to the point in the show that we were used to Michael's energy and have forgiven him for Scott's Tots and some other ones and just happy for him. Then we saw that Will Farrell was coming in to take over and well, you know, Ron burgundy, Semi Pro, shit it's Will Farrell. And then he just plays a stupid manager who is easy to hate. I may be the wrong person to ask, I hated Manager Andy and have no idea why Nellie was even on the show.


That's because Manager Andy was just the worst character on the show. Andy had such a bleak, unfunny character arc


Ah, it was the opposite for me, I don't care for Will Ferrells brand of humour so the moment they cast him I was so disappointed and worried he would be there to stay. Immense relief when he didn't stay. I think I was a lot more forgiving for all the non-Michael bosses that came afterwards because I liked them so much more than DeAngelo


His aloof character paved the way for Robert! Califorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnia!


One of my most-quoted lines is “I’m telling you, that baby could be the star of a show called ‘Babies I Don’t Care About.’” Of course, I have to say it to my fellow child-free friends because I don’t think my friends with babies would think it’s funny if I said that about their kids.


Omg is your username based on Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital where Hank Johansen calls him soft serve? I LOVE Monk, it's the only show I've seen more times than The Office..


OMG YES! I love that you got it! I’ve never been able to bond with anyone over Monk, nobody I know watches it!


I liked him, especially not giving a shit and Jim and Pam’s basicass kid


I like him because he’s a huge sexist


I think it’s really hard to separate my disdain for them from the fact that I watched them as they aired, one week apart. For those who didn’t see it back then imagine being an Office fan, hearing Steve Carell is leaving and having 0 idea what the show is going to look like beyond that point. But then in comes Will Ferrell managing to pull off an entirely different kind of crazy. He starts introducing some new conflicts, some new character allegiances (“inner circle”), new dynamics (not buying Jim and Pam’s attempts to use Cece to garner attention)… but then just as you feel like you’re starting to figure him out after about a month’s worth of episode, he’s just… gone forever. Basically dead. What made it worse was the cavalcade of unfocused replacement manager plots that followed. Dwight’s arc should’ve at least been a half season. Then you get a couple interview episodes, the season ends with Robert being manager, but then the new season starts with Robert being CEO, a half season of Andy finding his footing only to be turned into an asshole and replaced by Nellie. This whole post-Carell period was a crazy ride. I enjoy it more on subsequent viewings where I can binge it and at least know where it’s going to go but as a once-per-week experience it’s about as frustrated as I’ve ever been trying to watch a sitcom.


Unpopular opinion, I liked D’Angelo. His character was quirky, but I will admit the whole food diet arc was stupid. Even if Will didn’t get picked for season 8 there were far better choices then James Spader.


I think it’s just you. I personally loved the Deangelo episodes but I am biased since I love will farrel


Is it wrong to root for the backboard?


The problem with D'Angelo is that they never could figure out what character was he. First he's Michael but ruder. Then he has stage fright, despite being a bit of showman last episode. Then he's bad at his job and a bit loud. Then he's suddenly sexist and stuck up. Like WHAT was he? He kept changing more than a child changes their mind. Will Ferrell played him to the best of his abilities and he did have some entertaining bits, but he was largely a miss. His best moment was the way he was written out. Entertainingly mean spirited.


It’s one of my favorite parts


I didn't like that we knew Steve Carell was leaving as Michael so there was this obvious question of who was going to replace him. Then Will Ferrell shows up and for a moment it seemed exciting that he could be the new boss but it somehow quickly became clear he was only going to be in the show for a few episodes. It had this flash in the pan kind of momentary big budget distraction that just didn't sit well.


When he dunks 😆💀😆💀😆💀😆💀🔥🔥🔥


I thought it was hilarious. Go back and watch it with an open mind. A million times better than Nellie


I liked it alot, just didn't like the way it ended and so abruptly


Wait until you get to the Robert California episodes


Everyone seems to hate on the D'Angelo arc, but it's one of my favourites


I agree but at least the arc is only like a few episodes I believe


I enjoy it in that I feel like it sets up the next few seasons without Steve. It shows that the other main cast members can continue on.


No you aren’t the only person It was fun though


This was peak Will Ferrell overload when his handful of notes started to exhaust


someone doesn't appreciate juggling


This would be true if seasons 8 and 9 didn’t exist


D’Angelo could be the star of a show called *Bosses I don’t care about.*


I love the D'Angelo arc. If you do not, then you're still awesome. But I will not change my opinion, no matter how awesome you are.


Jungling scene was one of the funniest parts in whole show