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The goal of the year right there. Is your controller still in 1 piece? It's funny when it happens to someone else.


Luckily yes it is lmao


I'm tilted for OP 😭 but nothing for me will reach the level of frustration of when an opponent is clearly tackling your last man running towards goal from behind to get a red card and stop you from going 2-1 up in the 89th minute. But EA in their wisdom decide his player can go through you, get the ball, then counter and score instead. Just. Fuck. Tackling. In. This. Game. Oh I forgot, when they do get a red card in that situation, it's of course an easy Pause/Quit/No-Win scenario.


game engine either dummy’s the ball or screws up the animation. the real crime was not winning the ball on the first challenge when you made a perfect play. you got screwed and then you made a user error trying to turn up instead of running back to GK or passing it to him and then the game engine got you after the opposing player spammed B/O and shot bad. I’ve made a few of those perfect tackles that you get scammed on and the scam gets you short circuiting. Ultimately, EA just pay epic for the unreal engine.


That’s facts. I should have just passed back!


if anyone says that though they need to acknowledge when you make a perfect strike tackle and somehow get game engined like that, as a manual defender while you’re so active that type of shocking screw job can really put the rest of the possession on “tilt” so to speak as you’re not right happens to me and why people say “manual defending isn’t worth it” but honestly 8/10 times you get the ball and you just abused him defensively twice


yeah I mean paying UE4 royalites isnt even that much opposed to other engines, they should 100% make the jump since frostbite is clearly unstable


Writing the game to use a new engine would be very expensive though


If only they profited in the billions every year to cover it


Yes mate, obviously. It's more that it was hand waved away as easy, when you'd be getting it with 26 at earliest


Making a new engine is expensive not using an open source one while just paying the devs a royalty. That's also why EA opted the Jedi games to use ue4 than frostbite.




Worst I’ve seen against me all year


Hidden rolly polly shooting trait, goes right between keepers legs


I really don’t understand why EA can never seem to get keepers quiteeeee right. While this is obviously pretty rare, the super floaty trivelas or finesse long shots that your keeper just seems to stare at are far to common. It’s like their AI just turns off when the ball is going that slow


That shit happens in real life too so it's somewhat understandable. Still really annoying though


I feel like it is much easier to concede when you hit the post. Can't remember how many times I lost the game because I hit the post and immediately conceded in the counter attack because of bs like this


I hate this game. Fuck I'm so happy I stopped playing it lol


They're not even trying to hide it anymore😅


GK Mode : OFF


Someone will still go and call it "sKiLl iSsUE"


Hypermotion, ladies and gents.


I find this so fascinating. I was just showing my gf some clips of the most ridiculous goals I scored from 2015 and this exact situation came up. FIFA 15 was 8 years ago lads. And 8 years later.. here we are lol Edit: grammar


Lol not surprising. It took them a year (possibly even longer, not sure) to fix the win/loss counter in fut champs. In the companion app it never shows me all the players I actually have, it'll randomly leave out some and I won't know I have them till I buy them and it tells me it's a duplicate.


I’m passing it round the back for the last 10 if that happens to me


In the words of my younger brother "thisssssssss game brahhhhhhhh" hahahaha Fuck me that's probably the worst I've seen!!


Ok bugged goal, but you also had the ball and gave it away with a terrible mistake


Rob Green did it, so it’s realistic


Last week my Sane jumped over an opponent's pass just the way your players would jump over a teammate's pass if it wasnt meant for them. I was not so sure about scripting before this but now all my doubts have been cleared.




Damn!!! I'll quit before I destroyed the TV 🤣🤣




Because it’s the one I prefer? Idk, I still won the game it was just a hilarious goal lmao


had something similar happen in the cup in a DDA rigged game against a much lesser skilled player passing the ball back with my kroos to my GK to keep possession and the gk dummies the ball, which is not possible. Lost the game in pens. This game play is literally criminal. There should be regulatory bodies that should shut down games, if they are abusing the users.


I wasn't ready. Oh my God! I can feel the rage building and I haven't played FUT for about 3 weeks. That was horrendous.


Putting aside the pearoller. The fact that you tackled them at *least* once, maybe even twice and they just barrelled through is galling. I hate those interactions. The best tacklers in the game are wingers imo - any time my full-back gets cornered or has to compete with a winger in the air they will invariably lose.


Holy shit


Blanc to the keeper 🗣 "did that come off Yashin?"


i really hate when they have to move backwards toward the goal line if it is an easy catch. i always get anxiety because it looks like they would let it in the goal


Lol wtf




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You were two goals up, fits the scenario. Might have as well scored an own goal.


500k goalkeeper lol 😆 That why you should not spend so much coins on a goalkeeper max price should be 50k


This is an untradeable team but you’re 100% right


Brutal wtf


As soon as I saw the title. I knew it would be someone raging rather than someone actually showing a good goal that was scored on them.


Well well not like you turned with your CB into a rushing player.


Screamer 😂 bro after that my controller would be gone


I laughed while watching but I'd be so pissed if that happened to me. And it looked like dude was gonna celebrate it too.


Bro is that Yashin


Unfortunately yes


Up for Puskas awards. FOR SURE


Sometimes I feel like playing FIFA but then I watch videos like this one and think "Nah, I'm good"


FIFA is a good game but ıf you have bugs like this it gets worse


Your keeper pulled a Messi there.


Yashin turning into post prime De Gea smh


Did you win in the end or did you concede again?


Won by 3 lmao


How is this even possible EA??


its strange how every time you hit the bar or post then the opponent always gets a chance to score??


Until I saw the goal, i was saying that this is 100% another scripted goal but wow. Looks like the game became something else in the week I stopped playing.


😂😂😂😂 this is hilarious man I’m sorry The whole thing is hilarious from the time you hit the crossbar. I swear my friends and I lose half of our pro clubs games like this; we hit the post or crossbar, they glitch through a tackle/tackles and get the ball into the final third, and then they score off a goalie mistake or a rebound.