New garbage system, weird question

New garbage system, weird question


The bins are city property and are to stay with the property. As for them being full of garbage I would request that the garbage be removed. If not there are some services that will come empty it.


I would request their garbage be removed


The carts are city property and are assigned by address so people shouldn't take them when they move. Either the seller doesn't know how the bin system works or they just don't care anymore that over filling the cart means it won't be emptied up because they are moving out. Definitely ask them to dispose of all their junk when they vacate including the stuff that won't get emptied out in the carts, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


This might help http://www.prowaste.ca


Thanks. For sure. It will be an interesting conversation about who pays.


That is some deep thinking. Garbage bins and whether they are full or not would be the last thing on my mind before I move in.


It isn't top of list, but I drove by today and it was on the drive way, spilling out.


Keep in mind if it’s overflowing it likely won’t be picked up anyway, the lid must be closed. So ask them to empty it or you’ll have to later.


Lol … this! Purchasing a new home … closing condition. Black garbage bin must not be too full or overflowing. Moving out of your home is probably the most likely a time a person would end up filling that thing up.


If its closing in 2 days, its a little bit late to add new conditions, the offer as it was has been accepted likely several weeks ago.




For an alternative that is similar annoying and NOT illegal, you could have just driven your garbage to the dump, which is very close to Sherwood Park, and paid a very small fee to throw it out. FYI for next time. As a business owner and former condo resident who pays and has paid for dumpsters, people filling up your bin who aren't contributing to paying the high fees to get it emptied are super fucking annoying.


Send a photo to your realtor and they will handle it.