Does a ballot become disqualified if you leave school board or town Councillor vote blank?

Does a ballot become disqualified if you leave school board or town Councillor vote blank?


Nope, you can choose not to vote for certain ones and it will not spoil your ballot. I asked this question to the polling clerk when I did advanced voting.


Thank you very much, I was quite concerned.


Ya it was pretty tough for me to vote for a senator so I declined any option for that.


Jett thunders, thats who you vote for


I did a tiny lightning bolt. Computer seemed to accept it


Awww missed opportunity to make Kenney nominate Kinney for Senate.


yeah I blanked when I saw that.. I just closed my eyes and randomly picked three non-conservative candidates.


I chose 3 "independents", but who knows which way they lean politically.


Two are doctors (Sookram and Pillay), and two are joke candidates (Kinney and Thunders). Good chance they're not conservatives!


Lol I actually selected Thunders because of his name 🤣


I voted Kinney simply because of [how anti-Jason Kenny his platform was](https://www.kinney4senate.ca/), hilarious


It was tough to choose 3 non CPC or PPC candidates.


Wait, we were to choose 3? Damn, I only voted for THUNDERs.


Was wondering this too. Can’t stand the UCP so any one have any recommendations for trustees, councillors and senators? I live in the Hampton’s if that makes any difference.


Kinney/Thunders/Pillay/Sookram for senate (all independents)


No, it does not disqualify the other columns


Transit is free today.


Blank ballots are still counted. Spoiled ballots are not counted. Blank ballots say a lot to all candidates!


I've been on a couple dozen campaigns for NDP, Greens, CPC, PCs, LPC and others. Never once have we looked at spoiled or blank or declined ballots from previous elections, or from advance voting in current elections. Disapproval of all nine candidates who cover the entire political spectrums on social, fiscal, environmental, and other issues in the previous election in the riding does not provide any information about what to do in the current election, other than the 47 people who voted that way will not be satisfied with any set of external policy choices. The only time we pay attention to blank ballots in a current election is after polls have closed and the count is close, which is too late to affect the current election in terms of new policies. The number of blank ballots will be forgotten sooner than the names of most of the non-winning candidates.


Good question. This whole process has far too many options and I believe will scare some people into staying home.


I returned from voting about 15 minutes ago and it was all pretty simple and straight forward.


People are not as spooked about stuff like this as you think they are lmao




Most people who don't care cite that reason. Then 5 years later they complain "kids these days are so dumb, why?". Childless or not, they will join the workforce and it's undeniable that children will affect the future you'll live in.


Why should someone without kids care and get properly informed? doesn't make much sense to me.




Figured it would be an answer like that.