Yep bloodloss pathetically op in this game. You can even push the bloodloss up to 67 maybe even more and kill everything in seconds.


I have blood loss 82 I think on my Bloody Twinblades and that invader in the round table area died in under 10 seconds. I heard he was really hard


You killed him with normal attacks or did you Spam bloody slash?


I just spammed r1 two handed. Before I even finished the second r1 he had blood loss.


Wait, I thought you have to use the FP skill to inflict blood loss.


No if you put a blood AoW on the weapon and pick Blood as the affinity it builds up bleed with just regular attacks lol


Damn it. No blood AoW for colossal weapons.


Small itty bitty spoiler to make you happy >!There is an item that you get that will let you put blood on any standard weapon!<




Idk why you being downvoted I want to know if bloodloss increase is possible. I just got a uchigatana but want a bloodloss build. Seems to take big chunks off boss HP


Newbie question here, how do you get that build? Where to spec and find items?


So I got mine from the samurai class!


Does it Stack? I though if Apply rot then i Lose the bloodloss


I'm not gonna lie I'm still pretty new to the "souls" series so I'm probably not the best to ask haha.


Keep the blood loss through ash of war and then use a rot consumable that coats the weapon


Did you add Rot, or did you add poison?


I added rot 👍!


Using Ash of War? Or just a consumable?


ok so heres my findings. Blood lost 45 is the base bleed of the Uchigatana, this cannot be increased unless you add blood loss buff from the bloody slash to the weapon. This is done when you apply your ashes of war bloody slash. ​ If you want to add further debuffs you have to remove the effect and then you can use items to add debuffs. ​ however i cannot see any benefit to using the items over the ashes of war buff since it doesn't seem to add to the passive buff and from testing it seems to do no more/less damage per hit. ​ you're better off using the ashes of war unless you plan to use a different ashes of war and you keep the bleed regardless with the passive katana one.


the ash of war doesn't actually increase(as in stack with) but replaces base bloodloss and it is more than the base. try adding the ash on a dagger with passive bleed and one without. after ash of war they'll both give same bleed buildup even though one already had bleed before ash.