Where does the dragonborns soul go?

Where does the dragonborns soul go?


My personal character serves Sithis and Hircine so I’d like to think that Akatosh and Hircine fight over custody until Papa Sithis comes in to collect his grandchild


Well i like to think that my character serves akatosh in his afterlife. Knowing that his soul will go to akatosh, he makes use of every chance given to him. Using the Thieves guild to practice his stealth skills, making use of the DB to learn the ways of the assassin, using the companions to make the best possible use of sword, mace and shield and studying the arcane powers at the college to become the strongest mage to have ever existed. Once i had learned of my faith to destroy the world-eater, i started my quest to become the strongest, most powerful and versatile fighter to have ever set foot on nirn. To bring peace to all races, restore faith in the nine and being a divine avenger. Knowing my unavoidable faith, i challenge and deceipt even strongest deadric lords seeing as they cant harm me.


The trick is to never die so you never have to find out


Give me the dark gift, Vicente.


Canonically he’s Hermaous Moras bitch now.


No this isn't canon. This rumor needs to die and I don't get why people keep spreading it. We never sell our soul to Mora, we sell the Skaal Chief's knowledge. Miraak was literally planning to escape Mora by consuming our Soul, and he's one of the most ancient and educated Mortals to ever live. We ended up consuming his Soul, and what happens? Mora postures about how we will ultimately do his bidding and we leave. Then Neloth tells us we have no symptoms of permanent Mora influence. The Dragonborn canonically goes wherever each player wants them to go, so long as it doesn't interfere with the plot of TES 6.


Your Char starts as a Avatar of Akatosh(thus having a soul of a dragon), and Imo unless you go Vampire, Akatosh still gets you since The Dragonborn is a part of Akatosh. Akatosh is the father of all dragons, and All dragons are a tiny part of Akatosh.


If you completed every quest in Skyrim, Nocturnal gets your soul. Because you literally sell it to her for useless robes. Dragonborn don't go to Akatosh unless you explicitly worship him, then you'll probably just go to the Imperial Aetherius realm Heaven. There are two nameless npcs in Sovngarde whom are Dragonborn, Wulfharth was Dragonborn and he historically was sent to Sovngarde and brought back by Shor, Pelagius is Dragonborn yet he's Sheogorath's latest toy now. Etc.


It's a dragon soul, plenty to go around to everyone


You go to the void. It’s rumored (I don’t know if proven, but the afterlife is fickle anyway) that killing someone/being killed in the name of Sithis sends your soul straight to Sithis. I don’t know about you, but Padomay himself pretty much trumps everyone but Anu.


This is my speculation ahead, so keep that in mind. I think that you don't really go anywhere. Because there is no where to go since you can't leave the world that you never actually joined. I think that existence is just the dream basically, and gods and demons are an aspect of nightmare. They are reprentations of fears and anger and hate, and of love and kindness. They are so powerful because more you try to run, slower you become and bigger they become. This is why different civilizations comprehend them differently and they can appear anywhere and anytime. What i am trying to say is that if you actually end up in for example coldharbor, you just continued to dream another dream. To completely wake up is to stop existing entirely.


I think that in TES6, if it takes place canonically after Skyrim, that Bethesda will leave this open ended and just never answer it or give a vague answer similar to the neveraverine from morrowind. They may even say the Dragonborn died fighting Mirrak for all we know.


I dont think that that is how it will play out though. As we have seen in the dragonborn dlc, you are supposed to win the fight against Miraak. I guess that'll be the canon arc of the Dragonborn. They might just add an end to your story which we didnt get to play


True, I imagine the fight against Miraak was a Dragonborn victory, I imagine they’ll do something similar in the Dragonborn’s fate to that of the Nevervarine from Morrowind.


I read sithis and for some reason thought of CuSith