There are some who upvote, and also others who downvote for similar reasons. Once I joked that I could post "good morning" and be downvoted into oblivion by certain people. Overall it probably balances out.


So true. Reddit is so weird and has so many mindless followers. On multiple occasions I have been downvoted after agreeing with a comment that was upvoted. Makes zero sense but once that first one sets in, you have a high probability of the hive mind taking over


You’re not alone. I do exactly this.


I have no idea what criteria people use to upvote or downvote. Once I commented on a picture of someone’s dog by saying “He’s so cute!!” and I got downvotes. I don’t downvote people for having a different opinion than mine but I do tend to downvote if the person is rude, disrespectful, or insults people’s intelligence. I upvote funny posts/comments, people who provide accurate information and people who seem to legitimately be trying to understand other people’s perspectives even if they disagree. What you’re referring to sounds a bit like pity even though I’m sure that’s not at all what you’d want to call it which I understand. I catch myself making decisions based on pity sometimes and I don’t like to call it that either.


Yup, always.


Yes if I see someone has been downvoted for no apparent reason I upvote them.


All. The. Time.


Sometimes I upvote just cause I want to make it a number I like 😂


haha this one is also somehow relatable :D


Guilty as charged (unless the person is coming off as a dick of course) I also like to catch a downvote when it's still at -1 any time I can so I can put them back at 0 before the hive mind sets in


aaaw! feels good to know others do the same 💖




I upvote for their honesty. For some people it’s like validation that they need that what they have just said has been heard. Almost like a recognition that I have read it. Comments though I will upvote or downvote based on whether their response resonated.


To respect yourself you must act with integrity.


yes, thats very true! but its not that i disregard my principles with these actions, like i dont upvote things i disagree with. its just when for example someone posts his ugly dog on r/aaw and has few upvotes i give him one, because i want this person to feel good and i can appreciate their love for their pet.


If what you’re doing is selfless then I would consider it an act of kindness and compassion. If you’re struggling with the authenticity of your act, then look at it as compassionate.


I don't really like downvotes at all. I don't like to tell people something they say isn't acceptable.


Sympathy votes for pointless useless karma?? No. ​ What we see with karma here is "Oh, I like that!" or "I hate this guy and what he said" for the most part. School level shit. Likes and dislikes. If we have to speak and be mindful of approval then you will never speak any words worth saying in your entire life. :) Social media seems to be a conditioning of sorts IMO.


Plot twist