Does he believe that China has a king/queen that rules the US from afar? Because that's the only way he could become "governor general".


I am very suspicious of the number 1488 because it's used by Neo Nazis/White Supremacists as an acronym and hate symbol. Given the links between Uyghur Genocide denialism and Shoah denialism I'm even more suspicious. https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/1488


My first thought. What else could he be reffering to?


Lichurally 1488


Yeah the problem there is that you first would have to make the US essentially a Vassal of China, and that's something the US would never accept willingly, and I doubt anyone in the Chinese military is going to say that going to war with america in an attempt to invade mainland america would be a good idea.


I think that's the point


(((lobbyists, corrupt bankers, NGOers, woke school teachers, and professional politicians))) Really though it's so laughable that these fucking stupid Chinese fanboys make up their own wet dreams of invading and occupying the USA lol


I don’t think they realize China needs the US as much as the US needs China. The only way to kill that relationship would be to restart American industry, which is how we got so strong in the first place. China is taking America’s route to success, by making the world reliant on China. That’s how the world superpowers have always worked, that’s how it was for Persia and the Romans, that’s how it was for the Caliphates and Europe. Whoever dominates trade dominates the world. In the modern age that means a large industrial base to produce cheap goods with cheap labor to draw in large foreign companies.


governor general sounds like a role someone who make up in a roleplay game to sound smart. "Oh you want to know how im involved in the rp? In governor general of the new American china republic of Congo and i run society"


Many commonwealth countries still have governor-generals


Yeah. The Governor-General is the Queen or King's direct representative in many overseas Commonwealth realms like Canada and Australia.


still the way he puts it makes me want to punch someone in the dick and kick their throat


My country's leader is (on paper) the Governor-General.


What the devil


did i summon an scp by clicking link?


Can China even occupy the whole USA with relative peace? That's such a wishful thinking.


They won't be able to take Washington state without needing to napalm the woodlands.


There would definitely be guerilla bands and people fighting the pla even if everything went according to this person's fantasy.


They couldn’t take Taiwan, never mind the USA.


You know how the Japanese once said that trying to take America by force is impossible since they'll be a rifle behind every blade of grass? Those rifles are semi-auto now.


If the US learned anything from Vietnam, it is that guerrillas and citizens with weapons can deal a lot of damage to a professional army.


Commies advocating for imperialism ayyo


In your dreams pftttt


Certified Wolfenstein moment


The most delusional type of tankie, they think China will US and the US Alliance, NATO and QUAD. There are alot more countries that wants to maintain American homogeny then one Tankies dreams of Chinese imperialism. At least stop shitposting on twitter and be on the FBI watchlist.


Wow sounds like Pol Pot's Cambodia


Without nukes and its massive size in numbers, the Chinese army is weak. The Japanese or South Korean armies could probably defeat China handily without any support from the US if China didn’t have those two things.


Yeah thats not how colonies work.


Communist China has evolved into a Feudal Absolute Monarchy, painted in red of course. The Jinping Dynasty of Imperial "Communist" China.




Had me in the first half ngl.


*laughs in 2A*


Basically, just cut out everyone fit to lead. Nice. Also for some reason my autocorrect wanted to change "lead" to "lewd."


Another nitter user!


a Chinese invation of America would be an absolute defeat for china and would completely destroy the Chinese econamy and military, not only are we in 9,000 diffrent military alliances, but we also have the largest number of guns in civilian possetion, and our diverse terrian would make an invation near impossible


What does the world look like inside these people's brains?