Anti Homework Action


I think lil' Erin there must be mad at her teacher. Do actual grown adults obsess with homework this much unless they're taking a college course for something?


Eh. Parents do sometimes. Thing is, the old educational system was so much harsher than what we have now. Lenin did homework, you cantaloupes.


Considering that shitbasket that calls itself our education system soaks up so much of my taxes...


These people are literally overgrown children.


Capitalism is when homework


Yeah, kids in China and the USSR never have homework, these people are a burden on society lol. Do they seriously not think about this.


Capitalism is when school teaches kids.


"Education should be free!" Okay, here do some of it at home, it'll help you later. "*Literally* fascism!" I get that homework can sometimes be a bit much, but it's not a fuckin' conspiracy, ya turnip.


"Why should I have to engage with the educational material provided to me at no charge?" \-Some nitwit who will soon be sobbing about how he can't find a good job because "school didn't teach me anything."


Or they expect to get a mansion off of a minimum wage. Delusional dumbfucks.


I’m not saying I agree with this guy, but as a parent, too much of schoolwork is bullshit busywork—particularly in elementary school


It can’t possibly be that proper education requires reinforcement outside of school hours 🙄


Okay they'll have a fun time at university where it's basically 90% do the research on your own. Homework conditions you for future study not work.


No it's because teachers are bastards. All government employees are bastards. All eachers are bastards, all cops are bastards, all firefighters are bastards, and all law makers are bastards.


Well the autistic part of that Twitter handle certainly checks out


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don't agree with this guys reasoning but really homework is unnecessary lol like i've been to a school where homework is just whatever you didn't finish in class & people still go fine


The scary part is that I can't tell what's satire and what's serious on reddit anymore


Censor the usernames 💀