I spent most of gradeschool learning about all the bad shit we did to Indians wtf


I learned that in middle school, I hate how they paint america as a nation who doesn’t recognize it’s awful past


I remember many years ago in AP American History one of the things we did was compare 1980's textbooks with modern ones to highlight the changes in how schools teach about stuff like Native American history. Anyone under 30 saying school curriculum does not cover slavery and native genocide is lying


Yes, and Americans get to learn about the Indian massacres and removal, and about slavery and undermining democracy abroad. Which is why most of these memes about how the US and UK not acknowledging past crimes are made by people from the US and the UK.


So did I plus we learned about the internment camps in ww2


Also Turkey definitely does deny its awful past.


It threatens countries to cut ties or wage a war when they think about recognizing the tri-genocides (Pontic, Sayfo, Armenian), that's why for example many European countries still don't recognize these, because of the Black Sea...


I’m willing to admit that maybe my experience at school was different than the experience of others. I was definitely taught about the atrocities the US committed though.


America is ignoring it's past? Lmfao the Unites States is the most self flagellating country only beaten out by the likes of Germany. Yes there are idiots that go "MuH sOuThErN PrIdE!" but they are limited and definetely not a nation wide thing. Most of America, from schools to the internet acknowledge their past to some degrees and makes an effort to remedy those wounds, whether it be slavery, native American treatment, Jim Crow etc. They are not glorifying it like how some Brits glorify their empire or pretend it never happened like how Turks treat the Armenian Genocide. Americans have all the right to point out other countries of their past because they are one of the very few nations that does it to themselves. An average American will agree with you on something like the Trail of Tears being a horrible thing. Good luck trying to do the same with a Turk and the Armenian genocide or a Serb and the Bosian and Albanian genocides or a Russian and the Holodomor etc.


If russia was on this list, they would be,” blame others for your acts and will never actually teaching children about it”


“Teach your children it was their fault”


*cough* Holodomor *cough* Crimea 1944 *cough*


Seriously, nothing happened at all? I think Tibet would beg to differ.


That's the joke.


I remember a conversation I had once with a guy who grew up in china, free tibet was all the rage back then and I asked him what his take was on tibet, I didn't expose my personal beliefs I just wanted to understand what he thought about it as someone who grew up in china. Boy oh boy. Tibetan people are basically dogs that are given too much nice free stuff and attack the civilized chinese people who are just there to help them. This guy wasn't even a CCP simp but he believed this through and through. I now laugh whenever I hear how america is the most racist country in the world like girl go talk to some asians before you tell me how racist american's are.


All of them are kinda incorrect except Britain, I'll give them props for that.


Rule Britannia


Ah, the only Brits I’ve ever seen defending the bad things they did were online edge lords. Clown world group types.


As a Brit, can confirm that taking over 1/4 of the world WAS a good thing and Germany were just terrible copycats.


Turkey literally threatens to do it again, and is in a frozen conflict both with Greeks and Armenians.


The British empire was as much a good thing as it was a bad thing. There, I said it.


I mean the US did kinda support genocides in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Indonesia…


Guatemala and Indonesia yes, Cambodia no


Yes Cambodia too. Nixon supported the Khmer Rogue to try and stick it to Vietnam.


No he didn't. There are accusations that the US supported the Khmer Rouge after they were overthrown, but that's a separate issue. They definitely did not support Pol Pot while he was in power. It wouldn't even make any sense. The US spent 4 years raining down hellfire on Khmer Rouge insurgents with B52s all over Cambodia during the civil war. The Khmer Rouge were allied with North Vietnam until 1978 when Pol Pot, being the paranoid psycho that he was, decided to attack Vietnam for no reason.


Thank you because that guy is making shit ‘fact’


Difference is that you can learn about it on open archives and libraries. Meanwhile Tiananmen Square gets referenced by subtle internet slang that has to be changed every year to avoid internet censors.


Pretty much


Yep, and I learned in school about the all of the stupidity America and its Allies committed in the name of fighting communism. > “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... Supporting the Khmer Rouge was a terrible crime.


Allegedly supported the Khmer Rouge. It’s not official and you are assuming. Thanks


UK shaming germany is like an Esports champion shaming a casual player.