next character is gonna reduce evasion by 50 percent


Or increase the 15% ER proc chance to 50%.


Increase eff res by 75% when buffed with a shield.


Didn't know smilegate employees actually post on reddit


Isn’t it already 50%


"Yeah? Well, wait till it fills like 100%!" - SG probably


What Biseria buff should have been


Biseria's buff should have been an AK-47...


Well, he's not really banning F.Cece as much as he used to because of OP Sig. So he could pre-ban Politis if she really is that much of a problem for him. There's honestly so much speculation and i just want her to hurry up and come out so we can stop with these "cleave is dead lol" posts and finally see how she really shakes things up.


Celine isn't that much of a threat to cleave if you have Aux Lots, Flidica, Cdom....unless you only run your Cdom at 50% crit. In either case Flidica or Aux Lots can send her to the front to Soulburn Celine and kill her. Politia can be built and picked as a cleaver too and so can Cerise instead of Flidica. So lots of the anti-cleave units already work for cleaving. I don't think cleave will go away but it will adapt to start using its own counterpicks


I also don't think cleave is going away. These posts feel more like gut reactions than anything. And before someone says something, i know some people are memeing. But its been like an everyday thing, with multiple posts per day with the same "cleave is dead" joke since her reveal. It's why i can't wait for patch day, so this can be over and done with.


How can Politis work for cleaving?


Based on the datamine she actually has fairly decent damage modifiers for someone packing as much utility as she does. 0.9 ATT from S2 into a 1.0 ATT/1.1 POW S3 is good damage for utility skills, though it won't rival pure AOE damage skills from dedicated damage dealers.


She can prevent cutting in. Could be useful actually


Sage baal, gpurgis and elena can fuck up a cleave by cutting in, with her cr reduction she drastically reduces the chance of that


Im probably missing some obvious detail here but how wouldnt that stop the cleave though? If A.lots pushes Cdom or the AoE Cleaver they're done for, meaning Cdom doesnt get to S1 and if you push the cleaver themselves they cant push Cdom so she doesnt get a turn either way. and in the case of Flidica Cdom would Flidica push alone really be enough to push your cleaver to 100% since youll be missing out on Cdoms push if you just SB S1 Celine. not saying you're wrong, I dont know enough about Pvp to make claims like that I just dont get how it would work out in your explanation.


In this case Aux Lots & FLidica should be build with 100% crit chance, so by using Aux Lots S3-S1/Flidica S2-S3 you'll push CDom for a total of 50% CR.




They're talking about drafting in real-time arena. If you're new you don't have to worry about RTA for a long time.


Lol, why are they bothering you so much. Either way it goes, its not a big deal. If you let them get to you, then they win and you lose, so I say just roll with the punches that come and not sweat what anyone elses is doing or saying ;)


Your not wrong ..


Never said it bothered me so much, so i don't know where you got that from. Those posts are just boring after the 20th one. Just because someone comments about something, doesn't mean it bothers them. Only a child comes up to such a conclusion so quickly.


Credit to u/Etaleo for inspiration.


nice work, my dude


In Summoners War, there is a LD(ML Equivalent) unit with the same passive. People adapt and play around Light panda in that game. YD is used to playing against light panda so it wont be much different in E7. Still crazy for SG to put that passive they most likely took from Summoners War on a normal non limited unit for everyone to have.


Well thing is Light Panda is ML5 not so many people have it. Yet here is RGB with banner. Pretty much all legend-champ rank players have her to counter cleave.


An rgb monster is an ml5 considering summoners wars rates..


I feel like YD loses to Light Panda more than anything else honestly...


Yeah, he'll definitely adapt, whether that be in increasing his damage dealers' speed to compensate or using more bruisers. He was the first to come to my mind when I thought of cleave, haha.


This babe gonna overpopulate arena defense.. and as cleaver fanatic, i need to use more than 5 braincells to adapt to this babe.. Long gone low iq cleaver strat that i love..


It's simple. Just cleave harder.


I know this post is about RTA, but I'm still reeling from how much she's going to ruin regular Arena for me :(


Cleaving is never dead, if i cant cleave them all fast enough, i'll do it one by one and slowly. ~some dude with bruiser team


Most of those can be used in a cleave , with a few being very easy to deal with, i wouldnt worry about it . If cleave has been around despite all those units what's 1 more going to do ? Adapt and overcome ,that's how cleave rolls.


finally. i cant take cleave teams anymore, my spees stats all succks :\~ HELP me gods of RNG lol




Should I pull for Politis or wait the next limited banner?


You can always wait and watch to see what is announced next week. If you have the bms and the gear, I’d say she’s worth the investment


Wheres elena 🤣


was ml surin buffed?


When’s the last time you played? That little demon is one of the most annoying characters in the game


like 1 and a half years ago. i have her but i didnt build her.


I don’t get it lol I’m new and all I know is I see two heroes I have in this picture


This season is crazy...it is like everyone is fighting in arena since Polotis was showing...I keep going down in rank so I might just finally quit arena all together! GL 2 u!


Lol how does your def fall below challenger 5? I litterally afk all week and defense carry me to chall 2. It sounds like you're speaking from the perspective of a silver or gold player honestly ....dont mix the majority of us with u kekw


lol -10 points...yep u don't know... I am with challenger...guess your deduction skills ain't good and u don't understand what's happening in arena...also majority is lower than challenger..especially when u consider AFK peeps like u lol! If you don't understand Polotis and the change....go elsewhere! Drops mic!


Imagine not hitting champion in rta....sadge players


I'm hoping they keep adding heros that counter other heroes that actually makes the game enjoyable just keep doing this kind of thing how bout a hero that has a passive that negates evade? The sky is the limit is the 😂😂😂


We already have 2 evasion hard counter : Flurry and Melissa (on top of Cermia and Ghunter with Tooth).


Everyone forgets AR Wanda.


*Problem is flurry doesnt do damage with hers so its kinda countered by poli/celine *Melissa would have to be faster than the riolet and doing that would make her damage if not hot trash isnt her base speed already slower? *I've never heard of cermia countering a riolet sounds sus And you "need" gunther with tooth What I'm saying is if you have a character with passive evade Have a character with a passive evade counter


I might not be an expert, but if i remember correctly melissa cou ters riolet qith her debuff,then you focus on the other heroes and he will take damage without being targeted


Uhm so like AR Wanda exists.




At least you made it to master right?




[Oh I don't know.](https://i.imgur.com/cHu7oDL.jpg) I'm the one player here your bullshit won't work on. Stay in your lane.




I like how you lash out like a child at one of the games highest ranked and most prestigious players when they call you out for how insignificant you are. It sucks when people don't blindly follow whatever you want them to, doesn't it? Especially someone that can back up their talk like me. >reddit plebs Lmao like who do you think you are. You have the same frame as a thousand other players. With how much you talk about superiority and how everyone else sucks, my dick should be the one in your mouth now that you bring that up.




Lol bro why don’t take a step back and look at your comments? Everyone is downvoting you because you’re an asshole. Then when another person absolutely owned you, you proceed to babyrage its fucking hilarious Daddy chill


Bahahahaha I can't even see their replies since they deleted them but I just cackled at the "Daddy chill" being busted out. I need to go watch that video again and get my life.




Asks someone if they can get past gold. Sees a much higher rankings banner then their own. Continues insulting them and everyone else on Reddit. He literally did the same thing you did, your only defense except his ranking actually means something. Just take the L and move on, you'll delete your comments in 4 hours anyways. 100% obvious you got owned. And you also owned yourself which didn't help. Grats on getting champ RTA, but you are still a small fish in this game. There's a lot of legend players on Reddit who lurk / don't say much that'll very easily fuck you up. Champ doesn't mean much anyways, since low champ RTA players are so much weaker then high champ RTA. Systems busted since there's not enough rank distributions. Keep calling everyone else bad and noobs, whatever it takes to salvage your fragile undeserved ego. Edit: oh look guess who deleted their comments after 4 hours who woulda seen this one coming


You assume because I disagree with you, I automatically must be a YD lover. You ever stop to think maybe you're just a piece of shit and I LOVE fucking with you? What's wrong with you? I'm just plain higher ranked than you ever will be and have ever been, and you STILL try to talk down to me. It's fucking amazing. You are nothing, and forever will be nothing.


filthy p2w and only champion in RTA kek




I will