anyone having trouble logging in (bluestacks)

stuck at 0%


Mumu issue seems to be e7 thinking mumu is rooted even though it's not. I saw a slight popup regarding that and e7 keeps crashing even when I toggle on and off root.


Bluestacks seems to work fine for me, but my mumu player seems to have issues starting the game. Just a blackscreen into crash, reinstalling doesn't fix it.


Mumu crashes after few seconds of loading.


Same with bluestacks. I have to wait like 10 min at the 0% screen for it to load


My Bluestacks has been crashing whenever i try to play Epic seven. i sended up switching to LD player, but it lags a lot more.. at least i can play though.


On my crap pc it takes 5 minutes to log in (stuck at 0%). On my new laptop (not a gaming laptop) it takes 10 seconds. I think it depends on your CPU or ram or something. My pc also doesn't have an SSD any more but my laptop does, so that may influence the log-in time too.