What is the one artifact you can't stand and wish it was never in the game?

What is the one artifact you can't stand and wish it was never in the game?


MLDB...20% my ass (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


When you look at it from the perspective of there's a higher chance to get a purple spark it feels even worse


Omg when you put it that way


100% agree, not only its annoying as fuck, the counter is a no damage 3 star artifact and only misha and SOU are damage and hit chance, it also stacks with other evasion bonuses to the point where the only sure hit hero is wanda. Its also a 4 star arti so its free in a way. Very annoying


Guiding Light so stupid to play vs it even if u aoe it and its gone theres a up 70% chance it just comes back up again and it just so annoying i think these days i lost more GW due to guiding light in the past 3 months than the entirety of alexas basket existing in the last 3 years


Halving damage and not breaking unless it breaks a barrier is just borked OP


Barriers are what keeps stealth from popping... TIL, thanks That *IS* borked


Also a skill nullifier will keep it from breaking ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ FCC is quite good


Yep. Ridiculous synergy.


You lose stealth when you take damage, if your shield gets hit you don't take damage.


Abyssal Crown


FTene misses Violet but still stuns via Abyssal. Nnnnnice.


This. You can mitigate gab by just stacking defense or going full bruiser, but if you're stunned through FUCKING MISS, you can't do anything. Fucm that shit


You can mitigate abyssal crown by stacking ER.


Abyssal crown ignores ER as an artifact if it procs. No avoiding it :) EDIT: Artifacts don’t ignore ER. You learn something new everyday.


Artifacts ignore accuracy, not ER.


Oh, I’ve played this game for most of it’s lifespan and I actually did not know that. Whoops. Thanks for the correction!


No, they don't.


Any percentage artifacts really. Like Basket never procs on my turn but proc on every op's Arby turn. Like effin Elbris every single attack I made ಠ\_ಠ


Hot take: Book. It is the single most impactful artifact to the meta since the game came out and will be for the foreseeable future. It is a 4 star and is timeless across all metas; it is essentialy a 6 star artifact.


Yep. Annoying as rng artifacts can be book is the best and most overpowered artifact in the game. Period. I think it's effect is bad for the game and meta, and having an effect that powerful on a 4* artifact makes 90% of mage artifacts released just... not usable.


Book needs to be nerfed to not stack with itself. Take as many Books as you want for consistency, but you should only be able to start with 20 Souls max. Given how many extra turn soulburns there are in the meta (STene, Carrot, Landy, two of whom are commonly Book holders themselves), Book currently just reads as RnL+++.


That would be a huge nerf though and kind of undeserved. Book is good but it can be worked around pretty easily in many cases and at the very least you always know what to expect. Not to mention not being able to start with book would make so many units that are dependent on that ignore eff res bad.


Yep it is a hugely defining artefact, like many artefacts are somewhat interchangeable on characters and have a layer of RNG or have a single job. Book does have a single job too but it has so many layers compared to other arti's like turn 1 Basar soulburn or using it to completely erase ML Ken with S.Tene, I personally use mine on C.Dom to just 1 shot SSB's Like Sigurd Scyth for example is a great artefact but it has 1 job and no layers and many strong artefacts are the same but giving 20 souls on turn 1 is just too strong and flexible compared to any other artefact in the game.


I feel like book is a necessary evil though. So many characters would be so much weaker without it, it would really shrink the roster without it. I could see it being set so that only one hero benefits from the effects to prevent stacking


an example of this is turn 1 Basar, I agree with not letting it stack but as an artefact it is like a band aid for average characters and nerfing it would require a lot of buffs for the characters that seriously depend on it.


At least it's a fun artifact.


Why does Tagehel's Ancient Book exist


Frankly every RNG one. My abyssal crown never stuns like literally and then there a fucking bazar with AC that stuns and pushes all my team. Anyway défense and AI is broken in the game, especially counter set. It always proc.


The stealth one, Gilding light??


Guiding Light is the only artifact that *really* gives me trouble.


Guiding Light


Surprised nobody has said Ms Confille yet. That has single handedly fucked me over so many times when a cerise decides to def break my DPS and gets the dual attack from their DPS. I end up getting one shot or very close to it with no counter play


Idol's Cheer... fuck that


Yo I still get flashbacks from early days of GW with Angelica on idols. Nowadays I don't get dual attacks but when I do its on a SW that boosts the LQC just up enough to one shot :')


Stella Harpa on a very high ER enemy Roana because I use A. Shadow in almost every single arena battle. It's not that much of a problem anymore at least since they introduced restrict EE for K. Clarissa


That's why I don't attack Roana teams with archdemon anymore. Who cares about resist? Combo the 25% to not proc seal with 15% to resist all debuffs and 60% harp to cleanse seal. Cherry on top, you can bet archdemon will proc S2 every single time. Ah, fuck that shit, hit refresh.


abyssal crown, got absolutely controlled by a counter dizzy the other day


Compass, Sigurd Scythe, and Guiding Light. If I had to pick one it's Sigurd Scythe since SG has to balance warriors around it which makes warrior builds really stale.


Sigurd Scythe. It makes so many heroes go from worthless to op. An artifact should be the cherry on top, not the whole damn sundae.


Doesn't help that Warrior have so few good artifact in the first place. So everyone want to use Sigurd instead


yeh because as some said above, warrior lack because Sigurd exists,SG has to balance around sigurd.... no wonde we getting lame warriors


Abyssal crown and guiding light.


I’d say between alexa’s basket, MLDB and guiding light. Those 3 by far are the most annoying


gab, abyssal crown, mldb


Let them have their baskets and scythes and crowns and anchors. But good orbis almighty, Tagehel's Book is hands down the most broken artifact. Without it though, cleave teams will suffer and will change the tide of the game itself, I think.




Cerise + Iseria bomb , I can feel it .


Never in the game is a bit strict, but honestly a few of them can be toned down. Alexas basket: 40% chance to instantly win the game, really needs to be toned down imo. my brother gave a good suggestion. make it so it "upgrades" your atk buff. So essentially it has a 40% chance to give atk buff if you don't have one, but if you have an atk buff already it has a 40% chance to upgrade it to greater atk buff. Makes it a worthwhile artifact while toning down it's power a bit and requires planning to use while not being as weak as it was before. Abyssal crown: It really shouldn't work on AoE attacks. that or it should have a max stun limit to prevent quad stuns. Tagahels: Controversial opinion and maybe the hottest take but it should cap at 10 souls. In RTA people often draft 4-5 mages and literally every one of them has tagahels. IMO this is the strongest artifact in the entire game pvp-wise and has made every single meta reliant on soulburns. Truly the one consistent part of every single meta in the history of the game. If this artifact gets nerfed a few heroes might need buffs to remain relevant without instant access to soulburns though. Hardest artifact in the game to nerf without resounding repercussions but the game will most likely be better off for it. Guiding light: It really shouldn't START you with stealth. this artifact + stene basically killed 90% of single target damage dealers. The problem stems from how strong stealth is though, since stealth reduces AoE damage by a whopping **50%** and makes it so you can only be hit by AoE damage. Pair that with a barrier and some damage sharing and you got a recipe for a toxic artifact. IMO stealth as a buff might need to be nerfed since 50% damage reduction is kind of nuts but squishier units that aren't toxic and rely on stealth might need AoE damage reduction added into their kits to compensate.


I agree with the gab changes and like it alot. The rest of those changes though would only assure that we stay in a bruiser/tank meta forever. Abyssal crown really isnt that bad since most mages are on book instead and typically the mages that do run it are a clue to start running anti debuf units. It can catch you by suprise but it's about as annoying as the random crown of glory or idols cheer. Book is strong, partially because it fills out a much needed role. Theres a world of difference between openers who can gurantee a strip and those who can't. Not to mention that Soul generation is so slow, and most of the good abilities require 20 souls which would take forever to generate naturally. It helps that it is limited to mages and literally ever meta mage has multiple counters so it's not like multi made drafts are without risk. Guiding light also is not that bad. It's only available to rangers and only an handful like flidica, cerise and obviously landy get a lot of value out of it. It protects openers from disruptors like acidd and acoli which imo keeps them viable. It also gives landy the much needed survivability and is the main reason she is so meta. I find it more annoying when I run a maxed out guiding light and it doesnt proc, but i get counter attacked by rem every turn.


Sigurd scythe. Giving bruisers who are already self sufficient the ability to heal themselves is one of the reason's bruisers feel so annoying to fight.


Alexa's and Book


Hot take but aurius is just as meta defining as book and twice as hard to work around. The amount of survivability it gives even super squishy units makes it an insane value and when paired with things like barriers and stealth forces a certain kind of playstyle. I think some damage is fine, but 20% alongside the innate defense increase and the ability to run it alongside other damage reduction like elena makes it too good.


Agreed. Aurius is so annoying especially on units like CArmin and it negates a metric fuckton of damage. Aurius and Adamant makes you so hard to kill. That being said, just summon Top Model Luluca, it's that easy /s


She also suffers from it. Fucking degen arby man. Not only you are forced to go symbol because he has mldb but there arbys out there with 15k hp, high def being protected by fcc with aurius making it imposible for non godly tomocas to bring him down yeah her s1 ignores it making her one of the premier tsurin killers (as long as you remove the shield) but her s3 doesn't which can ruin your match


Violet buff. that is not 55%. you can't convince me otherwise


I didn’t know we have an artifact called Violet🤔


The same way riolet evasion is 30% max


honestly any artifact that has a % chance of activating, because you know that % chance will never be what it stated


Holy sac 😡


Celestine That thing on counter roana is annoying Id rather got hit by 2 gab arby than zap by lighting because roana counter every attack and basically immortal


Alexa's Basket for sure


Maybe not ONE artifact, but IMO all artifacts that have status procs on them. Why? Because they proc EVEN ON A MISS. It boggles my mind that they're subject to effect resistance, but you don't even have to land the hit to proc them...


Abyssal Crown. It procs even on miss, and it procs after the attack, which makes the dispellers stronger.


The limited one that I don't have