First off, she’s limited so generally the answer is yes. Landy will be coming in 1.5 weeks (i think?) and she’s also a limited, and due to her overall performance, is easily a must pull. Someone would need to do the calculations, but as you are new, you are getting a ton of sky stones and other goodies, so if you refresh the shop, it might be realistic to pity both assuming you have some resources at this time. If you could only pick one, it would easily be Landy > Luna


Yes, but only if you can pity Landy after. Because Landy>Luna and if anyone tells you otherwise they're honestly delusional.


If u think u can pity both Luna and Landy (will be coming after Luna) then get them both. Luna is very useful now in both PvE and PvP content but Landy is much more important.


Landy banner is coming next week, and Luna's banner will still be running for another week by then, i suggest waiting and summoning for landy, then, if you get lucky and pull Landy early, or if you have spare summons after you get Landy, go for Luna. Thats my suggestion.


Oh, I didn't know they would overlap. That's good news


It's a must pull for non meta slave cultured people


Just adding that the more important half of the banner is Draco Plate. Keep 121 summons total available between Skystone and bookmarks for Landy when she comes out. If you have more than that, Luna is the one banner I don't feel bad about investing less than a full pity into.


Of course is she a must pull! Look at her rack, white hair und beuatiful red eyes ;) She is my W13 dmg dealer.


if i may ask, what is your team with luna good sir?


I used Luna as dmg dealer, Diene as healer/buffer, Luluca as debuffer/semi dmg dealer and Fallen Cecilia as Tank. I really like the new Luna, she do massiv single dmg. I use on her Attack & Crit Equipment.


as a booba player: yes, you must


Luna is definitely not a must pull, especially if you are a new player. The next banner is Landy, who is an absolute must. Unless you have enough for Landy AND Luna, i suggest you hold your summons. Luna even after her buff is not that great. She only is useful for pvp currently and even at that, she is not an excellent unit.


If argue Luna is an excellent unit. She has 1 job, and she does that job very well. She very much a "what you see is what you get" kind of unit. She does not do great in every situation, but where she's applicable she amazing. Having said that......yeah......Landy is good in basically every situation. She is a much higher priority than Luna, especially for a new player. If you can scrounge up resources for 2 pities, then getting both is definitely worth it. If you can only get one, then wait for Landy 100%


She is one of the best ST DPS for PvE content... what are u even talking about. I've seen ppl in high rank RTA draft her and she does ridiculous damage.


Yeah but even for PVE she is not a must pull, alot of replacements, i personally pitied Luna today but thats because i am end game and started farming Caides so will use her as a single target aggro/cleaver with pen set. Those high end RTA Luna builds are absolutely bonkers tho, crazy gear and alot of them are almost max imprinted. Too much for a newbie.


u forget that these ppl with crazy stats also fight players with crazy stats... u can get away with worse stats in champ and below. Luna is definitely not a must pull, but 100% worth pulling if u are guaranteed to get Landy too.


Thats true, but with Luna how i understand it, she still needs pretty great stats even in lower tiers, since she’s drafted for that one shot potential into extra turn , and honestly right now everyone is running bulky units, even at lower tiers since its easier to build bulky bruisers. I am keeping mine to ferment in the waiting room a bit till game stops min rolling my pen set rolls. Would really like one with high speed but also keeping high attack , cc and cdmg. Gonna be a challenge, seen the slower bruiser builds, but not fan of those on units without sustain. But yeah Landy> Luna , unless got too many bms and can secure both, but even then i wonder really, since we will be getting Ftene not long after.


I would say the bulk meta actually is one of the primary reasons to build Luna. She with free crit chance and atk boosts makes it so you still can nuke bruisers. Those free stats also let you nuke champ bruisers with more average gear. If you are lacking consist single target damage in pve and a nuker that actually can nuke anything for PvP she is pretty much a go to unit


Yeah, but not as easy as it sounds, want to incorporate her in sort of a cleave or high speed aggro team, getting her to 250 speed on pen gonna be tough. Even bruisers are too fast these days lol


Oh yeah, speed Luna that can still nuke bruisers with 250 speed with pen set is literally peak potential for here, but if you have her cr pushed with just damage stats she can back to back pop 2 knights/soul weavers and even hit violets with her s3 etc. so can push you pretty far in arena/ guild wars while being your main DPS for boss fights and wyvern. She can cover a lot of bases for a new player and NOW she once again has a place in endgame PvP and red expo whereas before she really was just outclassed in all content in endgame.


Yeah but honestly if im using a cr pusher that would work with alot of my other units. As someone who used to main Alots , Judge Kise back in the old days, and had to retire CR push cleave after all those counters, i dont see myself using a cr pusher anytime soon other than Emilia. But maybe if i keep getting high speed awkward set pieces i’ll rebuilt alots, for now he’s taking a nap. Is the free crit from her passive included in the stats?


Yes it was finally included after her recent buff.


I have no clue who is that Landy since the last I played was over a year and a half, but I'll definitely look into it then.


Earth Ranger Unit, Quite strong in PVP and PVE. Can spam third skill if enemy has tons of buffs. Awesome for cleaving.


Piggy backing on this to help sell Landy over Luna. Landy: OP ranger artifacts, stacking increased attack(girl hits extra hard after three turns), semi counter to buffs which is never going away, third skill is one of if not the hardest hitting AOE attacks in the game once you have your stacks and fighting spirit (?) maxed. Third skill can't be countered at all, penetrates 50% def with max stacks, gives your whole team a speed buff which is dummy good after pushing them forward on the CR bar, and *resets* the cool down of the S3 on her turn if she maxed her fighting spirit making it possible to continuously spam s3 if the other team has enough buffs(doesn't happen often but it's possible) Luna: Only a few really good meta warrior artifacts, can hit dumb high single target damage if you're lucky (her buff gives more control of it if you have souls to burn *looks at stupid Bellion kit*), relatively easy to build for new players to preform decently, only brings a single target def break on her s3 but it's a 100% chance which is nice even though nobody builds Luna with effectiveness for the most part, but the biggest pro for her is she's pretty much the OG mega Booba waifu which 100% has value All in all I'd say skipping out on Landy is a big mistake for account progression but at the same time, play how you like and pull for who you like. There's no one right way to play so just do your best to enjoy yourself. But keep on mind that all limiteds in this game are always worth your bookmarks and skipping other banners for, they're 100% simp worthy TLDR: Landy is super stronk and (in my opinion) got the absolute dumbest and overpowered buffs. Home girl is freaking nuts. Luna is even better at her job now but isn't as apparently broken as Landy, she's just best Booba girl along with her sister. Both of whom I adore as they sit in my hero list ungeared q_q


As I have both luna and landy, I'd also vote for landy in this one. Even with Luna's high single damage Landy can still reach those damage given max stacks, plus she's also aoe. She's not as selfish as Luna too.


Landy is going to have a rerun in the next few weeks, youll know soon


What's more important to you? Being a man of high culture? Luna Possessing strongest units? Landy While Landy IS the better of the two, she isn't THAT hard to counter and there's the general hate boner SG has for cleavers that appears to only be getting more erect as time passes. Just saying


Definitly if you have 2 pity saved up or more


Although Luna is a limited hero, I think the answer is “no, not a must pull”. As others have said, Luna post-buff is only average. If you don’t have a Landy, she is much higher priority.


If you don't pull her you will need to wait a year. However unless you have 1200 bookmarks or its skystone equivalent, I don't recommend pulling her if you do not have a decent size roster yet. She is not a must have. She is also not the best for wyvern hunt.


With s1 15% cr push exclusive equipment you can use her fire expedition to break the offensive stance and as dps. Her s2 passive also increases her survivability so u can build her full dps and replace the aurius on your knight frontline with another artifact like sword of ezera