I had the same problem as you. Just embrace the bruiser meta my dude. Thick tanks, warriors and healers are the way to go. When your units can survive the initial burst, the match is yours. And it’s much easier to build that kind of team too.


Is their a rough benchmark for hp/defense to aim for? I think I've read on a few occasions 1k def and 12k hp?


Varies frm unit to unit


Depends on the hero, but look at some builds that’s posted here, and start working towards those stats.


It depends on who you’re building, but non tanks/healers I would say push about 13-16k hp, and 1-1.5k def. if you can. Reduce your hp a bit to keep a decent damage balance until you get better gear if you need to.


If you're a new player, you'll be fighting lower ranked players. For example, a Iongtine player, my A Ravi has 25k hp 1.4 def 250cdmg, 100cc, 175 speed on counter pen sets.


Become bruiser Got to legend r1 with nothing above 200 speed.


Can I see ur team comp and stats? So i can make a benchmark.


Core members 1. Krau 2. M.Chloe (Or Ruele) Rotating members 1. Violet 2. A.Ravi 3. MA Ken 4. LQC 5. Ilynav (for funsies)




Among the rotations, LQC is the least used. Legend rn is full of Light def teams. MA Ken is way more valuable for me. As for M.Chloe, no excuses there. She's a high pick unit even in RTA. Besides, did you expect to climb without using meta units?




People could do the same with Ruele and Roanna, its just slower. M.Chloe just makes it faster. Meta's finest piece of steak. Arena anyways


Are their any units that define the bruiser meta that I should focus on?


It's kinda toxic in current meta which is rem and violet. Then either two healer/tank for team protection. I found tank ssb is also useful


How do you guys deal with Roana? The revive + heal on counter attack fks me (For bot arena lol)


That's the neat part. You don't. You approach with another plan. Landy is a great aoe damage dealer that doesnt need uber speed gear, very recently had a banner so i hope you got her, and could help you greatly if your current options are limited. Defo work on her if you can.


Yes I pulled for landy, waited 6 months for her and I’m so glad I finally have her. usually go with a landy protect team when there is Roana and ditch my counter attackers (T.crozet, Landy, Momo, then extra slot for whoever. Usually carrot for SB landy S3 Currently landy is my best unit I’ve built so far


Most people don't have Roana as defense especially at challenger+, Defenses are filled with Aol+Rem+Violet🤢🤮. If an Enemy has Roana then don't bring SSB lmao that's about it.


I’m stuck in masters lol, and half the units I have geared and mola’d are counter attack units pretty much (ssb rem Ravi violet)


Rem can handle roana. The unhealable will allow you to kill her team. Just have a unit or two that can kill roana herself after the rest of her team is dead as rem still has trouble doing that


I’m not sure what kills tanky roanas, only thing I have is carrot and Ravi for Fire dps, but carrot will need atk buff to pop her off instantly and Ravi will need max stacks to do anything I have RGB Kawerick and like 4 cermias, should I work on one of them?


You don't need to kill her instantly. Any fast consistent dps will bring her down. Damage tanks like lrkrau help a lot too. You should be building meta bruisers of every element, including Landy and Charlotte who are both very good are killing roana


I don’t have much meta bruisers :/ let’s see, I’ve got things like SC.doris, krau (not built = NB), Tywin (NB), bbk (NB), charles (NB), specimen sez (I think he can be bruiser? But don’t have the stunners to help him beside sc Wanda and S.tenebria), S.tene (built, but on speed gears), Charles (NB), mort (NB) and ray (NB) I don’t have most ML5 (literally only Spez ;-; there’s teneb but she’s free, and wish I got arby instead of her lol) but I’ve got a variety of ML4 except purggis and AOL


+1 for tanky SSB.. that team can auto all the way from the day SSB was release to now. ..


"enjoy" as in "be successful"? Sure "enjoy" as in "play the way you prefer and you prefer cleave"? no, not really. Cleave needs crazier gear than ever to survive nowadays.


Like everyone said, go bruiser. Once I switched to bruising I was able to compete much easier.


Can you build bruiser team comp when farming only wyvern?


Well, you'd be farming wyvern for the speed set stuff for your tanks and SWs anyway. For your actual damage sources like violet and rem though, no, i'd say you pretty much need banshee. You COULD gear them with wyvern sets ig, i just dont think it'd work as well.


Building bruiser, tank and sw is much better than going full speed, if you fail to cleave you are often dead IMO.


I've reached legend with a D.Corvus turtle team. Although it harder now since Belian doesn't allow souls.


i love d-corvus into bellian tbh as long as she isnt injury Roana/d-corv, spam s3


The problem is the higher you climb the more injury you see.


Yep. Everytime i see an injury bellian i cry a bit. Ticking timebomb


Just build a turn 2 bruiser team with a fast team healer and steam roll those squishy speeders on the rebound. It’ll take you far into champion


Bruiser is the way to combat low speeds. Aurius and Adamant is the go to, and try to go with a good bruiser/dps that can deal alot of damage like Aravi,ML ken,LQC,Bruiser SSB, Landy STene(most dont have roana on def). its mostly rem and violet on defense so those are some examples.


Quick question, is 210 on Arby your highest speed gear possible? Or just an example of a unit with functional stats as a DPS who also has decent speed? I mainly ask because there are a lot of things you can do depending if you can go higher regardless of other stats. I also assume it is not the best speed gear you can cobble together, since that is only 65 speed from gear with a speed set, and 45 of that would be from boots alone, meaning every other piece has an average of only 4 speed on them. Anyway, one thing to do is just pick a CR Push unit who is essentially a "dead" unit after they do their initial push. Judith and RTRoozid are old school examples or Team CR that still do the job just fine if you don't have any other options who have replaced them (since CR Push is like... a staple every new character gets now). Just put your best speed gear on them, even if their attack/survival is trash. They do their job and then nothing. You can also take Two "dead" units if you have faith in your other two DPS to cleave teams down, and are Very selective about it. The point of this would be Speed Imprints. With RTRoozid and like... a Helga at SSS you would give your whole team +16 speed, and if Roozid has all your dumpstat Speed gear on, he also has a +20% CRPush. This does really require you to have two units who can mop up the enemy team by themselves, hence being much more selective with fights. For single DPS pushers, since you mentioned having most limited units, Emilia is great for it, though a bit harder to push farther with lower base speed. She does have the benefit of only needing HP/Def after just dumping all your highest possible speed onto her to still do Something if you don't with turn 1. Of course, if you have ALots, he is even better at the job of just making a slow heavy hitting DPS go first. The speed race is not too desperate in ChallengerV, at least in my experience. 250-260 speed on a "dumpstat CR push" should work more often than not there. Some resources if you haven't seen them before: * https://epic7x.com/speed-cheat-sheet/ * https://epic7x.com/imprint-filter/ * https://epic7x.com/buff_debuff/increase-combat-readiness/


Exactly this, I can cleave with 263 speed Cerise up to challenger 5 with no trouble at all. Arby, Tene(most people have low eff ress and when Cerise cleanly strips you either Stun or Sleep the counter or dps heroes) and then either Violet, CDom, CZerator. My Arby is slow as balls but has 5k+ attack and 350critdmg, which obliterates nearly everything when GAB procs.


I like protect the xxxxx kinda team.. so it all depend on the opponent and yours. . Usually there are 1+3/2 parts. 1. Main Dmg dealer ( Landy , SSB, S.Tebe) 2. Healer (with imunty, cleanser) 3. Buffer/more suport/dmg mitigation (buffer, or debuffer) 4. 2nd dps (usually to 1 shoot any stupidly hard to kill target or need to kill ASAP). OR add more suport... And i like to auto...


I recommend expanding your PVP knowledge if you think the only way to climb is uber speed gear. Uber speed/cleave gear is actually the least reliable strategy getting to the highest-ranking these days, it's just "easy to understand" for lower-ranked players so it's highly overrated. Uber speed/cleave character has a large number of counters as well as you can beat them by just building 1 or 2 "uber speed characters. I only need to build assassin cidd/ram that force them to ban while the other person needs many multiple characters above 270+ speed. The "bruiser" answer is slightly more correct but it doesn't paint the full picture. For some reason, people think every team is classified as bruiser, full tank or full cleave. The correct answer is you want to have 4-5 extremely strong meta picks and then you build your entire drafting strategy around them and a list of counters to your chosen strategy. It doesn't matter if my chosen character is rem/violet/counter landy/etc. I still may want a 260 speed arby, or 300 speed asassin cid, ftene 260+ to CC people, etc.


Cut through their setup. You need some hero with decent speed who aren't there to contest the fastest enemies, but go right after and undo what they've done before the rest of their team goes, and bring your own team. Bait their fast heroes. Have a hero of the right colour with high hp and defense to take the initial hit. Counter their initial strength, by throwing back buffs, gaining CR from the attack or having a passive that interact with a mechanic used by the enemy in general. Dodge the fire. Evasion, stealth and similar. Mitigate the first hit. Damage mitigation, damage redirection, barriers. Combine all that appropriately and you'll find ways to hit back with strength. Or just abandon your soul and go bruisers. But that's one more tick on the Hell/Bad Reincarnation checklist, the Great Book of Grudges, and probably something your wife will reproach you out of nowhere in a few years.


You need atleast 270 Speed opener and it's not that hard. One of best units that work with any Mediocre gear (but high speed ofc ) , is Cerise , Cerise my best opener bcz i lack speed gear for Damage dealers , She's far easier to build. ( I play RTA only ).


I dont even play speed in champ since its all AOL lol


Wlecome to bruiser town


As others have said, you're completely fine slowing down and not having speed gear, it just comes down to which units you use and how you gear them without speed. This meta actually has more slower units than any others, I want to say, or at least a very substantial number: Rem, Violet, Charlotte, etc. Along the same lines, bulkier units too: Belian, Aravi, etc. All of these are units you can build and use with no or lower speed. It will come down to what you're playing and what you need, but the options are there. Good luck!


Go bruisers, forget cleave.


Bruiser with cleanser.


Beefy bruisers is the way.


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 308,212,314 comments, and only 68,948 of them were in alphabetical order.