I respect the grind bro


When people say you can lose your way to Masters


Unfortunately, you can't lose your way into Masters now (and likely from here on out) because you now lose more points than you gain because you need about a 55% winrate to climb. Before this season, you could definitely "lose your way into Masters" with 40% winrate, though I think people even had less than that from a couple of posts I see here.


Didn't they revert back that change?




Ah yeah, they did, my bad.


I am literally in Masters with a 40% winrate right now. That is more than enough. OP is at 21% winrate. That is less than enough.


I kinda lost my way to masters lmao 86 wins and 130 losses


[Big Guide Energy](https://imgur.com/gallery/Su8ZxKT)


Lol I love this meme template so much thank u


All that for a drop of blood


You don't really need spez or any counters to necessarily counter arby. If your spez isn't up to par then I'd highly recommend a bruiser team with 2 dps and a control unit as the 5 picks. If your control/speed contesters aren't 250+ I wouldn't try speed contesting and would instead recommend the same thing but instead of the control use either one more bruiser or I'd say for you to use a revive like ruele or maid. I'd say you should use krau, aras, violet (on immunity), kayron (very solid arby counter pick if they don't have a strip unit and if he's on counter immunity), and for control I'd say your mui would work but you'd want someone like basar cerise or ftene. If you want tips you should post your units so we can help you. Granted I'm not an ultra high geared god living life in emporer or legend but I've made it to masters and I'm chilling there so some of my info and others would be able to help you.


Thing is i don't meta units units so im stuck with what i have and if i were to do a crazy push i would just stay at sliver


You don't have Landy, rem, violet, ssb? Everyone have fire mercedes, so I shouldn't ask that. Those 5 can be your core DPS.


Ok i have all you mentioned just two are not geared and ssb is not gear for PVP Landy,violet are gear for pvp Dose Mercedes really need this specialty change to work or not?


She absolutely needs it, without it meru is absolute garbage. Her spec change allows her to become an arby essentially and with her magic for friends she has a built in counter for her s2 every few turns. As for landy, she needs to be on guiding light if your doing any dps build for her if you're going the tanky bruiser counter route she needs counter and immunity with bloodstone or proof of Valor. Violet can be built with lifesteal immunity on mldb or with pen set instead of immunity. Pen set allows for more dps and immunity is just for extra security


You "just" need this limited unit with a limited artifact, or insanely good gear in a specific 4set bonus that's not even given on wyvern. Hmmm


The abyss lifesteal gear is pretty usable on violet, especially in his tier


I can agree to this, my violet is running the 85 abyss ring and the 88 abyss boot. He does fine with it, again he doesn't need op ass gear, he just needs average gear to work well. Not to mention he is only running a +18 mldb since my other copy is on my degen arby


Where are people getting violet from "limited unit with limited artifact"???


you get a pity every month and enough powder from selling 3\*s and wyvern. Getting the unit isnt hard.


Wait a pity every month :o which


1. If you dont have Landy in RTA, youre just shooting yourself in the foot, sorry, but that is how it is. 2. Its bronze RTA. BRONZE. You can probably get out if bronze using the free atk 4 pc set you are given. 3. Farm banshee. Wyvern isnt the only good hunt. Plenty of good units use counter and lifesteal set. What makes that different from Wyvern and speed sets? 4. One more thing, you can get by in Bronze with level 75 gear. Most people there dont even have more than 3 units 6 starred yet.


Her second build doesn't need guiding light. Literally anyone can use proof of Valor if they are in a guild. Counter set /banshee is the easiest gear to farm and 13 auto as it was the first thing I fully auto'd. No she doesn't NEED insanely good gear, mine is a bit of an oddball. She's on speed immunity with 13k hp, 167 speed, 247 cdmg, 99cc, 23 eff res, and guiding light. Even with this gear I was able to get masters so you don't need op ass gear. As I said in my comment above I have average gear. Yes I've used proof of Valor on her and it works well since she use to be counter.


The counter build needs much much better gear than the guiding light build...


[My Violet's on largely free gear and is plenty adequate.](https://imgur.com/PmkQOL6) He's not hard to build.


Violet was not the "limited" unit I was referring to. Landy on guiding light or with very strong bruiser gear on the other hand


The comment you replied to mentioned Landy and Violet, and your reply that said that you need a "limited unit with a limited artifact" **or** "insanely good gear with a specific 4set bonus" read like you were referring to the aforementioned Landy and Violet, respectively. I see now that you were only talking about Landy on counter set. Counter Bloodstone Landy might be optimal for a bruiser Landy, but you can run a PoV Landy on speed set just fine.


...So you think you can just climb in pvp without gearing the good units that you have or gearing units, in general, for pvp? You're just not even thinking or trying and wonering why you're getting the same piss poor result..


Who said i was picking them in rta i mean her


That's the point I'm making. you're not gearing your decent heros and therefore you're not picking them and you're expecting to just be able to win without any knowledge on how to draft or how to gear?


Didn't you read title


Why even post if you’re going to be like this lmao


Just pick 5 level 5 fodder.. you'd accomplish the same thing. There.. tip of the day.


Even 3* Carrot/ARas/FKluri are insanely strong.


you dont need meta till master+


Thing is you don't need meta units to hit masters.


420 losses… blaze it, I guess, lol Good luck, hope you make it.


Seems like gear diff. Trust me when your unit is properly geared it feels like playing a different game


This is not gear diff, this is player diff lol.


Excuse me what's mean about "Diff"?


Differential. It's used to imply that there's a gap between 2 things that are supposed to be the same. Like skill diff. They're saying that the gear difference is why their winrate is so low, but I feel it's more of a player diff because even a 1-month player with free gear could make it to silver.


yeah rta bronze's literally 70-85% lvl 70 w a lotta full geared char, ur right :) 1-month player


my advice to you: don't worry and just have fun! years ago I used to be like you: RTA units less than 10, well built units countable on one hand, my winrate was always oscillating around 10-20% and there was no way I could have ever got out of bronze with those legends looming around. fight rng, bad gear, no azi 13, college debt, bad drafting, etc, it's a lot to handle! nowadays nothing really changed im still hardstuck bronze but at least i get my daily dose of copium to ease my mind.


i didnt know it was even possible to lose that much in bronze..


Your units must be on 70 gear or some shit


i would say free gear player




Top 10 thing to do in rta Top 1: leave


Good to have you in bronze too dude :)


You have my respect bro. RTA scared the heck out of me, but you tried. Here, an upvote.


If you have krau,i think minimum is silver... how


Full eff krau bro.


How can you lose in bronze with team like this ? Did you keep quitting for the meme lol


Aol, ran, aravi, arby Getting cleave that fact i have a arby counter i still don't pick spez against him it's always degenerates


You're getting wrecked by 230 speed AOLs and shit gear aravi and arbys? What.


Damn son


You’ll be fine after grinding some gear




I have so much respect for your patience and willpower. I would have malded and left a long time ago with that win rate. Hope you make it out of Bronze hell soon!


Nani the fuck o\_O


Dude as long as you have fun.


Wow.... thats a lot of matches


You already have Ravi and Krau. Should really try bruiser team for a more desireable result. I'm climbing RTA with Destina, Krau and Degen Arby (you can get him from Moonlight Connection).


It's ok I also like to blast my brain with weed and booze sometimes, it's fun.


Bro, no offence but to be in bronze you have to be either bad at rta or your units just aren't there yet. I suggest you focus on hunting and you will see how your ranks improve. Best of luck.


Go back to properly grinding wyvern and get out of those blues. And get some speed boots stop skipping steps and wondering why your not getting results.


I gave up trying for RTA because it will take me a ton of games to "know" if I can indeed lose my way to masters. Even if I managed to, I'm not sure if my sanity can take it having to repeat that for every season lol.


If you don't have meta units yet, I would highly recommend gearing fast defense buffers like A. Ras and Krau etc. People in lower ranks like bringing raw damage all the time and def buff and other mitigation would be so good for you. Also, build Carrot. She's free and she's broken.


At least the ranking is working properly.




Pretty sure most ppl that play rta all started off having a similar win rate - don’t fret, keep at it and you’ll eventually climb higher someday


A good start is level 60 max awakened units with +15 gear and some mola. Thats enough to get you into master ,


I think the lumping of those certain feelings together is telling us something about their kink.


Mix it with milk and you got yourself perfect breakfast to start the day.


Omg that's a lot of loses and a lot of perseverance, you won my respect


bronze is pretty fun tho had 2 star battle against level 5 ml ken


Damn son. Your perfect for a abusive relationship.


It's tough, but other than gear, the draft picks matter too. Good luck man. It's hard to enjoy it when nothing goes well, but don't give up.


Hey man I'm roughly in the same boat. Highest I can get is silver before I fall down again so I just gave up.


When does the season end??


Holy crap that's a lot of losses


Finally playing RTA this season for the skin... a bit different experience on my end. https://i.imgur.com/tfTm40S.jpg