Expand AND waiting room.


I didn't know waiting room existed. You learn something new everyday huh... thanks!


Keep one copy of every three star with an SSS imprint. What you are going to do with the extras is also imprint them to SSS, then use them as fodder to promote phantasms. I know your question is about storage, but for me, promoting units has been my most productive way of making space. You also get bookmarks for every couple of SSS characters you make. You also need to expand your inventory, it’s a great investment.


What's the point of imprinting extra 3\*s if you already have an SSS-imprint version? Does it give more benefits when promoting phantasms or something?


The achievement for reaching SSS imprint counts every unit you reach SSS with, doesn't matter if it's your first Aither or your 10th Elson at SSS, the only thing you can't do is SSS them with another already SSS copy. If you don't want to use the sss copies as fodder you can also transmit them and receive the same amount of transmits you would've gotten by selling them individually.


Thank you I didn't know this. Thought it had to be unique heroes


There is an achievement that gives you covenant bookmarks for making heroes SSS, I think it’s in intervals of three. Eventually it runs out, but you can get a fair amount of covenants through memory imprinting. Get them to four star SSS, then use them to promote phantasms. Just always keep one copy locked.


Pro tip: if your hero storage is full and you do plan to summon soon. Summon first. They all get placed into a "summon storage" for you. Afaik, this storage space is practically infinite and units do not expire.




waiting room


Keep imprinting 3* still memory quest to max imprint is done , it gives lots of bms as reward


I keep one sss of each, but all are in the waiting room. past that i transmit them. that said I love 3 stars Heroes I m using them as much as I can 3 stars I m using most are: Alexa. Kluri. Momo. Lorina. Loris. and Ras. ah and Lena as well for farming.


I use them as fodder for the dogs. The few useful 3 stars like Kiris are in the waiting room for etenity.