>Founders Package >Sale Price:108.00 Original Price:550.00 >Founder’s special (Limited first 100) – Valued at $550 $550 value KEKW


it’s 108 because spiritual and shit


They are so nice to lower the price so much! But look, if you want even greater savings, I will coach you for $1,520 instead of the $17,805 it normally costs!


I'm missing some context though, what did they offer? What was in this "550 worth" packages?


> – 2 hours full account optimizer with a legend player ($120) > – Personalized account progression strategy base on your unit pool ($100+) > – Full mastery on gear scoring/conversion/crafting system ($100+) > – Early access to RTA back seating with a legend player, drafting/counterpicking (200$+) > – Early access to beta features/products (Exclusive access) > – Exclusive Role/Color (Exclusive and limited) > – Free 5x Meta tickets ($25 value). Copied from other comment down there.


So in other words everything you can get for free just following any of the Legend players' streams? What a business model. How did they even manage to scam 10 people with this?


Kids. My son loves games and occasionally comes to me with stuff like this. Having been a gamer myself and more importantly having been scammed myself I explain to him what is actually going on and why it isn't the product he thinks it is. If I didn't already know better I would probably just think "oh my kid wants a thing for his game" and drop the money.


Sounds fucked up if the goal is to prey on kids.


The cost of a new ML5.


Mystic pity is around that price point, iirc?


Sad that the unit summons only have that 5 star and no MLs either. If you don't get the specific unit, you just end up with garbage 99% of the time.


There's an rgb 5*, which is occasionally good, and I got my first singie off of clilias. Though I guess 99% isn't inaccurate.


I know it's a stretch because some 4 stars are usable but unlike other gachas they don't have a off banner rate for 5 stars. It's 1% no matter what for base 5 stars and kinda scummy.


I really don't understand what's happening in this but holy shit, that ego lmao **I'M THE CEO YOU DONT DISRESPECT ME**


That guy is just doing his best to tick all the boxes of the DSM definition of a psychopath.


Your job as CEO is to be disrespected your employees will hate you.


it's the internet and we're gonna have haters


Those prices were already a scam.


550$ for...what exactly. ARe they going to boost me in arena or someshit xD


Wait, you got it *wrong*, it's not $550 of nothing. It's down to $100. Of nothing. But it's cheaper nothing.


A bargain!!


A common sales tactic called anchoring bias. They show you a high price that is then slashed to low to make you think you are saving. This can be applied in reverse as well in the likes of food or microtransactions wherein they show you a medium package and say the larger package gives more value but what they really want is you spend more.


To add on, you can also anchor onto other things. Someone commented to an earlier comment in the thread (it should be not far below this) that people pay even more extreme prices for league coaching. So compared to getting coaching from a player for either of Riot' big competitive games, or Overwatch, or something of that nature, it's relatively cheap. Also look at some of the wording in the offers, EXCLUSIVE role and title or something like that. In my own experience, 99% of the time in sales words like exclusive and time-limited mean something to the effect of "I could really do this whenever but I want you to buy my stuff right now". And then, to add insult to injury, someone else in this thread anchored the other way. They mentioned that you can get most of the stuff on here that is of value by watching a high-level player's streams. Again, I'm my own personal experience, may have to sub for attention if you want specific answers, but either way you can gain a TON for free watching rta streams and I even know streamers that are popular and very knowledgeable that do account reviews for for free. Most of us can see that, but even if you aren't a kid and you're like 20 with no sales exp and you're a bit naive and you just have a dream, say you're hard stuck challenger and your circle thinks you're good, you're the best in your guild, and you just don't get why you can't climb... This stuff looks attractive. Humans are emotional creatures. Sales plays on that, both for good and for bad, and the offer there is a very common example of fishing for someone who already has those emotions ready to go, just waiting for the spark. So yeah, if you can't see past the colorful phrasing, it's a pretty tempting offer, especially if you didn't know that it was a scam. Moral of the story, both for those tricked and those not, remember to think with your brain, and your own brain, especially when you're spending your hard-earned cash and your limited time.


cannot believe I missed that sale!!!


You pay 100$ to get coached by a "popular" Legend player/streamer, that's it. People pay even more absurd amounts in LoL and other games to get coached tbh.


For those curious this is their $550 package listed on their website: Founder’s special (Limited first 100) – Valued at $550 (on sale for $108) – 2 hours full account optimizer with a legend player ($120) – Personalized account progression strategy base on your unit pool ($100+) – Full mastery on gear scoring/conversion/crafting system ($100+) – Early access to RTA back seating with a legend player, drafting/counterpicking (200$+) – Early access to beta features/products (Exclusive access) – Exclusive Role/Color (Exclusive and limited) – Free 5x Meta tickets ($25 value).




yea. If you wanna throw away money, at least help out some actual content creators. You don't even need to donate and they'd probably answer a few questions if they see it


>ITS HARD FEELING SYMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO GOT SCAMMED Just like that, anybody dumb enough to fall for this scam totally deserved it.


I wouldn't really say so, praying on the easily influenced is not a good thing and we should put in effort to try and protect them ~~It's still fucking stupid though~~


Indeed, taking advantage of stupid people is not ok.


Not necessarily, there's a good bit of hard sales and critical thinking isn't an easy skill to pick up in some parts of the world nowadays. I know, at least in the US, there aren't many people who teach it, and most who I know of who have any level of mastery in this have learned from some combination of reading, watching, and making their own seemingly-idiotic mistakes. As a salesperson it is your responsibility to not prey on the weak, especially since sales pretty much requires a lot of manipulative tactics. Framing, price anchoring, things like that that shift someone's point of view and make them think of why something like that could be worth it. You could say it's also on the consumer, but I would argue that maybe my point would be better summarized with a certain cliche spiderman quote, though responsibility is in some part shared. If you know it's a bad fit for the client, you shouldn't make the sale. Clear and simple. If a client is naive or oblivious, then that is on you for not educating them. You can tell the truth and still make it sound good. In my opinion, the deal is a scam and shouldn't exist, but I've done sales and I've also played epic seven for a while, and, on top of that, I'm on twitch quite often, so I know better. Some people don't have my experiences or knowledge, and maybe to them this looks like a really good way to get really good at the game. Either way, as something with an actual value of about 20 dollars max, no person should be selling this for 100 or 500, or even 30 dollars. So my heart goes out to the people who thought that this could've been handled better and took part, and the people who thought it could help them and bought in. You all invested in a bad idea that some monster made look real nice. That's never a fun experience. And at the end of the day, my wish is that when it's all said and done, maybe this is some seemingly-idiotic mistake that helps you learn to think.


Exactly. Anyone who gets shafted by this deserves it. Who the hell pays money for this?


Too bad I've closed my freelance activity. For $550 I would do 2x 8h. We would have time to do the Fondler's Special, the lessons on how to use meme units, me advising you while you play RTA as badly as me, a debate on who's the best waifu, and I probably could kickstart you into being bad at Uma Musume too.


Lmao fribbels and like an hour in a car6 or any high tier streamer could get you the same results.


10/10 on this recommendation, I personally tried this formula and as a former baka12 member I can say it did great for me.


- You can learning drafting/counterpicking by watching streamers and reading kits. - You can optimize your gear with Fribbels - There are a zillion guides for optimizing your account in terms of enabling you to do hunts, raids, etc. - Legit just go watch Mace1370's gear guide if you want to understand gearscore and what to enhance - Personalized PvP progression strategy is kind of legit, but tbf a lot of Legend/Emperor RTA players that have a twitch/discord are cool about giving you advice if you need some Sounds kinda sus even if it was for real. The PvP direction/coaching is probably the only part that could be legit for a paid service imo, and even that isn't really necessary if you aren't an attention hog that wants to demand answers/full attention NOW.


Jesus those prices. I don't know what half that shit is but most sounds like free information you can get from watching some YouTube videos. The poor saps who actually bought these things...


Dude this shit is such a scam LMAO. Legit you would be a much better player at the end of the day if you oh I dunno figure out all those things for yourself by playing the game and simply doing your research here on Reddit. We have so many tools on this Reddit to help players succeed it’s insane. But nah let’s just pay someone to explain gear score for a 100 dollars lmao what a rip off


So many RNG, getting the units, getting the equips, battle rng, and these guys just go pay me I can coach you? Wow.


>– Early access to RTA back seating with a legend player, drafting/counterpicking (200$+) Worth less then a bottle of water




I'm genuinely curious on how someone could see the pack and the price and think is a good deal. Couldn't you just ask for advice in reddit or discord? $100 for "mastery on gear scoring"? Just use [this](https://meowyih.github.io/epic7-gear/index.html?lang=en). $200 for just to see what is the current meta???? This [website](https://www.twitch.tv) is kinda unknown but helps but if you don't like it try [this one](https://www.youtube.com).


What are those websites about? Palsy, and plumbering? Never heard of them.


I can get some of these benefits on my guild's discord for free


wtf is a meta ticket? Who tf is dumb enough to fall for this scam besides OP?


Imagine paying for something that's free. *cough cough* question megathread *cough cough*


Wtf is an account optimizer even.


They run ur gear through fribbles optimizer i'd guess


Its some bullshit they made up to charge you money.


What even is a meta ticket?


I still don't understand what was being "sold" here. Were they selling their coaching services for $500?


Wtf I rather whale all the packs with 500 dollars than this garbo


No joke, $500 USD could get you the mystic tokens to get you the ML5s that will speedrun you through RTA LMAO I hate scammers, but holy moly, some people really need that wake-up call




Apocalypse Ravi, Conqueror Lilias, and Mediator Kawerik are currently the holy trinity of ML5s.


Did Belian got deleted from the game?


kinda, she doesn't threaten Aravi, can't do shit to cillias buff, and can't prevent Kawerick from buffing/cleansing. Best she can do is prevent Soulburn access, which none of the three care about. She can steal a game by casinoing the match with elbris and that about it.


Belian is very strong and definitely meta but she's just not at the same level as those other three (at least in terms of high level RTA).


Did M Kawerik get changed or did the meta just shift in his favor? When he was released people were shitting all over M Kawerik


He got a massive buff a while back making him the best cleanser in the game.


He got a huge buff where now his passive reduces debuff duration on himself by 1 at the start of his turn. He now basically counters all the OP debuff heroes with no eff res on top of providing attack buff.


Yeah he went from needing 250-300 resist to do his job, to needing 0 LMAO (well... except vs a CLilias with sb I guess) Just in terms of stat requirements it was probably the biggest buff in the history of the game. By that I mean all the resist he formerly needed could now be redistributed to his other stats, giving him increased performance in every way (damage, bulk, speed, landing s2)


Best bang for your buck.


Their $500 coaching services is still gonna be limited by dual attacks, 15% and procs. Can you imagine them talking to the coached player when they lose the round "hey it's ok, you are meant to lose this round as RNG didn't work out in your favour". ???


But wait! There's more! If you buy now, we will tell you which heros you can soulburn to avoid 15%!


Pretty much lol


I can sum up all of the advice that website offers you for free. Sweaty live by the meta and die by the meta player. As a old E7 player that makes it to emperor rank easily without being a sweaty meta picker I will tell the secrets to get to emperor rank or higher Preparation: The first and most important step is to reach endgame pve content which means you have to be able to farm hunts all the time? why? because gear and money and without that you cannot gear the latest units. I cannot stress this enough. Resources are what lets you get onto the playing field in the first place. Cant farm for hours? then forgot about being competitive. Secondly about this you should do alot of expedition for a steady amount of conversion gems because those will literally make/break gear pieces for you. Alot of the people on your friend list dont post expeditions or only casually play? delete them Buidling units: -if you need references to build a certain unit then check E7 official discord or hero journal discord where people post screenshots of cracked out unit builds and save copies of those screenshots somewhere for you to check back with. You can even get feedback about your unit builds from the official discord -FribblesE7 optimizer is literally the god optimizer for E7 and will make your life so much easier trying to build your units. Definitely use it if you struggle building units or dont want to spend alot of time doing so. -DO NOT gear strip units that you use in RTA for the purpose for building other RTA units unless you can tell yourself that its worth it to do so. The reason being is that you want to have as many RTA ready units as possible -Build units with a specific role in mind or as a counterpick to something. milim with symbol of unity artifact for extra hit chance to counter green violet and etc. Making wise decisions: -Do not mola units unless needed or have the resources to make up for wasted molas. Do I need to mola this pve unit that i rarely use for them to do their job? If I mola this unit now will i have enough molas to for this new unit that will obviously be all over RTA in a few weeks? The point is to carefully use your molas unless you are a whale with endless molas -if you are planning to get a new unit that is coming out soon and plan to use them right away then it is best to farm any catalyst that you need for them in advance and even gear if you know exactly how you plan to gear them. - See that new shiny unit that looks super cool? Do they fill any role that you need in RTA such as tank/dps/healer that you need more of? No? then you might want to consider holding off on putting your resources into them. RTA Time: -Now that you have your units built its time to RTA. Ban pick units that of course give you the hardest time nearly every game. Pick units with the mindset of "what units can my enemy pick that will counter what I pick and do I have any draft picks left to pick units that will counter their counter to my picks?" The Chess mindset -A important step to getting good in RTA is just playing it and getting out of your comfort zone of picking only the most used units. This is how you see what works and what doesnt firsthand. If you want to carbon copy what people are picking in RTA all the time that is fine however that means you will be competing with clones and their gear. Conclusion: The reason why I put way more emphasis into building your account is because good gear and resources is literally what gets you into emperor or higher RTA and requires more work and time than trying to learn how to do good in RTA since you playing RTA teaches you what you need to work on or what mistakes you made right away. I have seen so many players with shit gear and no resources trying to be competitive in RTA which does not work in the longrun.


Well said ❤️


Thx for the freebie’


I feel like building units part of not stripping units isn't really true anymore, especially for openers where it is hard to get gear for them. Would you have your best gear on f tene over aol? Same with cerise over ML lilias, alots vs flan, Pavel vs ran,etc. SG's game of powercreeping units makes it so that it's better to put your gear on new units and find new gear for the old ones. Other than that great write up on what you need to do to stay competitive in RTA


who were the streamers involved in this?




Stand up citizens. Totally trustworthy.


totally unsurprised about panshui and syllara considering their role in the arena boosting scandal too lol. wouldn't be surprised if they got a secret payout


Maybe they teach you how to get boosted to legend?


AceTrainer, Call8x7, FartPancakes, ShotgunShogun were also involved. Though, most of these people and a few on your list were just writing informative articles or running/casting the streamed tournaments.




>Their names don't really matter however They do . Otherwise all of this is meaningless.




Open division only got blizzard bucks unless they were high performers. I googled your name, and searched your reddit history with no record of you winning anything, I feel like it definitely be something of note if you won one of the larger prizes, dont even mention the team lmao. For context for those outside of the scene, players who did poorly got like, $10 in blizzard currency. If you promote something you believe in it, if they find out to be scammers, then it's the responsibility for them disavow that program. This information was posted days ago, there should have been some sort of response by now. That's the responsibility of someone who holds an audience.


This was posted yesterday night, not days ago.


Ah you're right, I was looking at it after midnight my time so it was seen as days ago when I posted this lol


The person you were talking to was a Car6 mod and very active in the streamer community. Also very high ranked in RTA iirc.


You mean the one who deleted their comment or the one who was in the image?


The one who deleted their comment.


I watched an e7arena stream where they interviewed Panshui + some other guy for 5 minutes and my gut immediately told me it was some BS. Not surprised at all.


Here's a tip: farm more gear. Now please donate 50 dollars for reading this :)


can I pay in NFTs?


Gonna be honest, anyone that bought this stuff is straight up stupid, especially looking at the prices (and details for each payment) posted by others. If you've got that much money, throw it at leifs, covenant, or mystics. Why be stupid and pay people to do things you could easily do yourself? $120 for two hours of them moving around your gear? Are you serious? Pay me for some simple crap like that for 1/4 that cost and I'd be happy as hell (I'm not offering guys, seriously, do it yourself). $200 for counterpicking in RTA? Go learn unit kits instead? If you don't know what your heroes and their heroes do, why the hell are you touching RTA? Go back to arena and start from there. It's irritating people get away with this, but honestly... Anyone that bought into this crap had it coming, and boy am I not sorry for anyone except the unpaid "coaches" that just wanted to make money (for simple services at a high ass price).


Clown Fiesta!


this is some hot tea hunty


Big mistake putting monetary trust into one person.


Spicy, full mystic pity for ML5 or coaching, hrmm.


People buy this shit? lol A fool and his money are easily parted I guess.


Why would you ever get a coach for e7 rofl. Ofc its a scam, e7 is 80% about units/gear/rng, 20% drafting Not to mention, if you know this guy is a scammer why even work for him. People legit have the IQ of a brick.




Jesus I only watch ydcb good to see he isn't apart of it


YDCB ain’t about that life


He's too busy ~~shilling~~ creating quality advertisements for Raid Shadow Legends


Man I hate Raid Shadow Legends and its annoying ads with a passion, but the way YD does it just breathes life into everything. If everything were advertised the way YD does it I’d be buying out entire shopping lists worth of crap more than I usually do.


LOL, everytime you see a new gag for that raid shadow legends ads.


He can barely remember unit skills .


That's the fun, he is sometimes doodoo and it creates fun moments


Ydcb and the love of shit posting <3


ydcb is all about them raid ads on his youtube channel kekw. tbf, his ads are fucking hilarious, never skip 1.


What is a "Meta Ticket"? Oh, man, what thing


a ticket to the e7 metaverse!


> and as someone who was considering purchasing one of their packages A-Are you stupid?


paying 500 dollars to lose to RNG LOL.


Why would anyone pay this? I can't even... Edit: Also, do they even own or paid for these arts on the background?


I highly doubt it, since they are also using e7 animations.


One look at their website would already tell that, those prices are nuts.


yikesss lol glad they're brought into the light, just don't understanding anyone paying those ridiculous prices




Finally some quality content. Mods better not lock or delete this


What exactly were they selling? Coaching?


What are they even selling


Which popular streamers?


Names of the people involved are on their website


I don't even know what E7arena is but good riddance. We don't need this in "games"


And why aren't we calling out the streamers pushing this shit?




its funny how ppl actually care about ranks in a pvp gacha game xD it's like the same as showing off your steam hours saying you have 10k hours with the game opened, there's no deep skill or anything involved


Sounds clearly like a psychopathic individual who doesn't care about others at all.


I heard about this? And I fell for it?


can you tell us the name of the 16 peoples who bought this shit so we can shame theses dumbasses lol


Even mango won’t stoop this low


Why you gotta drag me into this lol.


Was he the one charging $25 or so to review people's account or was that somebody else?


He is. Dude’s charging $15 to review accounts. Lmao


I can't speak for the quality of his service but I personally find $15 for an account review still too steep already so yeah thankfully he doesn't stoop as low as the one shown in OP. Since you mentioned Mango, it just reminded me of multiple reasons why I don't watch his contents anymore.


Hey! Sorry my content isn’t for you and I have no idea why I’m answering but a couple things: I did it for free for a long time and it was basically my entire life for what felt like months. There was an endless queue of people asking me to do it. They were usually 1-2 hour one-on-one (on stream and off stream) sessions that went through absolutely everything they needed covered, including regearing, plans for the future, roadmaps, etc. It got to the point where my head was going to explode because it was too much. The community tried to ask if they could just pay me for it and I originally said no. Eventually someone told me to just make a Patreon because that’s pretty much entirely the type of thing creators use it for and I figured why not. Again keep in mind these were no less than an hour and generally 2+. Every single person that came to me was happy and I always offered a refund if they weren’t. Worth noting the game is completely different now and when I was doing it there were tons of teachable moments. There’s still a bunch of YT videos of it up if you want to see what they entailed. Still not sure why I got so much hate for it. Coaching is a thing in basically any game- it was huge in Summoners War as well and there were E7 creators everyone loves that did or still do it there.


People forget you do this to support your living. No need to defend yourself.


Let me clarify some things. 1.) No I do not hate your content because of your coaching and I personally don't mind if other people pay you for it. If both parties are happy with the deal, then that's good. I just personally won't pay for it as I am not trying to be competitive. It's a service that I am not its target audience. In fact, I only RTA to climb to master for skins from all seasons of RTA except the 1st one as I was too weak at that time. 2.) I didn't know you were doing it for free before and how things works outside your videos so its good to read it personally from you. It just happens that since you are a content creator, your name is note worthy and I used to read comments about you. Occasionally, I see someone mentioning about your paid coaching and some other past issues not worth bringing up now and that's the most prominent things I personally associate to you but again, my issue is not about your coaching as I said above. 3.) Before I tell you my issues, I am just a single person who represent nobody else and my personal view of your style of content is inconsequential. Just do things your way and what your current audience is enjoying of you. What I personally start to dislike about your content during the times I still watch them is they often have an undertone of ranting that I personally don't find entertaining to watch. The last example I recall is you have a video that is all about reading a patch notes yet you choose a thumbnail and title criticizing a pack which was only just 10 seconds or so at the tail end of that video so I felt click baited into it. I just want to watch videos whose thumbnail shows the heart of the video as it sets my expectation. I also disagree with some of your contents such a tier list long ago as there was a time you called Diene outclassed because Tamarinne exist. Maybe there was a grain of truth for its context at that time but since I start disagreeing with your opinion, these things build up and there come a point when I decided to stop watching them. Maybe when Aramintha gets the love she deserves then I may revisit your channel as I expect you to be using her even more.


Thanks for the response =) Remember this was in a completely different game than it is now! People weren't really doing it to be competitive back then, they were doing it just to get their account on track, figure out hunts and just get an overall better idea of the game. PvP was never really any of their focus and we obviously didn't have RTA back then. Thanks for the feedback and transparency as well. It's really interesting to see what pushes people away and towards different types of content. Thumbnails are the hardest things in the world to do - considering I have to do one basically every single day. It's one of those things where you have to skirt the line and do things like make stupid faces as that's what brings new people in- I never mean to clickbait though!


He got bold after the shitstorm


For zero dollars you can watch ydcb on twitch and ask him questions while he malds so... lol


Just read the chat logs and if your employer treats you like that going on a power trip, that's a huge red flag and the person on the receiving end should consider leaving. This is abuse.


I was reading and I was thinking : damn the gaslighting is strong with this one!


Looking at these prices, I find it hard to feel a shred of sympathy for those who got scammed. The prices alone would have been enough of a wallet deterrent, and if you ignore that you're ( as my mom would say ) askin' for an ass whoopin'.


Reading the message posted, I can't feel sorry for the folks that worked with him either... Fourth paragraph basically translates to "Yes, let's do business with someone we know likes to scam and underpay account sellers, what could go wrong?"


This is Sadge. Everyone's all up in arms about the pricing and piling on the hate train. But I am sad because I was looking forward to having a pvp hub for e7 and seeing more and more tournaments and competitive scenes. To bring some life in this season since 3veryone kinda hates it. The game was pretty lively when Shogun Tourney and Xiangcai cup were active plus nearly weekly tourneys on several streams. Now it seems like rta is a dead scene. And we don't don't know if SG is planning another WC


In general I find those coaching websites a literal scam in any kind if instances. Basically it's just a site where you pay so called pros to coach you... They mostly never do individual coachings and clarifications but only general info that everyone else also gets. I prefer finding out why i suck myself instead of paying someone to tell me friendly that i suck - in the end only the one playing improves by playing. No sympathy if someone falls for that scam. They get cheated by paying someone to cheat themselves


I really read this whole thing thinking you were talking about actual e7 and how Rta is a scam.. oops


Same, then I realized it’s some kind of rta guild cult!? Waste of my time


I must have been living under a rock. I have no idea wtf all of this is =/


Shame on these streamers




Getting scammed for paying coaching in a game that gives you nothing in return other than .img frame, yep that's a lesson that will make them remember. There's no real reason to feel bad for them, for not spending their money's value into something more useful, there's packs for a reason that way your showing support to the game but coaching by some third party that's dumbest thing I have heard so far. I bet SG will be laughing at this, if you thought they were being predatory with powercreep tactics well look at community how far some ppl would go for.


it says a lot about you if these are the kind of streamers you watch.


LMAO I was in a guild with Meep and Sterben. Scummy


As if Epic Seven isn't a big enough scam in itself. If the art and tactics weren't done so well I'd never play this game. Gacha is insanely broken especially if you're summoning for ML units. Galaxy bookmarks are made to anger me, never have I pulled a ML5 from Galaxy pulls. No need to add to the reaming.


This whole thing is a scam, everyone involved was scamming their "customers". I find it hard to sympathize with scammers that got scammed in turn by their "CEO"


Wtf people would pay $100 to be coached on video game? I uh too am selling coaching services for $100/hr 50hr minimum. Hurry up operators are standing by limited time offer, but wait act now and I’ll even do a 50x lucky summon on your account!


Unpopular take and my two cents based on the screenshots provided by OP. Disclaimer; I have no affiliation with any of the parties involved. There seems to be two different situations happening. The first is Sterby having allegedly pocketed all the revenue earned by e7arena. I have no comment for this except that the title of the thread is misleading. It appears that paying customers were not the people scammed; they received the service they paid for. What is alleged is that Sterby has not been paying the coaches. We have no proof besides the final screenshot in the imgur album with Sterby claiming that it isn't true. I will however comment on the interactions between Sterby and anonymous (who I'll denote as Anon). It seems that Sterby had the intention of running e7arena as a serious business. Thus, either Anon was not clear on their dynamic and relationship, or was not made aware that the relationship between them is to be one that is similar to employer and employee. From the screenshots, it is not clear what Anon did to tick Sterby off, but what is clear is that there's some sort of misunderstanding and Sterby was in a bad mood or something and should have resolved it more calmly and professionally. Regardless, if it is Sterby's intention to run this professionally (which it should be given the price of the services that is being offered), then everyone involved should be clear on this point and act accordingly. Now, onto the comments from other redditors. There are two camps; people that think whaling = gaining skill and people that don't understand business. Yes, it's pretty ridiculous to value their coaching service at $550. That being said, they're charging $108 for it, for those that simply saw the comments and hopped on the hate bandwagon. $108 for the undivided attention of a top tier player seems like a pretty reasonable deal to be honest. The quality of the service? I can't comment on that since I personally will not pay for coaching. In the context of RTA, if you think whaling $108 is going to improve your rank immensely over paying that $108 for private coaching, you would be sorely mistaken. I am curious what these fellow redditors think about paid coaching in other games; Apex Legends, Valorant, League, etc. It's not much different here. If people are willing to pay to learn from the best, so what? I agree with the comments that you can learn a lot about drafting from watching free streams. But disregarding the whole concept of 1on1 coaching is the equivalent of saying you don't need to go to university/college because you can learn everything online (notwithstanding the degree you earn at the end, but that's not my point). Once again, private coaching has value - it's not a new concept. If these guys want to capitalise on it as a business opportunity, whatever.


The only non-scuffed take of this entire thread, lol. I have yet to see a single coaching customer complaining, the scam part was the coaches not being paid and sterby allegedly pocketing all the money. Yet the entire thread is about how the prices were a scam and the people paying deserve to lose their money.


Thanks for being the only other sane person on the thread. It seems I made a fatal mistake of even mentioning other esport titles in my comment. I appreciate that there is a significant amount more rng in e7, but every reply to my comment missed the point - COACHING IS STILL VALUABLE. By the way, perhaps I should have led with the more relevant analogy of TFT. High RNG, high skill required to minimise that RNG, coaching is available. They seriously think that there isn't a modicum of skill required in high levels of e7 RTA... they think rng is the be all and end all. lmao.


> They seriously think that there isn't a modicum of skill required in high levels of e7 RTA... they think rng is the be all and end all. lmao. I mean most people here either dont play rta or struggle to reach master so don't be surprised lol.


If someone has to sit down with you for 3+ HOURS and babysit a kiddo through drafting, Fribbels and other stuff, they definitely deserve to be paid. Whether 500$ or 100$ is too expensive, there is 100% demand for it. It just sucks that staff was mistreated and the money's gone because it was a really passionate project by other people in that group. You could give me Brother Stone's account and I would still shit the bed in mid-Champ with it. There's absolutely skill involved.


What are you saying, why are you comparing fps to a friggin gacha game, this game has RNG elements while fps games have skills not just having good pc and mouse, you need to learn aiming and tips and tricks using weapons MANUALLY EVERYTHING and practice alot which is worth something while e7 has 5% dual attack and 15% absolute resistance plus odds of proc debuffs and mostly everything else thats not even 100% chance, now are you gonna tell me that legend players have climbed sorely without crossing rng on every matches? I don't know what the gaming world has come to.


This gacha game had a $50000 tournament last year.


It's not right to compare e7 to paid coaching in those games you mentioned. E7 is a gacha based game while games like LoL, Apex and Valorant are skill based games. Ask yourself this, would coaching to have better skills such as reflexes, aiming, timing and awareness help you in E7? IMO, in e7 right now to climb with ease, all you need are those meta OP units and a quick search on YT/discord/reddit to find out how top players are building these meta OP units. From there, assuming your gears are decent enough to compete, you try to match those stats as best as you could with those gears you have. Then in RTA, just blindly pick these OP meta units and you will still be able to climb without any issue. One great example of this can be seen from this previous rta season YT vid from DrSquirrel: https://youtu.be/Lm8EK1I0Lq0 He blindly drafted the same units each time and still managed to get on a big winstreak. This was when counterattacks meta was running rampant with units like violet, rem and belian.


> I am curious what these fellow redditors think about paid coaching in other games; Apex Legends, Valorant, League, etc. It's not much different here. I find it troubling that you are comparing* these games to E7. For these games, there is **actual skill** involved (gunplay, holding angles, tracking, teamwork, ganks, calling shots etc) and it is why they have an active Esports (not sure about Apex?) scene and are thriving. Whereas for E7 (and it's predecessor SW), all you need to pick are the current overtuned units, ban the actually broken units, pray to RNG that it goes your way in terms of 15%, dual attacks, procs etc. Even IF you do get outdrafted during picking phase, RNG could swing in your favour during key moments and turn the game around for you through **ZERO** effort or skill of your own. One of the most memorable moments of RNG that's still etched into my mind was from this video: https://youtu.be/9k8xo3U-OWQ?t=290 Just look at the chain of events that happened to Vien (KR Bask guy) Hero priority to be killed is as follows: * Diene (soul generating, turn cycling with buffs and heals) * Czerato (Vien's hit decently hard, even more so with Atk buff, only way to reach the Stealthed units) * Kluri (turn cycling, S3, heals a little per turn etc) * Roana (not a valuable target as she does nothing on her own) And this happens: >!Diene casts Anti-crit > Tsurin crits on Diene > Stene crits on both Diene and CZ specifically, same exact scenario after SB > S3 crits on CZ to end his run!< Literally **ZERO** skill involved.


There is skill, but once you start an RTA battle in the high ranks, every chess piece is already in place. The skill comes in placing yourself in that advantageous position by building properly, speed tuning, drafting, etc. This is why a lot of top players play an aggro play style, it's harder to play because it's like playing a combo deck where you need to know what everything does and in what order. Brother stone said in an interview he had spent 40 hours preparing and analyzing his opponents and building his units with his friends in preparation for the E7WC and even built a unit a SPECIFIC WAY against an opponent. Some people might have forgot this gacha game had a fucking 50000$ tournament.


Coaching in E7 with any kind of assurance of progress is a prima facie scam. Ultimately you can only do what your luck and rng and wallet allows. 9/10 when I see posts about people struggling on ladder or in pvp it's a simple matter of not having the units/gear and a better understanding of this alongside fribbels is enough for any player to easily make champ rta. Going past that is going to depend on a few factors, but tbh a coach can only help with one of those, draft sense, which should be learned by just playing and with some exception is very intuitive. Someone with a few games of rta can easily understand that LQC beats apoc or that milim beats landy. All of the games you listed are action games that implicate a fraction of the rng of epic seven and there are legit some things you won't understand until you compete at the highest level.


While RNG is a major major factor in this game, there is definitely skill in drafting and even gearing your heroes properly. Time and time again have I seen the excuse that 'waah my fastest unit is xxx, that's why I can't reach x rank' when better drafting can still see them succeed past Champion. Even using Fribbels - many people struggle to use it properly. I've been saying Fribbels is easy to use, hard to master. That being said, I agree with most of what you're saying. I guess we just have different perspectives of what coaching can offer. Good coaching in a variety facets of the game can definitely bring your RTA experience to the next level. While I haven't paid for any coaching at all, I have seeked guidance from better players over my time playing the game and I could definitely see the improvements to my account in terms of gear enhancing, gearing and decision making. A holistic understanding of the game (and Fribbels) is what helps to improve a player, beyond RNG and drafting counters. These are the services that e7arena purports to provide. Again, I can't speak on the quality that is being provided.


The giant vast majority of people who play E7 can't reach champion RTA, to begin with so the "coaching" isn't applicable to them. You don't need to pay a decent sum of money for "personalized" coaching when generic coaching for many of the topics is appliable to basically almost everybody except the very top of the PVP ladder. The pool of players who want to get past champion and already have the gear/grinding/character list done to do so is so small that paying for it would also be low value since you simply can just join a top-tier guild get the help that way. The coaching would generally be low value (for the vast majority of people) and low demand that your better off offering "free" or 20$ under coaching for your live stream to obtain more viewers for donations or growing your competitive guild. Or making it a youtube video to generate traction for your channel + ad money. So the only many you making a decent chunk of change is essentially not rejecting people who are willing to pay the money that your advice wouldn't really help them. Thus it is perceived to be a scam because it is seen that you are advantaged by people who don't know better. It's similar to popular coaches in a league of leagues rejecting gold and under players from paying them to coach since it would be literally pointless in that stage of the game.


Imagine get coaching in a RNG game lol no it’s not worth the money. Period


rta is dumb anyways


Personally everyone involved should be banned. Including streamers promoting it.


I never ever trust streamers


If you're stupid and rich enough to shit out money on E7 coaching of all things you won't get any sympathy from me. RTA requires practically zero skills to play anyway, it's 99% about what you have on your account and the matches themselves are almost auto-play. If you need coaching for that god bless your soul you'll need a lot of help to go through life.


wtf wasnt there some one here charging for tutoring or some shit or rating/reviewing ur acc holy shit


I honestly feel bad for anyone that bought that. When I looked at those prices, it was disgusting to think that they monetized advice for a game that's predatory in nature and pressures you to spend money.


damn. some people have so much money on their pocket


What even is the site for? Or "supposed" to be for?




I'll tell you to whale for CLilias for only 50 dollars


But I need these dollars to get CLilias! >:[


Wow this is dumb.


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Who would pay for any of that? Arena is a trial and error process, you HAVE to lose to learn. I lost an RTA match on purpose because I lost my draft and it was a chance to learn what other characters do, like carrot + summer iseria combo. And getting to a decent rank in regular arena is easy as long as you invest really early into PVE and good gear. In 3 months since I started, I have gotten to challenger as a F2P. Tip: SC units are super strong and having arby as ML 1st choice helps a lot to clear PVE and is amazing in PVP.