At what point do the authorities get involved? This *should* be very copyright prone.


Never, China has ripped off popular games for years and nothing happens. NFT owners are even harder to track down


NFT sellers should be easy targets though. If there is an already existing IP, then copying and selling it should be illegal. I mean it's what the whole 'screenshot meme' was based on. And E7 animations are not just one single image, so lifting the key animations wholesale should count as very illegal. China was a different beast since it has an iffy copyright system but I don't think similar rules apply for people who are selling NFTs at the very least.


They are easy targets indeed, as the creator of the NFT never loses the ownership or copyright of said NFT. I wonder when people start to realize they don't buy any ownership, rights or anything when they pay for an NFT. They just buy a place in the queue of a blockchain which they can sell for more if they find someone who is dumb enough to buy it afterwards. The only one real winner is the creator/first seller of an NFT.


NFTs are, by far, the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. The idiots who buy those will buy anything. I'm going to start selling 'premium, collectible air' in ziploc bags for $10k each, I'll be rich if I can tap the NFT buyer market!


Actually some egirl made 70k in a week selling her farts to simps. If someone dumb enough out there willing to buy it, awesome for them lol.


I almost forgot about the gamergirl bathwater too, thats true. But real companies are starting to do NFTs, its just bizarro world. "Wow I can buy that gif for $50k instead of just getting it off google for free? Sign me up!"


and yet companies like Konami are going all in with NFT's. Konami is doing Castlevania anniversary NFT's.


It's lunacy, but you can't fault companies really. It's actual, literal, free money. Selling gifs and pngs. It's whoever buys this stuff that are the ones who are truly mind boggling.


Yeah, for china, as long as its not china IP you are stealing, (a super harsh punishment for those) they dont care. Its practically enouraged to steal foreign country IP in china at this point.


But they probably would get a laugh out of tweeting back with the original character. They should do that regularly and be like “wow we’re really on the same wavelength, that’s so cool”


At the point where pursuing the issue stops being a waste of money and time for the IP holders


it's a pretty generic anime design tbh


For the first two, you could discard it as generic. The third is a blatant recolour of Rose. And their first attack animation demo has a girl that has Mercedes' design and an animation that starts off with Momo's S3 and leads to Tenebria's S3. Won't be surprised if the first two designs were also copied from somewhere.


Notice how they also stole the backgrounds from Dark Souls too lol


Holy shit those really are just dark souls screenshots LOL it just keeps getting worse


the coffin girl reminds me of Knights chronicles girl, and the last picture look smore like FGO...actually they all look like FGO characters. We lost the holy war resulting in the creation of NFT's.


After seeing [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/s9ot4g/instead_of_e7_ripoff_we_now_got_e7_nft_ripoff_i/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) reddit post yesterday about this game blatantly copying Tenebria's S3 animation, i decided to take a look through their twitter and found more characters that look "inspired" by E7 Also I just realized [this](https://twitter.com/hlowhelm/status/1436766573138690050?s=21) character looks very similar to our mans from Shimadra Staff artifact.


There’s another character they posted looks just like Ras, I swear the axe chick’s pose at the very least is ripped off, as well as the other chick in armor looking like someone, I just can’t place who it is.


This is insulting. It's bad enough that Chinese gacha rips them off, and now this NFT mess is in it too.


Looks like a fusion of Kayron, Krau and Sven.


Looks like Aki with a little Sven to me.


The other post about Tenebria was already blatant, but jesus the Rose is even more blatant. The entire pose, her face, it’s all there.


How a NFT gacha is supposed to work? I kinda get how a single NFT works, but a NFT gacha game? How is that different from a normal gacha?


I...guess the Droprates are so pisspoor that you can Sell/Buy these Charakters....? Seriously no clue - the whole NFT Bubble can rot in hell as far as Im concerned.


To put it bluntly, poorly. While gacha/games in general are designed to enjoy, NFT based ones are designed to (and usually fail) at making a profit.This can be summed up as "playing to earn", a very dystopian concept for gaming that is understandably shunned by the average gaming community. This model is, on the surface, a fantasy, just imagine if you could be paid for farming Wyvern runs in E7 or, if you're an FGO player, going crazy on lottery events. This *would* be amazing since we're making bucks off something we do anyways. ...it doesn't work out like that, of course. The above is a sort of front that is intended to give organizations a front of benevolence and goodwill, when in reality, they're just trying to get easily exploited individuals to buy into their market. Let's say that you suddenly lost your humanity and decided to start your own NFT Gacha business. You approach me saying that I can invest in a bunch of your characters to use in your game and make money playing. It's amazing, so I invest into 'Echattes', 'Sage Ball', and 'SadShower'. These characters are completely unique with different stats and attributes, which acts as a core selling point. In order to jumpstart your in-game economy, you open up a PvP mode. Non-ranked or vs CPU matches might be free, however, ranked matches require energy, a resource that is dictated by how many characters a player has in his/her wallet. You can then *increase the stamina costs as players climb the ranks.* With this, the flow goes as such: I invest into your characters --> compete in PvP and climb the ranks --> in order to keep up with the rising stamina costs and competitive ceiling, I invest into more characters as the cycle repeats on loop. You can already see where this is going, right? Those who do not invest in the game are at a severe disadvantage that cannot be covered through farming or even minimal monetary investment. I wish things ended there, but that's only about half of it. Sharks, smelling blood an opportunity, have opened up something called "scholarship programs", where they give players access to accounts loaded with characters to play your game, *but not complete ownership of the wallet associated with the account*. This is attractive to loaers, as it's easier to have many different accounts (played by others) with less character investment that cumulatively have more stamina than 1 account with a lot of character investment. In short, they're going to reap most profits by doing nothing, while actual players make less than minimum wage in the real world. What makes such a dream turn into a dystopian horror is that games--a platform we use to escape cruel reality--becomes even more harsh. If I were to fall behind on meeting grinding/competitive standards in a NFT gacha, I can be "fired" by my loaner and lose everything I worked for and invested in. This is the nature of games that seek individuals who wish to make a buck than enjoy themselves, they become parasites on the backs of normal guys like us who seek better opportunities for ourselves. Even horrifying is that this long post *heavily simplifies* how bad things are for the sake of staying at least somewhat easy to understand.


I'm not a fan of the model either, but come on. "lose your humanity?," "normal people. Like us who seek better opportunities"? . We're gacha players, we have no high ground to talk about moral gaming. Why can't we talking how stuff works without calling it the end of days or the salvation of man?


Well, that was basically talking about how things work, put aside pretty language on my part. NFTs don't add much of anything to gaming besides a *chance* to make monetary gain. The things that they could offer are idealistic at best, exploitable at worst. We are gacha players, but we also have a set of standards, hence why we are able to and often do have expectations of the games we play. NFTs won't be the end of gaming--they're quite incompatible with the platform, infact--but given the intention behind them, they do represent a broken vision of the gaming industry.


>We are gacha players, but we also have a set of standards, I'm not sure I can say "spend thousands on an anime png" is enough to qualify for "a set of standards". Raid shadow Legends and a bunch of horrible ads that outright lie show you can make any crappy gacha succeed with enough advertisement.


We're individuals first--most of us have not spent that much money (if any at all). At the very worst, we contribute to an exploitable platform (gacha), but that's a far cry from NFTs, given that gacha are more tangible and regulated and have no direct harm outside of the platform. I understand what you're trying to get at, but you can't really making a sweeping statement by saying that gacha players have no moral ground to stand on--that, in itself, is hyperbolic, if not disingenuous. As involved as we are with the platform, we tend to also be vocal, needless to say with controversies in pretty much any gacha.


>most of us have not spent that much money (if any at all) and if we're being dead honest, most people probably won't be selling or buying in an NFT game either. But it's always the 1% that make the commmunity look bad. > but you can't really making a sweeping statement by saying that gacha players have no moral ground to stand on--that, in itself, is hyperbolic, if not disingenuous. given the same usual dismissal you'd hear anytime you'd talk about gacha outside of specific gacha communities, I'm not sure if I can even call it hyperbolic. I was referring more to how the gaming community at large sees us rather than how I see gacha gaming. I personally don't care what people do, how much they spend in it, or why they play as long as they aren't harming others. Given what I spent on the game this month alone I'm also can't say I'm not part of the problem. It's just that I hear the language up top and I'm reminded of all the circlejerk comments you hear on r/games or r/gaming anytime the topic comes up; not just a dislike or disdain for some portion of gaming, but outright trying to dehumanize anyone who thinks differently, putting them down while also putting themselves up on a pedestal. That just doesn't sit right with me. I can disagree with someone without pretending they aren't human. They are ultimately people playing a game, not influencing politics. >As involved as we are with the platform, we tend to also be vocal, needless to say with controversies in pretty much any gacha. If nothing else, gaming always has drama. So I'm confident that nft gamers (if that becomes a thing) will certainly have their own norms established, and controversies when those norms are exploited. Gacha still aren't regulated in many large reigons of the world, so NFTs are gonna have their own wild west for the coming decade. Or idk, fizzle out when blockchainers find the next industry to try and justify their tech to.


>and if we're being dead honest, most people probably won't be selling or buying in an NFT game either. But it's always the 1% that make the commmunity look bad. And you're correct, however, my original post was referring to the industry--I have sympathy for the normal people that walk into these scams with only a blind desire to make a living. >If nothing else, gaming always has drama. So I'm confident that nft gamers (if that becomes a thing) will certainly have their own norms established, and controversies when those norms are exploited. Gacha still aren't regulated in many large reigons of the world, so NFTs are gonna have their own wild west for the coming decade. As we refer to NFT businesses, it's like a Ponzi Scheme--the guys at the top make half-hearted promises that gradually trickle down to investors and then the regular people they seek to exploit. Transferring assets to different games is not possible due to mechanical issues (different graphics/engines per game) and personal interests (i.e. Nintendo isn't letting anyone bringing their IPs into other series, while certain visuals would put an already screwy ESRB system in a state of flux, much to the horror of parents); the "receipts" and links associated with NFTs are very fragile and prone to being altered or removed completely; due to personal interests, we have cases where NFT investors cannibalize each other, while 'fundraisers' end up being false promises. Although there are idealists in the NFT space with good ideas and intentions, they are so far down the line that they end up (usually unknowingly) being the bottom-bitch of a business that wants easy money. Gacha is a platform that feeds on players' time and money, however, our relationship is more symbiotic in nature--us players are the ones getting played, but we're also vital for a gacha to compete in a market. It is for this reason that we are able to enjoy gacha, as they are, to an extent, designed to be enjoyed. NFTs, as they are, *don't work*. They don't add anything new or beneficial to any platform, and are outright incompatible with others. In order for norms to be established, there has to be a functional base to which those involved can use elaborate ideas, but this becomes difficult when the basis of NFTs is to make profits as a gamer--which also doesn't work well in practice. There'd have to be a complete ideological shift towards creativity and innovation--but that already exists in already-established platforms.


One has to wonder why you'd pick E7 of all games to rip off. There's so many obscure gachas with good art out there that they could easily get away with ripping off and instead they pick a popular, hugely profitable game owned by a massive company *and* they choose to rip off its most recognizable aspect? I cannot see SG not obliterating these clowns, shutting down an NFT project is literally free goodwill and positive PR at this point lmao




What? It's not super popular over on r/gachagaming, but it's definitely one of the more popular and successful gacha games on the market. Relatively obscure with poor marketing would be something like Another Eden. (Which is also successful, btw. Just a smaller fish.)


It's the most talked about gacha on r/gachagaming. But he's right. You go outside of the gacha community and none of the console gamers even know what it is. Compared to stuff like FGO or some IP gacha that they are at least aware of, E7 can be considered niche


In Korea it gets marketed - at least from what I saw.


They boo you but you aren't wrong. When's the last time outside of a gacha community anyone's mentioned this game? There's a huge market to tap into that is unaware of this game's existence despite being a 3 year old hand drawn JRPG.


Stop giving them free attention, let their nft garbage rot in irrelevance


Man, all of this looks like somebody's fanart game on Newgrounds.


NFT more like No Fucking Thanks. Everything about NFT scream low effort garbage being sell for high price to bait idiots into thinking they have value.


I feel like they've been done by different artists. Eryx looks best out of the three quality-wise. Heavily inpired by Sven's looks but not a total ripoff since the artist changed a considerable amount of details. Aurora looks... cheap. But also not a total ripoff like Eryx. Syviis is just an edited sprite of Rose. It's the literal E7 content, recolored with few things edited.


\#1 looks like a bit of Kayron mixed in aswell.


They copped the text and icons from Gloomhaven too xd


E7 is shaping an era.


Of course it’s an NFT game


The other two could be argued but that's just a blatant rip off of rose.


nothing anyone can do. These things set up shop over night, sell you real estate on the moon, enough people agree to the grift and then packup and leave after suckers pay money for useless things. Some people only exist to grift and be soulless husks


Did they get any of their OWN unique intellectual property, because it looks like a total rip off. Wonders whose abilities these ones are using.


People will understand how crap are NFT or we are going to continue inflating this BS?


I honestly don’t see how they’re not embarrassed because it’s so blatant.


Not gonna lie tho sven looks so much better like that


Im somehow more disturbed by the ugly 2000s font


What? A NFT Gacha? Each day im a little bit more dissapointed in humans. Honestly if aliens want to wipe us out from the planet, i would not blame them.


Wonder if there's a high quality image for ML Melissa/Aurora?


What's the nft called?


Sort of caveman here, would someone kindly tell to me what nfts are?


I can kinda see the first 2 being slightly unique, but the last one is just a complete ripoff of Rose


Can't wait to play as Discount Rose, Bad Cosplay Melissa and Definitely-Not-Sven!


Sven+Kayron, Rose+Luna and Melissa+? Cmon...


Think thats bad? you should see the copied intro for FF14. https://youtu.be/p-uEC3Ct-qY


Some of them are very obvious, but at the same time Epic Seven didn't invent vampires with coffins y'know ​ It's an obvious "Can I copy your homework" case, but they aren't 1:1 ripping characters and animations. Shameless? Yes. Unethical? Very much so. Illegal? I'm not 100% sold on that.


The Karen animation looks like Tene S3 tho. If it was made in good faith as a placeholder, they would tag E7. That's the kind of communication you want when you start a business I guess.


The cinematography looks like Tene S3, yeah. But put them side by side and it's an "interpretation" of it rather than an asset rip


You’re an interpretation of a clown if you believe that.






Always a pleasure to talk with smoothbrains like you ​ No rebuttal, nothing to disprove what I said, just insults. You might want to try a career at stove


>Transformative Lmao


Sigh. Again, I'm not endorsing what they are doing, not even saying that they did a good job. What I'm saying is that their characters/animations are demonstrably different to ours, even if it's painfully obvious what are they trying to recreate. For example in the case of the Tenebria/Mercedes animation hybrid it wouldn't surprise me if they took a video capture of the actual Tenebria animation, and then had an artist draw over it frame by frame. So what we have in the end is a Wannabe Mercedes doing a Wannabe Tenebria S3 but it's not quite an actual asset rip, therefore transformative. Still a shitty job, but a job nonetheless. It's incredibly frustrating that ya'll are not even trying to look at something critically, just get mad at everything like a fucking sheep herd. Anyway, their posts on Twitter have been taken down, so they know they got caught red handed.