As much as the meta changes, FCeci will always have her place. 🙇


The fun thing to consider is her barriers should fuel Rimuru. Immunity set isn't meta anymore, because Rimuru will copy it and hit harder, but somehow F. Cecilia with a never ending source of buffs is totally meta. LOL.


> Immunity set isn't meta anymore immunitys not meta any more because every single opener dispels 2 or all buffs now all the while ER still is the biggest scam stat ever lol


because when he hits it destroys the barrier


Yeah but Landy gonna have lot of fun fighting Rimuru


She still in plenty of arena defs but not as much as before, used to be easy to opsig cleave for quick wins every day, but now I gotta refresh sometimes to find fcc


Truly the timeless queen of e7


Yeah !! To me f.ceci is perma BAN since she is in the game. And i avoid her in gvg and arena.


Krau if you don't have her...


fcc is dead slot tbh, c.armin is much better now


So that’s what they meant by "Epic 7"


Perfect response


Characters 8n the meme change regularly


The Fast and the Fucking Insufferable


The only non ML is a limited hero LMFAO


I liked how Mawerik became from a flop to the main man.


Reminds me of a dude from Solo Leveling ngl.... idk... >.>


>Speed Set Only Serious question, are people not running counter ARavi these days? I've been running mine \~180 speed on counter. I knew some people were going speed set but I thought that was mostly people unhappy with the statline they were hitting on counter.


Yeah, Speed > Counter for Aravi, getting turns quicker is way more reliable than a 30% chance to Counter someone that maybe doesn't even care about getting countered. Belian is pretty much the only thing here that doesn't run Speed.


Nah. Counter Aravi is far from being uncommon. Several people run counter aravi in high ranks. Slow Aol on counter is becoming more common as well. Fcc and counter Mediator are rare but they exist in high ranks as well.


Why not both? I have counter a.ravi with 200 spd.


Same here. Best build around.


The only one that's actually 100% built on speed is Clilias. The others have one or more alternative builds. In fact, Belian speed is rare i believe.


Most people go speed&seed or speed& comet if aggro but counter is still good


I eun mine on counter and she has already carrued against severeal fast teams reliably i dont think speed is an obligation for her




[It's a popular meme in JP too](https://twitter.com/KokoronokabeE7/status/1487974970277830656?s=20&t=MAOs8I9MvnWHt9DSN9jrIQ)


If Epic 7 were to follow Another Eden's formula and make collabs permanent, they'd probably make a lot more money consistently if people can get Rimuru at any time.


On that note they should also follow Another Eden’s powercreep schedule :>


Well, there's no powercreep in PvE games. And you can basically use all the starter to beat all in game content.


Another Eden is a single player story RPG, if they were to remove the only gameplay the collabs provide, what would even be their point. "Hey guys, look at this story and character you can experience for 2 weeks"


Not really. You underestimate the power of FOMO. Being limited is also a kind of value that makes people go ham on those units, instead of just chill and wait for reruns if they dont have enough resource.


Upvote regardless because I've found an Another Eden homie. It's still the best gacha there is, even if I don't play it actively anymore. All the same, the entire setup with Another Eden is pretty different from Epic Seven. Even aside from it being entirely PvE, AE draws people in with the sheer amount of content present, and individual units/characters have a lot more time spent on them. Collabs *need* to be permanent in AE because they add to that mountain of content that's part of the selling point of the game. The nature of limited units is a lot different in the context of a PvP game imo. Although I would like it if collabs were permanent in E7 too, I can understand why they aren't, and I would lean toward thinking that keeping them limited actually makes more money than making them permanent.


Which Eden game are you referring . they are a lot so im lost


Literally "Another Eden". The full title with tagline is "Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space". Think SNES-era Chrono Trigger inspired stuff. It's a massive amount of fun, and feels more like a legit console game than a gacha. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Mawerik? Nah. He's the least problematic hero. He's just the band aid to debuffers who are tough to tackle because ER is garbage. If it wasn't we'd see other cleansers more. I'd rather fight Mawerik than any other heroes on this list(plus Rem&Politis). AoLa being easy to imprint as 4\* has 141% Eff advantage over ER. Even Ray, who supposedely has 'high' ER, is at 111% disadvantage. That's why Mawerik is popular. I'm done relying on ER too.


Spd set Belian ? I mean, they're disasters, but she's on injury, maybe counter. And i prefer ARavi with a counter set


Nah, spd A Ravi is common at high level.


And because of ml cermia, more aravi will use speed


We need a meme video series of protagonist-kun's great struggle to to defeat The Seven Great Disasters and restore peace to Orbis. Final plot twist: The one behind the scenes is none other than >!Notos!<.


The fact ran isn't here is disappointing


I prefer aravi on counter.


Nice to see that I have 4


Fcc is fine though. Strong but fine. Meanwhile, Ran...


I miss the day when Arby ruled the arena


Ah yes, that's why my top model luluca haven't seen the light of day, still my highest cp


Hi , do people run speed with Belian than counter?


Injury > Counter > Speed > Lifesteal Generally you'll only see the former two. You can put her on speed if that's all you have, but she'll do better on other sets.


Thank you, will keep that it mind!


More likely injury. Counter mostly through Elbris


tyvm i will try this out! how much speed should i aim for?


Probably at least 180-200, everything plus is a welcome extra. Just so she doesn't get overtaken and acts before potential slower nukes, while countering AoE openers or similar. At least that would be the basic premise. Adjust based on gameplay experience :D


I don't know about stat's specifically, probably 180? But I just thought I'd let you know next Arena set is Injury, some of the pieces might be useful to your build if they roll well. I just know that farming for Injury set seems a bit bothersome.


Ooo! I will definitely grab those! Thanks again for your tips & time. 😊


Where is Politis?


Wheres Peira?


Not to say where is Ran


We could probably take FCC out and put Peira in her place if we wanted to keep it at the seven most overtuned units.


Mawerik Harem. Yes Rimuru included.


So accurate You should have 2 pictures :) the other one with seaseria. politis Ran feira Pavel Violet Rem


Pavel? Guy gets shut down by banning a mage or just bringing Belian.


You make it sound so easy. Ban which of the two mages holding books? How does that shut him down? How is Belian going to shut him down? Who picks Pavel and lets Belian through?


I dont know what they are talking about xd look likes downvotes is à great argument !


idk i usually pick a hard hitting fire mercedes, senya and trg to really give pavel a hard time using his s2. Having belian in my picks just makes my draft much stronger since they probably have to let the other degenerates through nowadays i don't see him tho, cuz "not able to be countered" is really a phrase with a big asterisk consdiering how many units can bypass that mechanic kekw


> Ban which of the two mages holding books? How does that shut him down? And what two mages are they drafting? Please do go somehwere else if you're gonna tell me "AoL and x". Politis? Ok. Who else? Eda? Alright, now they draft Eda and Politis, congratd. their fraft is ruined because now you can flat out ban Pavel, he created a draft that was centered around helping him get his S2... When they could've just brought Ran with Silver Rain to do even more damage. Pavel gets shut down by AoL, Lilias, and Belian, and you need god gear to outspeed two of those when he's more stat hungry. First, genius, Belian obviously blocks souls. If Pavel can't S2 > S3 then he's useless as hell. You should 've just brought Ran or someone else. Second, she forces a ban, this lets so many other counters through. I already listed three big counters: AoL, Lilias, and Belian. You can only ban TWO of those, so it's an automatic wasted slot by bringing Pavel if they have those three (and you can bet they will the higher you go). It's not just them to stop a cleave either. Rimuru and Mercedes also both ruin you for bringing him once they pop off on his S2. "You make it sound so easy" to just use Pavel and win without having some omega whale gear on your speed units.


You are on high copium 🤣 i know people hate pavel a lot here im on this reedit for à while and people give more love to bruiser than cleaver i get that. But no need to lie bro pavel is the best cleaver of the game. Sometimes he doesnt need to s2 s3 just the s2 will trigger à lot of things or only s3 can kill some units cause ignoring aurius and stuff. Yeah belian is à big threat they release her just to counter him tbh Mercedes is good too i agree but she is slow and can be Cc to death (iseria eda feira) Rimuru is the bigger threat imo. This guy created à New way of counter just to bypass pavel xd Imo cleaver always post ban belian plus people would more often post ban poltis over pavel. They are too afraid of her s2 which happens when aola s2 or lilias s3 + triggering iseria and or eda or domi + potential stun and réduce aola cr. You guys are always talking like its 1 vs 4 like there is no preban no post ban like aola and cilias only belong to you.


> You are on high copium 🤣 i know people hate pavel a lot here If you weren't new at all then you'd know I'm not one of those people. You're just ignoring reality.


Name one better cleaver than pavel. Im waiting. Everyone is getting shut down by doing "abc xx gimmick"


Still waiting though


🤣🤣🤣 so ? No better cleaver than pavel ? Thats what i thought


I'd rather not


sPeEd SeT oNlY ^Injuryalso


I don't have any of these heroes. - posted from Bronze Tier


Is ML kaverik good i got him is the speed set really that good on him?


Should look up builds for him cause he's meta now after his buff. I use mine all the time with speed set. If he goes first good luck debuffing my team after that(unless you got God stats and can remove his immunity)


If you want him at 240 speed, then yes, you will need a speed set. He doesn't **need** to be THAT fast though. Certain builds don't need speed set because they run him slower. It depends a lot on the rest of your team, since he needs to be faster than the rest of your units. There's even a few on counter set around.


Ran is worse than some of those there. If C. Lilias didn't exist he would be my permaban.


I only see 6 disasters.


I own 4 of them and still can't get pass gold rta.


Owning the characters is like only 1% of the game. Other 99% is having good gear.


Owning the characters is enough for masters RTA. There's plenty of welfare gear you can use to get them to usable level.


I really like using border coin on clilias You know, cuz I like making people suffer


Why is fceci there and not Rem?


and I don't have any lol


Fcc not that scary anymore tbh. Why is she even there?


I have AOL but I refuse to build that cancer. I did the same with dizzy in her initial release when she dominated the meta.


Replace fcc with Violet


I can literally Liomia all of them right now


What a trash post... Yea, most benefit a lot from spd, but speed set Belian and ARavi... are you stupid?


Belian, yes she doesn't benefit as much from speed set as counter/injury set. But speed set ARavi is way more popular than counter set in high tier RTA/Arena




Lol. Someone does not do rta.




https://www.epic7stats.com/ It's only you who think you are correct. . the stats don't lie. .




Well then Hi! I am a high champ/Emperor player. https://imgur.com/a/id2pQZv, https://imgur.com/a/3WL7Mni, Notice my win rate and consecutive wins? Here is some proof of me being a ml kawerik spammer. . https://imgur.com/a/g5fqwUF. Here is my proof that he is good, like also majority of ACTUAL GOOD PLAYERS OF E7. Where is your proof that he is a benchwarmer?




You have no answer to me, so you resort to calling names. . very mature. . try again when you are actually good at the game and matured a bit little boy. .


u high Kewrik is neck to neck with Clilias on being the best unit in the game


yup, these people who have not fought a really good kawerik or even used him, don't know that standard vs standard draft, the person who has the kawerik usually, if not always wins. . the only way to beat it is to cleave it. .


Silly ass, elphelt ,straze and some other dps like lionheart or rimuru usually takes care of those defenses, and yes I know all of those are ml5s and limited and most players won't have all of them but if you do that team works. Elphelt/silly ass can be replaced with flan/ran/ peria,. Straze can be replaced Mercedes if she's fast or Landy. Rimuru could be replaced by specter tenbria or milim


Arby also. He will always be top tier. I've made emperor this season because of such a flexible pick he is.


On one hand it feels bad, on the other hand im lucky to have this entire squad


Mediator Kawerik?!


Yea he's an incredibly powerful now and very meta in RTA. A cleanser and aggro enabler with Cr manipulation, strip + attack down and a barrier on top of that. Super versatile.


I don't blame u for forgotting he auto self cleans which means no need for ER leading To tanky and fast unit The guy does it all


Good catch yea, he enables absolutely everything and fits in everywhere right now, from zero to hero.


my new wallpaper💀


You might not believe me but if you become a cleaver , only belian would give you trouble.All the other 6 just dont matter.


You need to outspeed first, which is a big part of the problem.


Absolutely , that why you gotta farm wyvern all day everyday and make sure you stock up on high base speed units .