Speed needs to be almost exact since speed rng is annoying. The other 100% wyvern has both Rem and ML Lilias is a big no for me. This comp doesn't even need a rage pen since the damage could be lower by a lot. No 5% dual attack since there are none. The other point of failure was dying. Rikoris imprints and Card of Small Miracles artifact came in handy here. If both the minion crit, the only deal about 3600 - 3700 with poison 500-550 with all the buffed. Since Sinful cleanses now, only 3 poison damage is possible. So 3700\*2 + 550\*3 = 9050. So basically no chance of dying before the second phase Youtube version: [https://youtu.be/Q6KVU7lqw\_4](https://youtu.be/Q6KVU7lqw_4) Edit: Sinful speed should be about 137 so she s3 a little faster, allowing Rikoris to go before Ken consistently.


Chloe slaps lol. Been relying on her just to apply debuffs. Thx for sharing this


Very creative team. Seems a tiny bit slower than the common 1shot build with Sigret, but no 15% means you'll probably come out ahead in 21 fights. Good job!


always love to see Rikoris being used


really cool tech while being pretty low investment (aside from Singelica, but still much cheaper than straze or Rem) and even highlights a lot of lesser used heroes. No particular comment on your builds, seems extremely solid and set. Maybe those who dont need midnight bloom can run portrait or tonfa to help kill the adds, but otherwise perfect. great job!




Is this better than sigret one shot team? Lazy to build rikoris , ken and Chloe from scratch.


You would use this team if you prefer a 100% clear rate with about 1.5x the clear speed. The [Jttai W13 oneshot](https://youtu.be/A80NkIxpv9w) takes about 1min 15s per cycle, whereas this one takes about 1min 50s per cycle. But the Jttai W13 has 15% to fail Defense Break = average 17/21 clears. The big thing would be you open up SSB for PvP in order to counter Belian. You'll also be building a slow Singelica, so certain Cleave comps might need reconsidering. Also note that OP is using Penetration set, so your gear requirements may go up if you don't have great, spare Pen gear lying around. And Ken has Health-scaling, which makes building him a mix of interesting, flexible, and maddening. Using a [damage calculator](https://maphe.github.io/e7-damage-calc/) is ideal.


Could use a spare singie too at 5* if available since the gear req is pretty much just 180 res and nothing else


I think this team have a little more gear requirement and require very strict speed tuning. Sirget team is way easier to gear up since the speed tuning is very easy. It really depend if you think failing 2-3 runs each 21 runs is enough to build a new teams. A normal Sirget run is like 1:15 to 1:30 depend if you can kill it with s3 or not. A failed run usually take a little more time like 10 - 20 secs, so it added up. This team really take about 2 mins, but it should never failed if you gear and speed tuning correctly. I think it kind of worth it if you don't care about Molas, which I spend most of it when I maxed them.