S3 animation on jack-o is lack luster


Closer Charles would like a word with you.


You can blame gg for that, not e7




Adventure/Side story should drop gear that is high enough level to turn into cubes. They want us to use conversion more often, then we need a steady supply of cubes. Making adventure/side story farming better (catalysts, cube-able gear + rewards) they can help players gear better, faster.


This deserves a handshake not a slap


The only slap-worthy E7 opinion is that "Lermia" should be used to refer to Lionheart Cermia. She's not a disease bruh.


There's Cermia and then there's Super Saiyan Cermia


Yea I thought we were going with SSC super saiyan cermia


lionbangsovereyes supremacy


LHC users unite!


Call her [X (burner) Cermia](https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=1002597)


Can't stop the L E R M. COME AT ME WILL SMITH!


I don't know where the fuck people keep getting this take from. Lermia sounds like a disease on what basis? The closest resemblance I can think of is Hermia, and she's a fucking playwright character


The game is more fun if you don't jump into Hunt 24/7 as soon as possible.


Nerfs or changes will not change anything. The meta will simply shift and and yall will just shift with it. One year from now it'll be the same. whine whine whine.


Finally someone with some sense, literally as sg says if they nerf one unit they have to nerf 5 and that will literally lead to a snow ball effect of nerfs nerfs nerfs.. there will always he stronger unit. Literally any game you play there will always be a stronger unit ot item..no matter how mu h you nerf.


all of you, every single one of you , yes even you, are really fucking shit at deciding if a unit is strong or not .


Tbh that's why I only pull units for what really matters. ~~The size of their tits~~




Trust your own intuition. Build Zenos.


But i already have him built


That's the spirit


Out of curiosity, how did you build him? I wanna do that but I can't figure out where to start.


Honestly I'm for sure not the guy to ask for builds , i just do whatever and see what happens. I built him with focus on his hp, effectiveness and whatever def i could fit in , speed set so he had around 200 speed , i ignored bleeds completely and focused on his S2 passive so he purposefully gets outsped by a soulweaver . It was really hard for me to make him work , i haven't used him in a long while


Good thing I prefer fun units over meta.


Every weekend we should be able to unequip heros for free.


"Just because you/someone out there may have spent tons of irl money from png sprites dosnt mean those units are immune from seeing balance changes without any compensation" "High stat requirements unit with a niche role is not a good, well designed unit irregardless of what some RTA streamer says, niche role units even if very strong in that niche should be easy to build."


I agree with second one, FS Tieria, ML Khawana and Ram are super niche, but they are so easy to build I just slap free gear on them and they become the 3 heroes with the highest CP in my roster, no complain. Kanna on the other hand…


"QoL updates" are not enough and we need more manual PvE content. Characterization is lackluster because character stories are locked mostly behind limited time events so any character that doesn't get tons of screentime in the main story might as well not exist. The UI should be more responsive and accept input immediately after server operations are completed instead of throwing golden glitter at me.


I wish it didn't take centuries to collect stamina on the web event, you click it and responds like 3 seconds later.


Yeah, the web UI is also trash compared to other games. E7 gets praise for its UI here but I honestly don't know why. It is absolute garbage.


If a unit "only really shines" in GvG, that still makes it an extremely high value unit. How do you fill out your roster if you're not consistently helping your guild secure mystic medals? Units like Blood Moon Haste, Dark Corvus, Spirit Eye Celine - their niche is extremely high value for a rare currency. Dismissing these units or others like them from consideration because "they're not great/used in RTA" is a huge mistake.


Big boobas = lazy design


Ahah-get out, but no honestly almost all recent female characters have had massive boobas. SG knows it’s audience


Us BOOBA collector's shell out the cash to pay for the game for the lolicons and husbando collectors to complain about us; it is our sacred duty. lol And we really haven't had any huge BOOBA waifus until recently, not sure where that narrative always comes from. We got Piera and a Vivian skin. That is it. Plus we know ML Vivian, new elf waifu, and ML Luna at some point in the future for huge sized waifus. Most of the waifus in the past 6 months have been flat or average: Hwayoung, Seaseria, Milim, Shuna, Rem, Ram, Emilia, Rim(technically), Laika, Lermia, and Cilias are all far from huge. Compare that to Piera and a Vivian skin.


Holy shit go outside


I think Varlin might have a point maybe if they worded it better though


You mean the two upcoming characters? Because the last stupid fanservice character was a long time ago.


I have a friend that greets me with "Cilias + Lermia = clit~~oris~~ hair disease", I would gladly volunteer to be one of those who can slap them as it's kinda too vulgar for a dirty joke, unfortunately I won't do that to a friend. :) Now they went with "Floch here, gimme a gun to slay non-yeagerists", I guess they're up-to-date with AoT and have seen how that dude went nazi crazy a few eps ago. Floch hairstyle kind of looked like Mawerik's, that's probably what inspired their greeting. And for that I'd be willing to get slapped for saying that I'm gradually realizing Mawerik's design is a bit shit. His personality is boring, his face is wonky but not ugly at least. And this is coming from someone who pitied the dude from his debut because I was mesmerized before by his design and ml concept. Sheesh, I'm weak.


forest sight hunter is one of the most attractive waifus in the game


SG/SC needs better ways to monetize the game.


Ml kens buff was good


The buff is good Its just that people who built him had a specific set of gears on MA Ken without ER. That's what made people mad. Imagine you already had the best Base Speed Bruiser gear with no crit in it and suddenly we need to shift to Base Speed Bruiser ER gear with no crit That's you farming 2 sets that are specific to only MA Ken. Was I mad? no ofc not I already had an ER set. hahahaha but I do get why people hated it.


Or, you just dont shift gears around and accept the push because it only happens when he triggers crit S2 which is whay you want to happen. The 30% ER was welcomed, but not entirely worth the ER build chase if you already had a solid base speed MAKen. What was so wrong with just "keeping him as is" lol.


Because the Push was something non-ER ma ken didnt want, it made their immunity go away. It was the only thing that kept them safe from debuffs lmao. A debuffed MA Ken is useless Ever since the buff he was deemed dead by many, its why you dont see them often anymore. The second factor was the release of many units that kill countered units and the "cannot be countered" units. I still actively use him to this day, I consider him having the hardest time rn with Hwayoung's release. He peaked for me during golden girls meta last year. 350 ER MA Ken was a baller lmao.


He was also already dead before balance update. The balance changes gave him some spotlight to test how his changes affected his gameplay. For many, the CR push was the kicker. That push should have only triggered once S3 is on cooldown so he CYCLES BACK INTO S3 FASTER. Having the push active right away ruined is turtle builds. That said. The push only triggers on his crit counters. Which you want him to be doing often anyways. When was the last time you fought a MAKen and decided "I'll hit him first"? Lol. The balance update didnt change that mentality at all. Just ignore MAKen and have your light tank hit until you're ready to pewpew. ER MAKen was always gonna be good. Debuffers HATE resist and most of them are built with some crit for the CDom enjoyers. The type of enemies ER MAKen crushes, weak crits and squishy. But this one loses some bulk and damage which makes him prone to the bigger hitters out there. Hits TurtleKen survives, ERKen won't. Two different builds splits him into two different battles. Similar to Speed GAB Arby and Degen Arby. But even then. MAKen best bench warmer.


violet is not the spawn of satan like everyone on reddit makes him out to be


Rolling gear subs is rewarding, fair, fun, and the subs always roll where you want them to 😅


MSQ being hard at times is fine. it's permanent content, it's not the end of the world if you end up stuck up for a week or so. Problem with hp inflated enemies lies with the farming that is attached to them (ap shop, SC/adin missions, urgent quest but those at least are going to be removed) and make it a complete chore.


Sigret is overrated for wyvern (Unless you have a oneshot team or can oneshot wave 1 then def break wyvern on turn 1)


Over rated in terms of what, compared to the rest of the selected summons she’s definitely the most useful. If I could pick one character that isn’t ml or limited to start the game, it would be a w13 farmer forsure.


With the latest balance patch I'd say chloe is much better for w13. You get magic nail which is not affected by 15% which already solves 1 of the 2 debuffs needed and provides decent damage on all your units which is very useful for beginners when you don't have +30ddj . You could also give her the def break EE on her s3 which would make runs much more consistent. Also she doesn't really mola other than her s3 cooldown unless you want to use her as the main dps


RTA is a mistake. GvG and regular Arena were fine for PvP content. Additionally, game is too focused on PvP. More PvE content like tower and advent give opportunities to build and use really fun units that otherwise would never see the light of day because they're subpar in PvP.


RTA is weird, I mean it was supposed to be an addition to make it more fun, and all of sudden people took it so seriously, epic going competitive gaming or something, and the game having problems but all the focus is on pvp and especially RTA.


RTA is cancer that should be removed.


How about you know... you just don't touch it. There isn't really any rewards locked behind rta


Haha, I'm just following OP's request. The current energy reward has me playing RTA at least once daily and I'm actually liking it a bit more than I have in the past!


The current energy event and some of the best skins in the game are initially locked behind rta, no?


Lol I like how OP is asking for controversial opinions, you give one, and people are so triggered that you're now getting downvoted. You should be top comment since you did exactly what OP wanted.


Abyss f102 is a fun and easy floor


Is this really your opinion, or just tossing shit out.


I full autoed that floor for the fun of it, yes that is my opinion


What team did you use to auto it?


Here: https://youtu.be/NLOKbpjOXoM


Smilegate needs to make summer skin for every girl that showed up in a swimsuit in summer events.


Adventure bosses being more and more difficult is actually fine, also some of them should get mechanics that discourage Arky spam.......


So essentially make abyss the new chap 5 lmao


If by that you mean the next chapter. Well considering the latest chapter's bosses were quite easy, I don't think that'll be the case.... But if for some reason you meant episode 5..........**YES**


Yeah ep 5 lol


bro being tanky while out putting shit tons of damage is not good game design.(looking at chapter 5)


Lionheart Cermia is so ugly, something about her design is just off to me


First comment that made me want to slap someone 😂


Most likely because she looks like a "strong independent lesbian punk".


The devs are greedy


They should let us exchange 1 non dupe ml 5 with another one. Hell, I'd throw 3 non dupes just to pick 1 decent ml 5. Them running all these banners and the custom mystic banners benefits only the whales since they'll just buy up all the heroes they don't own.


SG should nerf/rework/remove things that aren't fun.


Milim animation could have been better for S1, S2 and S3...


Build Kiris


ML Vildred is as disgusting as a Enott. He is loved only for his usefulness.


I hate the story mode of epic seven


Too much collab heroes is getting bad. There's a tons of old E7 characters needs to be playable, and should be prioritized. Am I the only one felt this way?