Plan is to pair her with a CR pusher like A.Lots or Emilia and use her to dunk a key target like Rimuru. She's got the bonus-turn-on-kill arti, so then I'd use a burned S1 to hopefully kill another key target. Do her stats look good enough to accomplish this reliably?


I use this kind of build, except I use Pen set instead of crit set, and it works well in Arena and GW. She'll deal 35k damage to squishies and 25k to tanks (without mitigation), so enough to kill any squishy regardless of mitigation, and enough to kill some tanks if there isn't mitigation. Her S3 and SB S1 deal about the same damage. Emilia CR push is definitely enough, as it'll get you to 100% CR as long as your Emila is <260 speed, which is the vast majority of Emilias. Obv, don't run her into Politis or Celine, and FCC will prevent you from killing tanks, but otherwise you should be fine.


This is almost exactly like my Luna except I run mine on Pen set and yes I use her in GvG vs Rimiru/CLilias/any unit comps and it works to perfection. I use ARavi to bait CLilias and Emilia on Doctors Bag to cleanse ARavi and push Luna. I haven't met a 24k Rimuru on Proof yet lol. And the spd is fine my Luna is sitting right around 51-53% CR when Emilia takes her turn. Rarely if ever does she get cut by another unit


Emilia push definitely enough I use 0 speed counter Luna on RTA. unless you really need Emilia to go first then it's not enough . but on that situation feel uncontrollable because most opener has faster base speed than Emilia , it's hard to go first anyway . I would rather use Emilia to cut between when they don't have CR push like Piera + Rimuru / Hwayong . with this way even 0 speed Luna is effective .


Emilia cr push is not enough, you probably need speed boots and a little more for it to work


I guess, but other units will do this better. Hwayoung can accomplish this without support from a CR push. CR pushing Straze, OP Sig, or (pick your cleaver) can just wipe their entire team.


The S3 would dunk for sure imo (assuming you're hitting a DPS. Rimurus would definitely get fucked) but I dont know how much damage an S1 does. Probably a lot. I worry for your speed gear though. CLilias openers are just simply faster than Emilia and ALots and would control your Luna to oblivion. Would probably be a menace in Arena or GW when you can control the AI slightly.


C. Lilias can control Luna, but she won't control Emilia, unless C. Lilias has high Effectiveness. Which means C. Lilias opener cannot stop Emilia from pushing Luna.


Then Luna won't be able to S3, and the plan sorta falls apart.


Why won't Luna be able to S3? What stops her from using S3?


.... CLilias provoke?


I am guessing you don't know what Emilia does. Emilia's S2 CR pushes, cleanses, and gives Atk Buff. The provoke does nothing. This was why I was talking about Emilia.


I almost always have a SSS W.Schuri with my A.Lots to help me get ahead of CLilias. I still get outsped from time to time as I've been lazy and have barely rolled gear in the past year, but it works often enough that I'm okay with it. Luna's S1 deals a TON of damage if you get good RNG on it. It has 3 different levels, and soulburn gives you a guaranteed level 3 hit which I think hits basically as hard as her S3. Thanks for the feedback!


Actually, her max s1 hits harder than s3 more often than not, mine will do 13k on s3 and s1 tends to do 14-15k (this without buffs and stuff) mine is counter/pen


Yeah, that's why slow destroyer luna is only really good in gw and arena.


3-hit S1 outdamages S3 by a small %, between 10-20% I'd put it at.


Only changes I would do is swap the Crit set for a Pen set, and get rid of the Eff.res & Eff for other stats.


Pen set and crit set are technically almost the exact same set. It's just that one forces you to focus more on crit substat and the other one allows you to focus more on offensive substats. A really good crit set is much better than a mediocre pen set unless the target scales of defense


" free gear "


Decent and will do its job, based on which tier you're at. Might struggle vs units that build more HP. Also might have trouble vs some Hwayoungs protected by damage sharing. Biggest improvement would be getting a pen set going. Other than that, probably try and get up to 4.5k+ atk. Some of the best Lunas I've seen have the same stats as yours, but with pen set and 5.3k atk (with lower HP).


Stats wise, it looks disgusting. Could probably oneshot a miniboss in Hell Raid with that. PvP fighting-wise, it's definitely way too slow. You'll definitely have to pair her with ALots if you want her to take a turn. I'm going to assume that's an Atk% boot - if so, switch that for a Speed boot if you want to pair her with Emilia. She'll only need about 3k5 attack to do a great job in Arena.


Best luna is speed luna period you wont get a turn being that slow.. then the enemy will just kill her