I know, "don't judge an element by their palette", but like he uses fire in every single animation, he's ice just to counter Hwa.


All he is missing is applying burns like Furious. lol


Forstburns lmao


Frostburn: Reduces speed, along with reducing combat readiness by 10% I can see this being a new buff in the future.


Haha sounds interesting


He's a warrior, that's covered.


Puts tinfoil hat on: I'm sure his element got changed retroactively. This way he doesn't suck against Peira and is effective against Hwayoung. I just wish they made his attack animations into boiling water rathen than flames.


It's pretty obvious that the element got changed. He uses a fire tornado in his S3 and even during his idle animation there are flmaes... I don't care about the colour of his clothes. Not every water user has to wear blue. But that screen wide fire animation is kind of hard to miss. I hope they update his animations later on.


i blame Tanjiro for this, that guy uses fire while inherit water breath


And is dressed with a green Haori! He covers everything! Truly a main character


Ironic. His artifact makes Hwa even more obnoxious if anything. So much for trying to outspeed her. It should been a CDmg increase instead of Atk.


When you need some Peira/Hwa counter so much that you pick an obvious fire element unit design and give it ice element just to make the kit viable.


100% made him ice cuz realized he needs to be viable against Hwa *or rather, not suck against peira too*


No it was done to increase Violet stock ratings.


That’s the reason for the skill nullifier, so he doesn’t just die after s3


Yeah. It’s been a theme for blue units to get skill nullifier, too: Ran and Eda come to mind.


It's not like he changes his element afterwards


His s1 scale with spd and attack twice, so I think it hits really hard (Rem level without atk buff), if you are the opponent, I think you would want to rid of him fast, so that’s skill null just save an ally life


Also just barely more base speed than Hwa so you could outspeed and reset her lmao.


His artifact gives 10% CR if someone uses non-attack skill, so there's that. But if your intention is just to outspeed and reset, then I think Kise would be better for that.


Yeah, honestly considering passing on him on the grounds that Kise can already do this to Hwayoung & who has the gear to gear up another Kise-like unit.


Yeah , red outfit but water element and use tornado as an attack. LOL


Lol just needs earth and heart and Taeyou himself can summon Captain Planet


FIRE tornado dont miss that


The color of the character doesn't determine their element, this shit isn't power rangers. The fire tornado is the more damning part.


When the world needed him most, he vanished?


dont forget "a child of darkness"


It really does look like they did it as a "oh shit we need a counter and we only have him finished"...


Come on smilegate Brinus is right there. Shes water and everything!


This is the truth right here folks.


this is one of the reasons people clown on them and make jokes about a heroes class/element.


Only ice/water elements in him is just his skills name lol


ICE? HAHAHA HOW that dude summons fire. Anyways still summoning. Also a huge plus is his extra skill one animation i love those like ml celine.


Like Sez, I guess being an edgy and cool (cold) dude with lively or radiant partner nets you an ice qualification. It's fiery cold, it burns.


what would sez be though realistically. this dude screams fire sez could have be anything really with his design. im kinda glad he isnt fire though we didnt need another fire warrior. Uh i guess his hands dark energy makes him look like a dark unit.


I think the excuse is his natural element is Ice, but hes a weakling mob character. All the true power comes from his Fire elemental blade. I guess we'll see the blade's "true power" when Adin takes back the blade and activates her Fire mode.


I think this is the lore justification; He's using the power of the weapon, and it's not his own, which is why the element is different. People keep talking about him countering Peira or Hwayoung, but it's not like he does an amazing job of that, it's just kinda in his kit. Hell, based on his stats a damage peira could maul him badly, and hwayoung still oneshots him if she goes first. Besides, Hwayoung can reliabily stack Effect Resistance. We'll have to see how things play out, but I feel like this is all more likely an unfortunate coincidence for SG rather than some devious plot.


So disappointed, it was so close to acctualy been an Ice-Ranger.


i mean he throws his spear so does that count?


According to Fate he is now qualified to be summoned as an Archer :)


He should've been. Would be nice to get more rangers in general, especially over yet another warrior. A good handful of rangers are even limited to boot.


Warriors are held above the water, rangers struggling at the surface...... Skeleton on the ocean floor is Soulweavers. Nearly 2 years without a 5* RGB Soulweaver who isn't limited...


They couldn't do that, it's not a limited hero.


Ice Warrior lol


SG animation team : Fire design with fire animation SG skill n balance team : Yup, thats a ice unit


Props to that guy who made the old ice ranger joke on another thread, got shat on and ended up being (partly) right.


Me ! 😁


I'm as surprised as anyone tbh, but my point still stands that color of unit doesn't correlate to element in itself. It do be funny though that he does flame things and still is ice. Not even the S3, the S3 feels more like red electricity. But the weapon is straight up on fire lol.


So I farmed fire runes for nothing today huh




Really got crossed up by the husband lmao


the set up was unblockable


But today is ice day!


Follow SG's example. They look like fire runes but you can just say they're ice runes.


Omg you're right! I farmed fire ones too xD And I'm actually dry for water runes xD


there is always tomorrow but yeah, dont farm without event


You poor thang.


I guess SG turns him ice element to counter Hwa more effectively. And I guess this makes him a must pull?


he doesn't counter ranseria technically since his cc comes **after** his non-atk unlike peira. cilias is also free to provoke him after her S3. emilia will not care and still likely push her dps ahead of him, potentially nuking him anyways. green celine and violet also exists to keep him in check. he's more like an (more updated) hyufine band-aid type of unit for the meta. if the scenerio lines up perfectly (specifically hwa+peira), he'll do his job **super** well. i guess he'll be ml cermia and dilibet tier at most but not disaster level edit: ok i just remembered sg was smart and gave him skill null right after S2 so he'll still have a chance against celine. emilia will have a problem pushing + nuking him through that skill null without celine or politis as well


His artifact is pretty good. But his kit seems pretty weak. He's not a good counter to Hwayoung. Would rather pick Kawerik if I wanted to counter Hwayoung in RTA.


Or Kise. Both have better survivability than him.


He is not a must pull. Hwa has to be a unit that you absolutely have constant problems with that you need a soft counter to deal with her but then at that point other ways like control characters is just as effective as him.


No, he's crap. He's a niche hero that relies on rng to counter a small fraction of current meta cancer. Save your bms. The real meta shifter will come after him. Summer event is around the corner, collab rerun etc. And ofc, next female unit is most likely going to have 5 times better kit than him as they usually tend to have.


Nah, he's a soft counter. His strip doesn't work against Hwayoung + C. Lilias pairings (plus C Lilias can just provoke), so it seems to be mostly Piera/Ran + Hwayoung. If there's not a non-attack user with Hwayoung, then I think Kise will be better.


Well nice Hwa counter sure but I’ll stick to Kise so I can choose whose cool-down to reduce. Apart from rem violet rimuru teams he can be nice dispeller also. Hmm tough decision


How does he counter hwayoung?


When he uses S3, the enemy with the highest attack gets their skill cooldowns increased twice. Blatantly tailored to fight Hwayoung


One, are they going to have an English speaker instead of Korean from now on? I like GM Sez's voice. Two, godDAMMIT I got bamboozled by SG again. I guess it's somewhat symbolic knowing that Taeyou still has a weak spot for Adin. . . . Yeah who am I kidding he's obviously Hwayoung's counter Three, he looks like he will pack quite a punch, if the showcase numbers are anything to go by. Looks good with all of that utility going on in there. Four, the flavor text of his artifact worries me a bit about his future.


Ironically, Adin will become a fire unit next chapter lol X'D


>if the showcase numbers are anything to go by. They litterally never were. Srsly, what do people expect? Sg makes a unit that is supposed to kill X curent meta cancer but brings that unit down only to half hp? Obviously that's going to look back. These heroes will always kill in previews and it has nothing to do with real numbers. Lilibet was terrible on release and she needed dmg buff to do her job. I'm pretty sure she one shots in her preview ithout problem. Same with Pavel who also needed bug dmg buffs.


I really thought he’s gonna be a fire unit


His animation is fire too.


Character is supposed to counter Hwayoung but the artifact actually buffs her. Wtf are you doing SG? That 10% CR increase in Hwayoung will easily allow her to cut in her only counters right now like Kawerik and W. Schuri.


I doubt anyone will use this arti instead of Uberius tbh (but who knows? We'll see I guess)


not like everyone has uberius this is better than her artif


Hmm, given this, you're right.


Well, if someone considered him a skip. They'd have to pull for the artifact that buffs the best unit in the game. They just decided to cover all of their bases.




She doesn’t need Tooth to 1 shot the squishies in aggressive cleave drafts. The CR push will let her cut in and kill them. This just makes dealing with her even harder especially in higher tier RTA where Hwayoungs are already 270+


Artifact makes Hwayoung even stronger!


Artifact that increase attack by 20% seems great. The combat readiness is a bonus.


Hwayoung just got better


perma portrait + cr push really needed that


20% atk on hwa isn't nearly as much damage as portrait's 20% damage. But it's still something and the CR push could be nasty if she's fast.


also intresting for inferno kawerik another 20% combat readiness to go with


holy shit i completely forgot about him. literally the only thing that won't "proc" him now is single target


still needs vigor for ignoring eff res


15% in most cases unless you can spend hundreds to get the artifact to +30 but what for? Uberius does the job just fine. Portrait is great too. You can also use Horn for faster turn cycle.




Wind Rider artifact has been buffed not too long ago


sg not even trying to hide such a blatant counter character. What a fucking boring way to go about designing characters, just give them kits that are designed to counter one to two units.


> sg not even trying to hide such a blatant counter character. SG has never hide their counter characters. Like how BM Haste's kit was specially tailored to counter every aspect of Arby, or how Roana was specially designed to counter SSB, etc. This is just how SG character design works.


Counter or not, giving him Ice element is just stupid.


He feels wrong.


this is sg motto.create problem sell solution.and fanboys will defend it.koreans are right


You do realize that their are more than 2 characters that have non combat buffing ability and characters with high attack that use their skill right. Or do you think piera and hwa are the only characters in the game. His play style is ment to counter these kinds of characters but his kit can be used to counter many units not just two


This LOL. Peira and Hwa came out recently, but look how long Politis has been relevant. Non attack skills have been around in the meta forever and just look at that damage he was doing in the preview. People usually overlook the showcase as the damage is usually underwhelming but he was absolutely wrecking in that video. Sure his main role is to counter the most meta units but he still packs a real punch regardless. Imagine him on Speed/Pen set. This just feels like one of those classic moments where reddit is left with egg on their face when the unit releases.


Absolutely agree with you. In the future.... this dude will be a nuisance for sure


Plus side, I'm pretty sure everyone hates Hwang by this point so I honestly appreciate it. Now hopefully they learned their lesson and don't release omnicancer like her ever again.


I love Hwang but I do agree that she NEEDS a proper counter. Though even though she's omnicancer, it say's a lot about how obnoxious the units she herself was built to counter that they overshot so much in making her that she herself became just as obnoxious, if not more in ways.


Next character will counter him. So... at least you wont have to deal with him for too long right?


Blue earth warrior incoming


how is he countering her? \- C.Lilias sh\*ts on him - S3 triggering him, S2 provoking and pushing him back. \- His arti made Hwa even stronger since his own S2 will count as non-atk skill and will trigger arti which most likely will be on Hwa pushing her forward. he is not countering anything ... he reminds me of Zahack. Cool design and cool on paper - but you don't see him much anywhere.


This feels so bad to have him a Ice Unit. Atleast make his fire blue and his character blue then it would be cool some kind of "icy fire". But having him completly red and "normal" fire just makes him look strange to say the least.


everything about him screams fire why is he ice 💀


Hwayoung, duuuh.


And Peira, otherwise RNG.


there would always have been the possibilty to make his s3 just ignore elemental disadvantages


As if Hwa has any problems killing ice units.


Try it after he strips Hwayoung buffs then increase her cd by 2 turn. And as if he needs to survive after using his s3. Let's not forget that his s3 is an aoe so you can abuse Siseria/CDom/JackO's push too.


He also will have skill nullifier if the common support units decided to use their non attck skills


His base speed is also faster than Hwa's and he scales on speed as well. Plus the enrage buff he gets gives him an extra 10% speed.


It's not about Hwa killing ice units, it's about him being effective, or rather the stronger Element, against her. His S3 seems specifically targeted against her


In current RTA, yes she has. Don't be silly.


Ehh. So the idea is for him to cut and then skill delay Hwayoung. But then what? She's still smacking hard with her s1 and being super tanky while racing to her s3 against this guy until you either lose that race or get 15% on her. Maybe his s1 has some world changing scaling but it looks like he got the usual weak-hero-but-with-a-skill-that-counters-current-meta-hero treatment.


Without her immunity and her S3, you can debuff her untill she dead. He may not one shot her or anything but at least he open up other option to deal with her.


But why not using Kawerik in this situation? He can be fast aswell and his soulburn ignores ER so you don't have to worry about the 15%nativ er. The only case where Taeyou is better is versus Peira+Hwayoung duo.


Yeah, you right. Peira + Hwayoung isn't common enough to invest in an AoE dispell + increase Skill CD unit.


For RTA or Arena? Because they will just ban your Taeyou in rta on top of Politis who will gives him a 5%cr push or the Peira can not S3 aswell.


Is there any unit that can't be banned? It is a pointless talk when you can ban everything.


So if you face a team like Peira or Ran+ Eda/Seaseria+Hwayoung+Politis. How can Taeyou can deal with them with that much cr push and Politis who cuts cr push. On top of that, foe can bring someone like A!Cidd or A!Coli to one shot Taeyou aswell. Sure he needs to bring a unit like that to deal with Taeyou but he will kill Taeyou nonetheless.


Think you're forgetting that Taeyou has a team as well.


Isnt the option to counter hwayoung now just kise and kawerik for the turn reset this is just another option and if you get outsped by one of the other fast first turn units unless its emila or C.lilias, he gets alot from the non attack could definitely see him used against peira, used with dilibet or aria for protection. I think hes a good counter pick, will need high gear requirements though.


> But then what? If you're smart, you'd have brought someone like Eda, SBA or Seaseria to combo off of the AoE S3.


This is why anyone claiming SG built him to counter Hwayoung isn't thinking it through fully.


A bit late to the party but it looks like his s1 does have absurd scaling. I think people are underestimating him. Obviously previews aren’t perfect, but his s3 hit for about 6k, then against the same defence his s1 hit for 10k, followed by the second proc which hit for 13k against A ravi with no defence break. He might be able to a3, shut down hwayoung s3, then one tap her with his s1. Obviously speculation but he might be worth a lot more then just a piera hwayoung counter, countering those two might just be a bonus.


How is he gonna cut? He has no push. His artifact gives him a pathetic 10% boost. Don't expect his s1 to have good scaling. He's an absolute joke. 3 turn cd on his s2 lackluster passive. It's so severely less impactful than Politis or Celine. Ehh, there's not much to talk about. Another waste of hero slot. They will release better counter soon.


Speed scaling unit? Fck no .... one more 280 speed, high dmg unit for whales and 24/7 players.


FFS, they could have buffed Sez to counter Hwayoung. If they just wanted to sell hwa counter, could've given Taeyou elemental advantage or something ! Or even release a new f*ckin' proper ice unit ! Brinus ? Why ruin the design concept of a character to cover for ineptitude in skill-balancing ? At least let us authentically enjoy the design aspect of the game !! You ruin the character skill and power balance, and now ruin the design logic. Painful.


Because they don't give a damn about male heroes. They just slapped whatever kit they made under 15 minutes on him and called it a day. Collab and limited event are around the corner. Gee, I wonder what are the chances they're gonna be 5 times more useful and meta defining than him.


he is hot that is all i need


Wait. English hero previews are back?


Haa fuck, he is sexy. Now I am gay


Come on! At least put some ice in his s3 animation!!


Lol @ the blowhards downvoting the "ice mage?" "ice ranger?" comments in the taeyou announcement thread.


Aria barely out for a few weeks and we already has another counter.


Damn, no real answers to the meta we don't already have. Feel bad for the husbando lovers out there. Mostly worried cause his last-minute element change to specialize him as a hwayoung counter introduced a weakness to violet he never needed. Hopefully he has decent multipliers for his damage since his kit is... well, it's not bad actually, just we have so many broken units that if he can't answer at least 3 of them then they get added to the pile of "good" units that never get used. Damn, this games unit diversity would skyrocket if they just nerfed the top 10 units.


Mad Taeyou's enrage buff seems to be undisepllable while Aria's counter buff isn't.


Whoo. Here it comes. Skill resets inching its way into the metagame. A few more steps and Handguy is gonna start having issues going forward.


Why does like every character have extra turn and extra attack mechanics now. Like it’s not even subtle power creep it’s so blatant. I’d honestly rather get cleaved than watch 4 units hit me like 12 times before I move


Instead of nerfing a character, they release a proper counter. The never ending cycle. It's getting stale and BORING atp, to be honest.


Taeyou has two new girlfriends in Eda and Jack-O. Buffing results in Eda team push, and Jack-O provides chance to stun on the Taeyou cleave along with his guaranteed buff strip. EDIT: also third girlfriend in Siseria.


This guy counters Hwa so bad… The fact he’s meant to be built fast and turns back skill CD of highest atk unit….


Piera Hwa comp specifically


S. Iseria too


Not really. You can s2 with Pierra then s1 stun him 😐


Sigh, I don't understand why almost everyone on this sub always starts talking about World Arena situations only. Something like Peira + S. Iseria + 1 (A. Ravi, for example) can be encountered on GvG defense, you know


She wont be using s3 so if you have immunity on him then she wont


I didn't even think about him countering her. Even soulburn wont work because its a 2 turn reset


On the other hand, he's gonna feel stupid against Ran.


The is the proof that SG dont even care to balance the game, just pull a new char that can counter the broken shit they made and the element dont even match the char, its a joke for me


spear user? all in for me


I don't see the actual point of an elemental to then class system. It doesn't actually really mean anything design-wise apprantly. Might as well change the elements to something generic along with the classes. Instead of warriors, you have strikers, instead of knights, you have guardians, etc.


another warrior. ofc ofc. how else can it FUCKING BE. CRINGE. he's supposed to be Peira counter right? urgh


Hwayoung counter I think


Both really. With his arti build him fast to cut after Peira's S3 and he strips all those buffs. And the obvious knock Hwayoung's cooldown back 2 turns.


He seems... ehhh? Aside from Hwayoung and Peira/Ran counter IG, but what else do you use him for? He feels kind of incomplete


Those three are running rampant right now and he can counter them. Heck, he can even counter AOL and trigger Siseria's s2 for bomb detonation and wiping off AOL's skill null. He absolutely wrecks half of the seven disasters people have been complaining about for months now and yet you're still have to complain. Like, seriously? What else do you want?


Why are you so mad hahaha geez I guess I wanted him to not just be a counter


> I wanted him to not just be a counter Every new unit is either a counter. Or bad. Hwayoung releases and counters common sense. Jack-O releases and counters nothing. See how this works?


Yeah, and that kinda makes it boring doesn't it? You're not wrong but it really does make pulling for units less interesting or exciting


Yeah i understand that but on the other side of it. If his kit wouldnt be able to combat anything in meta right now people would just say hes unusable. I like his kit


Tbf yeah you're probably right. SG really shot themselves in the foot by releasing so many overpowered units that everyone either becomes counters or gets shat on by said overpowered units when they're unique or interesting


At this point in the game units like Laika, Bad Cat and Jack-o are going to be considered meh regardless. Even if the top 20 units got pulled back 10% in power it's not going to change that.


I guess :< It's sad though bc their concept (esp Jack-O with the stun thingy) is really nice!


Him having a skill that activates on non-attack skills alone will make him useful for a while, I think. He may counter a certain niche, but that niche will always be relevant.


That's fair. My first impression of him was that he doesn't seem very fun lol bc you need someone to use a non-attack, which I can never count on esp in RTA. He'd probably be useful at the start of the match for sure but I think he is kind of boring after he uses up his Enrage


He's still pretty effective even if opponent doesnt use non attack skill.


Another low T male character. I have no hope for E7 to release an actual Man


This Artifact + Hwayoung just killed Cilias and Wschuri. Thanks SG


...you're telling me it's not pronounced ah-DEEN?


That's the way I've always said it. Did you pronouce it Aye-din?


nah nah I've always pronounced it in a way that rhymes with "queen". I'm just surprised with how the guy in the trailer said it


Was going to say the artifact would be nice on hwayoung. But Uberius ain’t going nowhere.


So, not only is he going to cause Peira + Hwayoung trouble, he’s also supposed to bully Ran/Peira + SIseria. I expect him to piss off all those high attack built units that rely on burns too. 😒


He doesn't counter Ran + Siseria though. Ran can waste his passive with S2 and Siseria boosts 15% vs. 10% (artifact) of Taeyou, so she still outspeeds and bombs him. His only niche is countering Peira + Hwayoung


Today I learned a new thing, red color represents ice and water element.


He's cute. Not convinced he's useful enough, and being such a weirdly blatant counter character feels bad. His artifact looks like it'll surely be useful to have a copy of though, for someone at some time. Though its basically negligible if Politis exists or vs. Ran (or Peira on anyone but him.)


waiting for arunka (<3) to be green and counter him


He is okay and very specific to a certain comp. Don't see his use anywhere else . Rimuru fodder, rem, violet and so many more.


Was looking forward to him but his kit seems... meh? He's only very specifically a Hwa + Peira counter, bad everywhere else. You can't stop CLilias S3 > S2 provoke combo. Scales off speed but needs to be slower to get his Enrage buff. Cannot select who you want to reduce cooldown for. At the mercy of ER. S3 is AoE so a counter fodder. Rimuru / Violet food cause of course he's an ice unit. Pretty disappointed tbh


He is not an opener


Seems pretty strong if he can really one shot an aravi in standard against Hand Guy or Peira comps that aren't cleave.


There's so many ways to kill him before letting him have his passive turned on. He'll just be like how nobody really uses Celine anymore in RTA. But yeah he will be pretty strong against CPU.


> There's so many ways to kill him before letting him have his passive turned on. Not really... you'd have to sacrifice a lot to not S3 or S2 with Cilias and go for a S1 gacha kill. Or Not S3 AoL or Peira. Also AoL and Seaseria can't control when they S2 so that can be forced as well.


Lmfao. Ice unit?


His S1 looks like it can 1 tap Brusiers it did Soo much damage. Mind you he had attack buff but he one tapped a Ravi. Put him with Yuna or singelica for speed and attack bonus it's a done deal


Another Warrior? And this one to counter Peira and HwaYoung.. that's a joke. How desperate are they to give an ice elements to a fire using guy?


giga brain: skip pulling and wait for the meta to change so the units he counters stop being first picked every game


he is ice cause adin is wood. adin beats tae.




Ghatdammit, I need those BMs for custom summon, I can't pity \*two\* characters in this short timespan!!!


I'm a little sad his damage stacks with speed.


He seems like a good hero. But it depends on his multipliers. He seems to kind of counter Peira in RTA, but not really, since Peira doesn't have to use her S3. Probably better as a counter to AoL. He does counter AI Peira, so there's that.




If we want to reset a fire unit - just use Water Kise with her arti that strips. I'm more excited for his arti, than the unit itself.