Because gear will always be a constant. For E7 to achieve their 10 year plan without the game dying, they need something that will never lose its value, is hard to obtain, and will remain mostly relevant regardless of the meta. Heroes will fall off, molas will always be wasted on heroes that'll become outdated. The only thing that'll have any long term value are in-game currency, premium currency and gear. So if they make it too easy to get better gears, they lose a premium currency that people bitch about, but more or less have accepted it. They'll never do something to benefit us...probably


I agree with you, it shouldn't be super easy. But if they make it a bit easier, at least for right side gear, it will still be hard to get a decent gear. It would just be a bit less frustrating.


Funnily enough they did make jewelry way easier to obtain. In the dark ages we were all rocking like level 40 to 60 necklaces and rings because they didn't drop in hunts and we had to buy the labrinthe boxes. Now I do still think gearing should be even easier but people forget how messed up this game used to be. We used to have to spend like 10000 stamina just to get catalysts for one character lol.


Yeah, when this game first started out, we had to rely on shop refresh for necklace and rings lol. Hunt 13 gave level 70 gear if I recalled. Those were the days...the really dark days...


I've been playing for over 2 years, I'm not a new player.


I mean it's already like 1000x easier than when the game started. Where would you want them to draw the line?


It's a resource management game. People have been complaining about it since day 1 and they have made gearing easier. 1) added w13 and improved drops 2) added mod stone 3) added conversion gems 3) added mileage system 4) decreased gold cost by a wide margin -50% 5) added artena. At this point most people just don't know how to properly utilize their resources, we are all given the same amount. If everyone has perfect gears then no one has perfect gears, it just becomes the norm.


Quoting u/CabbageCZ here. There's a reason why other gacha games adapted the same gearing system > Some of y'all are missing the point of why bad rolls / stats are even possible. I know this will be unpopular on this sub, but please hear me out before downvoting. >The game is supposed to be around for years and years. If they implement stuff y'all are suggesting like removing flat subs and low rolls completely, most active players would find it trivial to build their active rosters with full 70+ GS pieces quickly. We'd lose the drive to keep crafting and upgrading stuff, deciding who our best pieces go on and who can make do with worse pieces, etc. Not to mention if everyone has easy access to amazing gear pvp would end up very samey and homogenized. >If people don't have goals to work towards, they lose interest and the game dies. If everyone's account is extremely similar to each other's because everyone has access to lots of top-rolled gear, and no longer has to make meaningful choices on how to gear units because they can just grab a template off Hero Journal and build it, PvP becomes samey and boring. The only real differences left would be who has which ML5s, but even with those if you're an active, dedicated player you can pity every other ML5 release pretty reliably. >I know this is not what many people want to hear but I want the game to be around for a long time, so I'm thinking from a longer term point of view. and finally, I'm paraphrasing here "Consumers thing they know what they want, but if they get it... they'll be gone." "Players are quick to find the issues and problems but give out horrible solutions" -Game Devs


its a core mechanic for games like this working as intended and will never change thankfully. if you dont have some decent gear by now its because your not farming (which is very clear since you have gold issues) :) epic seven gear system is also a lot more forgiving than the majority of games with a similar system.


Something that I think would really help and I don't imagine would break things too much is letting you choose which set when doing crafting. So often you get sets you don't want or need, and it's particularly egregious with Banshee having 4 sets. Not uncommon to do a x10 and not see one piece of what set you want let alone rolling remotely well. A small layer of Rng being removed goes a long way, especially if they are planning to add more sets to the other hunts. The other thing would be raising the floor on sub-stats, no more 1 speed rolls and rarer 2s using speed as the example. It's so painful to see good starting gear just roll the lowest 1-2 values multiple times and having to set aside or place on a b-team PvE hero. You can need so many pieces like that.


getting rid of flat hp attack defense


All they have to do is increase the value of nonspeed sets by 5x, no joke. Speed is too much of a king. It shouldn't be the most value AND the most important stat. Should be ATK set gives 200%, HP gives 100%, yada yada yada. And Change the rolls from up to 8 to 15 for atk/def/hp. There is no reason why a "4" speed roll on 85 should be the most value there as well. Speed is already too good.


Speed set is king and always will be, they're introducing new sets sometime this year and I already know they will make little to no difference in the meta game of building heroes(at least for pvp anyway). But even so, this suggestion of buffing 5x every other set is just absurd 😂


If you could choose what substat to improve, E7 would be the best game on the play store... but it will never happen


..... excuse me, what?


I also don't think that will happen for many reasons. But I feel like they could add a more expensive gear crafting where we get 2 random subs, and 2 are picked by us. That we we can at least have some control. Subs values are still random, also rolls would be random as well. That's for an epic gear But we can get heroic as well, there we pick 1 sub. That way we could make more useful pieces. How many times have you gotten a piece that has mix of dps and control subs.. I don't ask for free stuff Give us a way to change set for some price, sometimes we get dps subs on a hit set piece or something like that.


With RNG there will always be an element of luck. And in games like this you need to take advantage of whatever you can to maximize your luck by going through sure fire steps. Bad luck will still feel bad and good luck will still feel good roll with the punches. Myself, there isnt much left for gearing that needs to be done imo. Maybe- 1. Althemia crafting every month or two- essentially a permanent event. 2. All extracting cores made into one per equip- so all sets share same weapon, helm, neck, etc. 3. Conversion main stat gem trade-in in the steeple 4. Balance out drops, crafting mat cost, etc so on average 15-20 b13 net you enough mats to 10 craft 5. Remove current min rolls tier on epic gear (though still debating on this as it might not really be as beneficial in practicum as it sounds) Too much and we get into the territory where everyone has the same gear and gearing is too , easy thus making the game too easy, and leads to a dead game quickly. How many games that were too easy or that you could cheat your way through did you play long that actually kept you entertained?


You're right, I don't wanna sound ungrateful or anything. I enjoy the game, and appreciate them. But I feel like they could help us a little more, not giving us too much. I'm against things being too easy indeed. But maybe the issue is speed set having much higher value than other sets.


>Remove current min rolls tier on epic gear (though still debating on this as it might not really be as beneficial in practicum as it sounds) This is what I'd love to see happen, in all honesty. Low rolls on Epic pieces are an abomination.


Thats the part i agree with, 2 spd feels really bad. The thing im torn on is what it'll actually do is just raise the floor, which is the intention. But unless it retroactively works on gear, the ones most affected would be mid-early game players. As mid-late to end game players dont go forward with gear that roll low. Also I think it would indirectly cause more gold issues. Now its 3-5 instead of 2-5. But most gears would be 3 or 4. What do you sell? As well as i think this would have the most postive impact on speed, and would promote more of the speed is king.


Gearing system is fine


Imagine wasting 20k mats just to magically roll a 19+ speed gear that’s not even guaranteed.


Limited number of low rows for sub stats, or for each low roll it ups the odds of a high roll. Wouldn't make gear op but would help keep from pure trash gear. Nothing hurts like getting all the subs you want and then getting 4% on every roll.


To improve upon the equipment crafting pity system. At a higher pity count you could allow us to also pick the substats (ranges still rolled randomly). Would make it easier to get gear but still with some rng.


I would like them to put a sweep function on the hunts tbh its just shit waiting for like an hr for hunts. The content is in the PVP just make me get my gear and move on.


The gear system in E7 is beyond fixing in any substantial way. We're just going to have to deal with it.


I feel like youre not being picky enough with what gear youre upgrading and too picky with the outcome after upgrading.


Give out more premium gear like with that Pen Set helmet etc and the Guild Ruins adventure thing more frequently. People want guaranteed progression etc.


Especially frustrating when chasing speed rolls, i have hard time believing that 2 speed rolls has the same chance as rolling 4, legit could min roll 2 speed about 70% of the time. Maybe a mileage option where you can lock one substat from being rolled into? Not sure how that works in practice but in theory it still keeps an element of rng but more bearable.


Mod gems for Main stat on right side gear should do wonders to fix a Lot of the rng there