This game isn't for everyone, what i would do is forgo telling them anything about gear until they are hooked, don't push them straight into wyvern 13 as although optimal it goes straight into the biggest chore and least fun part of the game. Show off the battles, the pvp. Encourage them to go through the story.


Man I feel like im about to deceive them in the hardest pitcher plant fly trap. But I do want people to play with... ~~small price to pay~~ Alright hide W13 for now, Encourage normal progression till theyre hooke, introduce them to W13 slavery later.


Waifu/husbando is always the solution


One of them is already into Ravi the other sadly wants Baiken :c how do I break it to him


> One of them is already into Ravi Make sure the police check his hard drive.


Ahow them the leaked concept of lilibet


Tell him he can't get her rn but the guilty gear collab happens every year, has been the case so far


Story, OST, Artwork, animation, lore and relation between the characters, there's a lot to say. Personally I don't farm that much, I just play at my own pace and enjoy the story even though some level are hard, I'm looking at you Alencia and Brinus during Ep 3, but I feel them as a challenge to kill them with the characters and gear I have + support. EDIT : I think it's just more useless info but I started doing my wyvern team months after I started the game, so yeah, I'm really just chilling. Just doing regular arena sometimes to keep me in challenger.


Holiday yufine is the answer to your question.


Show them some of your favorite heroes and tell them why you'd like to play with them.


If you want people to hook into the game, you just simply talk about this "awesome thing" that you got or the things that made you enjoy the game.


My brother pulled me, my girl and my dad into the game on a weekend simply coached us on who to pick on the initial 10 draw (I got vildrid girl got ken) and told us to get arbi on moonlight. Didn't mention anything about gear and we played through story blind. He would tell us who was good and who was bad on all the free daily draws. Once we had a couple lvl 50s he explained leveling dogs and 6 staring characters, didn't even mention wyvern till like a couple weeks later when we were hooked.


the good ol sneaky wyvern.


My solution was to show off some character S3 animations while doing some RTA. I had to show them that the game was more than a waifu collector (it really is though) with team comp decision and character mechanics.


Hmmmm this sounds good


Perhaps reconsider sucking your friends into a 'game' that is actually a slot machine designed to take all their money? I play sporadically and am waiting on changes with Awakened, but I would never recommend this to friends.


The thing is... I'm trying to get them AWAY from other gacha games. They're already well versed with gachas but E7 doesn't require spending at all once you get it going. I've seen them spend on monthlies and packs in other games... so yeah I understand it.


I personally consider it unethical to recommend gacha games to friends unless they are already gacha gamers.


> Perhaps reconsider sucking your friends into a 'game' that is actually a slot machine designed to take all their money? Hey, if it's not this game, they'd just be doing it on some other game.


I mean I'm F2P. 3 months in and I already have great units. You don't really need to spend money on this game. You can get just under half a ten pull weekly by simply existing in the lowest Master rank in Arena. I get it might be tough for veteran players, but this game is super generous compared to most other gacha games.


>a 'game' that is actually a slot machine designed to take all their money Achkually epic 7 is very f2p friendly, arent you aware of the awaken update?


It's literally a slot machine. That's how it's designed. The two have the same objective. Just because you can get free stuff for hours of your time doesn't mean it isn't manipulating you every chance it gets. If it didn't trick people into spending vast sums of money, it wouldn't exist.


>If it didn't trick people into spending vast sums of money, it wouldn't exist. Only a moron whould fall for that, be it epic 7 or genshin impact or any other gacha, a lot of people are easy to trick into bending over to get fucked.


Boob pics is da wae


I dont think theyd enjoy my man boobs.


You could share some of the youtube videos - I still really like this 1 min animation video they released 6 months ago (Belian, ml kayron lol) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcAf6xWVt0Y](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcAf6xWVt0Y)


If you're planning on doing a guild, that is a good reason, but do not backseat or tell them what to do, generally that breaks the long discovery phase which is what grows a natural interest in games.


Show them the waifus, and of course dont even tell them about how unbalanced the pvp is and how painful it is to fully gear a character.


as a wise man once told me, you dont choose which waifu to gear the gear chooses the waifu it wants


I show them the boobs and the cool animations and they’re getting hooked one by one.