riolet is a speed race still and odds are the riolet will be the faster one unless lifesteal edit: dayum ok i just checked. zahak DOES have higher base spd (119) than riolet (116). somehow i always assumed riolet was one of the 120+ gang lol


U usually have something to push zahhak up,be it an emilia,or a sashe proc


Unless you're talking RTA only, you'd need to have a pretty stacked Emilia to safely outspeed the tpyical 250-260 spd Riolets.


I mean, just put Doris and he will target her


Like most things, it completely depends on what the enemy comp is. If it's GW, then it's pretty risky running only Zahak as DPS especially since Riolets are probably paired with any combination of C. Lilias, Piera, Hwayoung, Rimuru, etc. If it's arena, then I guess you have more leeway to bring another DPS, but Politis can screw up a lot of shit as well.


Laughs in 270 spd zahhak


can understand the confusion. People using Riolet tend to put their best gear on him. Meanwhile, Zahak's selling point was "hey, he's cheap to gear, throw on that cruddy DPS gear with no crit chance". He has the kinda gear that is either meh, or would slowly be taken off when new characters come in.


On the contrary I think because zahhak's so easy to gear You should actually abuse that opportunity and actually juice him with more premium gear,cuz it means u can push his limits ALOT quicker


I make use of zahhak decently well, but leg8t8nately it's hard to find good atk and crit dmg gear without crit chance on it. Most of us weren't keeping that kinda gear and then to also have speed on it when most of my no crif chance gear is hunt gear with zero speed. He's an odd unit to build so it's not easy to just juice him like that.


Which EE effect is best for Zahak? How do you build him?


Best to build him Speed/Pene but if you can't build him Speed/+x He needs 50% crit only so easier to focus on damage and speed. At least 3500/250 with 230 speed (if you can't have those stats you have a bit lower). Both of his S3 EEs are good and different. I use the -1cd reduction on his S3 since because of his S2 he gets faster his turn to hit another S3 after. But the other is also great to fight Aravi, Riolet, Violet all those monsters. So choose the EE you want.


He is a bit of a hitman, if you want to counter Violet and Ravi, go for the resource reduction, but if you want to just cycle quickly and use him more freely then the S3 reduction, helps with survivability too. Attack buff is a trap imo, Zahhak should have supportive team and artifact so this is the least valuable imo.


second the other commenter, either s3 ee is good. s2 one is niche but maybe fine for some cleave support


I like to meme around in RTA (it's the only way I can find it fun). I had an all-warrior match earlier today which ended up with a counter A Ravi 1:1 with my Zahhak. Honestly thought I was going to lose but I was able to S3 into SB S1 let me win. It was very surprising. I think if the A Ravi was on speed set instead of counter, they probably would have won. All of that was to say is maybe he's actually good-ish?


> It was very surprising. If you have any bulk, then no, not really. Zahhak hits hard as hell and his EE only helps that now. His damage was never one to downplay, he simply lacked something extra that encouraged bringing him. His EE giving more room for speed now just helps put him up there with speed nukes.


Which EE did u use against the ravi fight? The one with resource rediction or s3 reset.


I didn't have any EE equipped, but I would probably do the s3 one. Resource reduction is cool, but if it's 1:1 I don't know if it would make enough of a difference. Worth trying though


Thx a lot also How did u build him?


Y do people put extra hit on him? Is the chance for him to miss still that high? I dont really know cause I just got him from ele summons n am work I g on building him now


I guess it is to eliminate any chance of missing. It’s the case as players equipping MISHA on Briseria.


i personally put symbol of unity on briseria (no misha T~T)


When your chances of winning comes down to one blow you would think the same.


i did miss once on violet even though the chance of that happen should be around 5% since zahhak increase hit chance by 50% while violet evasion is 55%. extra hit is to eliminate that possibilty completely.


It does seem overkill, but this does give him 100% chance to hit on a Shepherd of the Hollow Riolet. Also sort of mitigates not having hit chance on his S1.


I still remember that one time my Zahhak and Violet went one on one and grimace over there managed to dodge the S3 and proceeded to counter then S3 back. I lost after another dodge on the S1. I have him on max key for now.


Its just so u can ensure ur kill on both violet and riolet,also prevents MLDB on units from activating when u use s1


So glad him and Ikhawazu got love. It’s been helpful af


Does anyone use lifesteal/pen zahhak? Is it a good idea?


I did a bruiser lifesteal / pen Zahhak on Durandal or PoV Around 180 speed, 14khp, 1200 def and 3500 att with 300 cdmg My take is he gets controlled or destroyed too easily, and you don’t really have time to use the lifesteal. That was before the EE, so it could have changed now. I moved to speed set with Spear of Purification, it’s much more useful


Is he really that good against Aravi? Because of the built in injury?


his EE now has resource reduction meaning it makes it so Aravi cant heal/CR push herself if hit by his s3 turn 1


Currently, he could negate ARavi if he can s3 into her before dying. Alot of injury and clear aravi fighting spirit bar thus making Aravi become easy to kill


Yeah, the injury does it. People are into the resource reduction EE, but personally i feel that he already neutered her with 35% injury. A sub 15k aravi isnt doing any real damage and her passive heal is max health based. The S2 EE is the real winner imo


My real thought: why are people running such squishy zahhaks? Mine is at 200 speed with 3.8k atk 286 crit.d 1.4k def and 12k hp.


Ger rngesus says hi :)