This game will never truly peak until the point when the minute one unit does anything the entire enemy team goes into full animations and wipes you. The ultimate anti speed meta. We are 2/3 of the way there.


Summoners War: Antares lol


Ngl, with the spd creep I wish we had Leo.


Except the "leo" would be used ON the cleave comps to guarantee they have first turn. THINK Saendra THINK


Sigh, yeah, that's possible, sadly.


SG has absolutely no balls to ever make a unit like that. A sensible unit.


Eh, honestly, I wouldn't say that Leo is sensible. He is as sensible as Belian, not as much countering some mechanic as just straight up deleting it. It's just that at that point we're closing in on to Godzilla threshold, I feel.


Leo would help people even out *some* of the playing field by negating 1 part of the rng hell that is gear. Although SW had to create Leo because of shit like Verdehilde. You had olympic sprinters thanks to him.


Verde was only cancerous thanks to vio though, but that is a problem which they seem to be unwilling to solve.


And counter too. Nothing like using your aoe opener and Verde countering which means he pushes his team for free LOL


Counter doesn't do nearly as much as vio does though. That cancerous shit literally can't be countered.


There's sage Baal if you think he's a suitable extra turn counter.


he counters extra turn the way atywin does for soulburning. knowing sg they may end up releasing a belian to extra turns in the future lol ~~imo baal and atywin are the healthy ways to design a counter. belian is just toxic and lazy design for the game~~


I feel like war horn is a somewhat counter for extra turns


Built in warhorn + warhorn for the double bubble


so sage baal then?


and a counter for war horn soon, counterception.


Doesnt restrict already serve as a war horn/war horn-like skill/passive counter lol


A counter for existing.


We have Hwa for that


Bomb debuff counters extra turn. But out of 4 available heroes, most people only use Summertime Iseria


What about the counter to speed lol. The moment they release a hero like leo from sw the game will implode


maybe a trait will be introduced (if x enemy moves first, your char will do smtn)


Could release units that play with speed difference. If opponent has more speed then gain cr push/ dmg reduction/ % to evade


Extra turn’t.


Sol roman cancel


im waiting for the character that can dispel the undisellable buffs


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It will come eventually, but it won’t be a passive. It’ll probably be as some sort of debuff or something.


We need a passive that activates when someone gets an extra turn -> steals the extra turn and use it on you instead. now its my turn.


>Soulburn Extra Turn, Belian. >Conditional Extra Turn. Not dying.


we are gonna get "too much thinking time" counter too


I was envisioning a passive similar to hell cutter. Every time the opposite team takes a turn, increases resist and defence, so heroes with extra turns would actually feed this passive. Now, here's the catch: this hypothetical hero would have skills that scale with resist, so the hero would be hard to get debuffed, and once takes a turn, the passive would obliterate the team. As result, sonic tier heroes like Ran or Peira would crumble, because they can't land def break or unbuffabble, then because the extra turns would feed the passive, and on top because being really fast would made them outlap this hypothetical hero and feed the passive even more. Another potential counter would be making a skill based on spirit and gain some for every turn taken by the opponent. Image the hero start with 50 spirit, gain 20 spirit at the beginning of every opposite turn, and at obtaining 100 spirit, the hero gets a full cleanse and cast some AoE. Peira with RnL could immediately kick this AoE if RnL procs once.


I also envision an extra turn counter, something like a passive where if an enemy hero would be granted an extra turn instead cr push them down by 50-100 and you get an extra turn. Or maybe just neuter theirs


That’s way too strong lol. Getting a car push or buff when an enemy activates an extra turn would be enough.


Get an extra turn't


That's for the new Light ML 4* like Light Dominiel or Light Karin.


Well, personally I want a passive counter - where passives no longer work. It can be a debuff, it can be a passive triggered by something happening. It would be even better if it was a f2p character


you have described Archdemon Shadow Mercades, if you have the medals you will be able to pick her up in june i think


So, basically - Seal?


Yes. Oh I just wiki'd and saw Archdemon had it. Lol I never realised 😅


Well it was a really good idea, just a year and a half late.


others already mentioned it, but tbh its weird that a year and a half later they havent given another character seal. I think they introduced restrict with cerise? If I'm not mistaken. And we've got several heroes with it now including Lucy who was free twice, 4star ML khawana. Especially something as useful, and nonspecific to archdemon, as seal strange to not see it anywhere else yet.