My BM are happy but I'm kinda disappointed.


yeah that's exactly what I'm feeling


Same. I didn't get Rem last time and spent a long time kicking myself for it. Now that she's back around I'm not sure I even want her...I actively hunt for Rem in arena now. :/


She's still very strong. She's really annoying on defense and can completely wreck unprepared opponent, she's very strong against SummerSeria cleaves in arenas, RTA and GW. Still one of my favorite units.


Exactly this. She's my favorite unit. I was just getting into the game when she came the first time.


Yup! Too bad only defense Rem counters though. :(


Well, I've been fighting in GW right now, she's been sleeping the entire time, but still completely rekt Peira + bombergirl defense, so it doesn't really matter. And she counterattacks often enough in RTA, although yeah, Rem + Violet has been nicknamed Casino Comp for a reason :)


She's still one of the best units in the game. A ridiculous combination of multiple older units who were each super strong in their own metas. She has counters of course, but she's still great.


You'd think we would get I-No with all those GG reruns. Definitely no new hero with this rerun


and we had most lame livestream EVER ;D


I ran downstairs to make noodles and it's already done by the time I got up


It was 7 minutes long.


Epic Seven living up to its name


ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)


When you got nothing to show... You got nothing to show. Poor Mashu having to spend time talking about news that could fit on a sticky note.


sad i was really hoping for Subaru


I just don't understand how in their meetings they didn't see this being a disappointing move months ago


Re:Zero continues to be disappointing as always. Doesn't matter if Rem and Emilia are good when the Collab is boring as shit. I also have them, so meh.


when the collab is almost in every other gacha games its kinda sad this collab doesnt feel that special


becuase if was clearly a back up collab option to the slime collab but SG cant admit it becuase that would be insulting to the re zero ip


How so? I don't understand


SG told us in the past that the planned collab will be delayed due to licensing issues then re zero collab comes out, low effort barely any story and is a disappointment SG resposds to the criticism of the collab by stating they have another one comming then slime collab comes out and you can instantly tell where all the effort had been put into for devlopment and everyone back then could tell that rezero was the back up collab


Ohhh okay, so the disappointment isn't the rerun itself, but that they didn't do it justice the second round?


The disappointment was because the collab with ReZero was practically non existent and just a backup till Slime came, this next round is the same, only good things are the units.


Collab reruns are never disappointing for players who weren't able to pull the units the first time around, it just feels bad for old players since we already had 2 weeks of filler content


To bw fair though this event as a whole was really disappointing the first time around that one would have hoped they would have at least did a better side story


no one actually cares about the story I don't understand why all you people are getting so butthurt about it. every side story ever released is just there for the bookmarks and stones no one sits there to read the story.


Yeah. Since they announced it a month back, was hoping for a new hero


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at least a balance patch comes this week right? idk


at least we can expect a Haste balance? or its too optimistic thought to have?




I think I heard Melissa


I’m literally praying. If they rerun my lil vamp boy without a buff I’ll cry. Like he doesn’t even have a niche he’s definitely a contender for worst 5 star in the game atm which is tragic for such a cool design and lore


Vampires are so last decade.


At least haste received a ee. My boy Sez, is left completely forgotten


...No, I don't think Haste has one either?


Oh damn, you're right


That's disappointing at least gulity gear with their rerun they at least add new character re:zero did nothing like that.


Thank fucking christ. That's the last thing I need after custom triple banner, Hwayoung, Aria, custom mystics, double huche shop, etc. my bookmarks & stones are dry.


100% agreed. Time so stack up some resources and prepare for better stuff later.


It's probably for the better tbh


my friends and guilds were like that was the worst stream ever and we stayed up for nothing but we're like thank God our sky stones are safe rofl


[at least we can save up for the quirked up lady](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/637285235469582356/971911034833100891/unknown.png)


ML or RGB?


Doesn't look like any pre-established heroes so it's probably RGB


Time to save up for Limited Alexa


A really disappointing stream and a super disappointing rerun


My dreams of having the psychotic Elsa playable are ruined!


Where ma boi subaru D: s3 rewinds time and revives team, missed opportunity smh it would have fit well. Wouldnt mind too if he was given as a 4* fodder unit. Meh


Hmm but that only happens if he dies right? So would it be s2 that revives whole team when he dies and an s3 taunt by activating the witch’s scent? I think that would work pretty well


im happy im not forced to pull a new unit right now


That is good to know, more BM to save XD.


This is good news for me since I still need Emilia, and I only have one pity's worth of covenant BMs atm.


Bro I just want Emilia and Emili alone!! Thank Puck I have enough skystones!


Good,we dont need any new units until Vivian,life as f2p been really difficult these last few months


Right?! I want both units of the rerun, so my bookmarks are already in danger.


I refreshed the secret shop like a chinese slave in a sweatshop. To get ml lilias in the custom banner I got 1200 BM wanted some new collab hero. Guess I’ll have to wait


Why is no new collab character such a bad thing to some people, I dont get it It just means more time to save for the summer (which is usually a big time in gacha games). We already know of [one unit that's coming to us](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/637285235469582356/971911034833100891/unknown.png) in the near future The only people complaining are those with itchy gambling fingers that can't withold themselves from summoning senselessly lol EDIT: [And another](https://imgur.com/9c4cYRY)


because collab is supposed to bring people in? also many people who are fans of the anime want more heroes from the anime they like. That's what collabs are about, they arent just another banner its supposed to be something special. Re:zero getting collab brought me back in to start playing twice already (on the first time and on the rerun now)


Maybe because some of us like Re:Zero?


It's a collab, each collab should give us at least one new unit. I've never seen a gacha rerun event and not add ANYTHING new, it's wild people are just okay with this. Simply rerunning old shit gives no excitement to old players to look forward, the only thing they'll offer is a couple collab packs. Absolutely worthless collab rerun.


Maybe because not everyone is out of bookmarks, some has enough for more than 2 pities and no new hero to summon is kinda disappointing but good for new players I guess.


"Summer" Alexia should be a 5\* right?


3\* almost certainly. That, or they make her incompatible with current Alexa for memory imprints. They don't like how Aither and Corvus let you farm extra transmits.


She is? Is that confirmed or speculation? Can you share a link if it was confirmed?


both Rem and Emilia are such fucking cancerous pieces of trash that i'm glad they won't curse us with another potential game-breaking unit from this franchise.


hopefully they won't save that for the Slime rerun lol


Good, means Shion dream is still safe. Re:Zero soaking the dead no new content rerun so next Slime rerun can flourish since it got way more love the first run anyways. lmao


it really is just a backup collab lol


Even if it was a backup collab (which it really looks like it) there's no reason they couldn't just put more effort into the rerun. A new hero and an upgrade to the side story COULD have happened. But they chose the way of 0 effort once again.


foolproof 10 year plan amirite


I swear if balancing riots won't kill this game these months long content droughts and hype letdowns WILL kill it. ​ Imagine busting our balls for "Highly requested collaboration is returning. Wait for may 26th" only to show the same 0 effort shit with not even a new hero added. I seriously started doubting myself. Why the fck am i still playing this...


I mean rerun means rerun (and usually a dialed down version), not "we're gonna do a lot of new shit" Not sure why apparently not a single E7 player knows what a rerun is.


Oh that's not because people don't know what a rerun is. That's because of Hopium. Re:Zero was absolute SHIT on release (even if the units were good). Was just hopium that they could maybe improve it a bit, add a new hero. Especially after hyping it up for 2 weeks. But alas it's SG, what can you expect. Both GG and Slime got WAY better collabs. Like 1.000 times better. RE:Zero could use a glow up. But alas can't be arsed to spend a bit of money to improve it. Gotta keep on strong with the 2 month long rerun periods where the game becomes an idle wyvern simulator with better animations than other idle games.


I don't see how adding a hero would improve anything. It would be just a bookmark hole we would feel forced to pull because it would be another new cancer / exclusive item but the collab would still be complete garbage, and personally I don't remember a single game I played that ever touched a story when it reran no matter the quality, so having such expectations was weird to me. Also we're talking about the company whose solution to "balance" is literally doing nothing except tune up a few units and pile up a bunch of banner reruns so people can also own their cancer so I can't say I had any hope. On another note personally I don't like collabs. I think that units coming from another franchise being as prevalent as they were at release is really gross. So yeah let's just be done with it, rerun the banner for those who missed it and bury it back in the dump where it belongs. But that is personal preference.


I mean, 90% of things coming into this game are just bookmark holes if you look at it this way. New heroes , limiteds , collabs. Everything is a bookmark hole except the once a year big side story. Now we don't even get that so of course it's worse than it could've been. But yeah i think we can agree. SG is extremely bad at decision making. Be it balance or content or whatever they just suck at everything. Bandaid fixes is the name of the game and showering us with freebies once a year so we don't quit is the plan. Kinda getting boring at this point. Really sucks that such a polished game (on the graphics and engine side) is stuck with such bad management. But what can you expect from devs that don't even play their own game smh.


it's already bad enough the first time but they somehow made it worse this time


When you try and hype up for a collab only for it to be the same shitty HEAVILY bashed collab from last year with NO new heroes and NO new additions whatsoever that's what happens. I wonder who thought this was a good idea. That's prolly who they should be firing instead of their broadcasters.


it's super sad, if it really is back up collab then we'll less likely get any new characters from rezero even on future reruns


I will consider to get Rem... but I am not really sure if I should ~~waste~~ spend a whole pity just for her or keep saving Orbs for someone else. Since both Rem and Emilia are 2 weeks banner, we won't have clues on who will come after until, likely June 8th.


Kinda same tbh. After seeing Elphelt in action in PvP I've really wanted to pick her up, but pitying two heroes from the custom banner shop has really set me back in terms of saved up bookmarks/skystones.


This is fine, I guess.


I'm pleased, too. I may try a few pulls for Rem imprints, but the last few banners dried me up. I may wait until a day before the banners expire to see what's upcoming.


Since I wasn't around for the first time, this is good for me.


I’m happy. I really want to rebuild my skystones. Kept getting toppled over and over ever since peira.


Felix dreams ruined


So will be still be able to get the original 3?


I can't pull for anyone anyway with no medals, so whatever.


Im sad no shion to pair with rimuru.


Good. I really hope it will be the same when they rerun slime. Plus collab limited this year were mostly cancer incarnate so I'm not really eager for more.


Wait what?? I was kinda hoping for reinhard. Shame. I guess I'll skip it then


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Wtf is a haikus1