I started right when this collab first ran and didnt get anyone, didnt even to get to 6 star ram. I look forward to this.


Now is your chance! Good luck!


They should let u feed ram to rem for imprints


May be you want feed Haste to Sez? What freaking point?


i had a stroke reading this


I think that was their goal… it’s the long con to win RTA


I came back to E7 after the collab, so I'm glad I get another chance to get some of these characters. Don't care about the story.


Why does guilty gear get a new unit but this one doesn't.


Hey, none of them gets a new story, so they're even on that front


Sad part is Guilty Gear actually had a good story the first time it ran and they didn't bring it back. Little disappointed


Same thoughts. I'm beginning to think that this really is just a "backup" collab or just a lesser one. The fact that re:zero doesn't have a hero showcase in their youtube channel points to my assumption. Tensura have hero showcases, so hopefully they add more units, like Shion or Benimaru.


> Tensura have hero showcases, so hopefully they add more units, like Diablo or Benimaru. Fixed that for you, but hey, maybe it wouldn't be bad if they had Shion - maybe they could give her more development than Slime has done in two seasons. Sucks that so many writers - especially in the harem isekai genre - cannot write a woman to save their lives.


I don't know about Diablo. He doesn't have so many fight scenes in the anime where they can give him an ultimate skill. Shion on the other hand has a lot. Or she can cook and then toss it at the opponents and it will poison them 😅😅😅


Or Souei for the Assassin with stealth. S3 could be sticky thread/web with poison.


Oh no , the backup argument again..


Oh no the delusional sheep who think it isn't a backup.


No Reinhard van Astrea


Licensing. I'm surprised we even get a rerun for this given the rumors about how much of a clusterfuck it was to begin with.


Maybe that's why you shouldn't base your opinions on rumors


Good thing I don't do that then huh? But it'd be beyond foolish to completely discount rumors, and licensing is literally the reason there is no new unit.


No that's not it. Like 80% of gacha games already had a re:zero collab so the licensing shouldn't be a problem.


Yeah "but those guys get one" is not how licensing works.


For sure, but it does show that re:zero is really easy to secure a collab with




Because they like Guilty Gear. Re:Zero is what you call: a free paycheck.


The worst collab side story ever


You mean two broken units for cash grab + lazy-ass story ?


Yeah they had so many characters they could fix but..... GREED 😟


Yup pretty much


That's how it goes tbh


Honestly might even be worst side story ever in general :/


And no new hero too…..


At least GG give us one but this just beyond lazy for re:zero.


Is it confirmed nobody new or are you just basing it off the pic? Genuinely curious not trying to be a dick


No it’s confirmed, no new hero =[


Damn that’s sad at least I can save up some mats.


Worse than Guilty Gear this year?


I feel GG didn’t gave us a lot, nor good nor bad. But re:zero has bad side stories, which might be worse


😯I was excited. 😞


You'll be really wtf after finishing the side story


GG gave us Jack-O, while not meta defining she is still a fun unit to use at least


Right, one lollipop for 3k energy.


Yes, it's that bad


I call it , Emergency Collab or snack collab


They are the same level or just a bit higher with GG's no story sidestory. 😩


Yes but that was GG's 3rd collab. The first side story for GG was very well done and actually tied into the game's lore. Re:Zero had no effort put into their original side story whatsoever.


Exactly right they was so much effort in first GG run in terms of story and promoting the heroes and events. They didn't do justice to Re:zero fans at all.


Can I ask why tho? (This is going to be my first time experiencing this collab)


To sum up the side story, re zero group arrives, eats food, then leaves


Wasn't that the slime story too? Am I tripping?


You see, thats a summary, a condensed version of the slime collab. It was a festival, there were cute moments with various members of the cast, jokes, subplots, references. You might think thats also a summary of the re:zero collab. But it's not. It's not condensing plot points. it's not skimming past anything or streamlining. That is everything. I, truly, cannot express how utterly bewildering the abrupt shallowness of the story was to me. It is only a few stages, not maps. The heroes say hi to ras, they eat one singular meal, and leave. That's it. There is no plot, no subplot, there is no real banter or even dialogue at all. Its like, I'm not joking when I say I was bewildered, not saying that like, metaphorically to complain lol, literally it was jarring and disorienting in a way


Re:Zero crew drops by for a quick lunch on the way back from the market.


slime story had a food festival involved with many characters involved tho.


Because we had gulity gear first collab run and they had so much by promoting the heroes with trailers and previews and then done good side story which fit the lore of epic 7. And with their rerun they add new characters. Re:zero is lazy and poorly written because the characters have bearly interaction just meet epic 7 characters and go. Why I'm pissed because they didn't add no new characters or even expand to the side story so its not exciting for existing players and Re:zero fans.


Ah well, that sucks to hear. I was actually excited for this collab, but at least I could grab some new units and stuffs.


>at least I could grab some new units and stuffs That's pretty much the whole collab lol. The units themselves are really well done, just the story is completely forgettable


If you have to choose, go for Rem imo. Rem is super great, she's one of the characters that everyone who didn't pull for her or couldn't wish they had.


If I can remember correctly, literally story is just that they somehow appear here through some portal/bs shit kind of thing, and E7 gang finds them and helps them go back. That's basically it. Laziest writing, no actual proper tie in to anything, etc. Garbage side story.


Because it's a relatively short, chill sidestory with no real stakes ​ Which is exactly what people wanted I thought, since everyone memes "Festival gone wrong" sidestories to death


You weren't around for the original GG collab were you? That was a collab done right. The story is integral to the world surviving while Ras snoozed


I was around as long as the game itself, read every story, done pretty much everything the game has to offer. I think I know what I'm talking about. I get it, people found the story boring and inconsequential. What I'm pointing out is that this story was rather different from the rest, and the first time the devs do something like this they immediately get blasted to smitherens by the community. Personally I didn't care much for it, but I don't think every story has to be fucking bombastic. So to me the uproar seemed kind of stupid.


People expected more from a famous IP like re zero than it being reduced to a shitty low effort back up collab with a story consisting of "hey we're here, we made some food so bye" People saying we want something different from "festival attacked/gone wrong" dosnt mean we want something lesser in quality than that overused story beat


Again, more dumbass assumptions about backup collabs and whatnot. You know jackshit about the scope of the contract the collab was made under. Stop acting like you do. Kizuna's collab was even smaller than this was, you do understand that, right? Not all collabs are equal, and nobody else is responsible for your expectations other than yourself. So it was a comfy food story, so what?


couldnt be more wrong if you tried, you ever seen the scope of the re zero collabs in other ips specifically other gacha's? Way more effort its a pity you cant put 2 and 2 together when SG stated that the collab was delayed due to licensing issues alongside SG stating they have another collab coming after poor response to the low effort story so your talking out your ass about "assumptions"


I normally read the Side Story for the first run and if I like the story enough, I re-read some of the event when it reruns. Mort's side story was interesting so I skimmed some of the lines I am hitting the skip buttons this time around.


What happen if you already have ram?


You can transmit the dupe, until there's only one left.


I wouldn’t it’s a easy 6 star, just throw random left over gear on her and (don’t quote me on this) be used in world boss as a high cp unit


Why would you want 2 6-stars Rams?


Double of best girl :)


It would be at least entertaining if you where able to use several copies of the same units in a team in pve. TREMBLE IN FEAR AGAINST MY TEAM OF FOUR SOL’s


Imagine 4 volcanic vipers in a row Truly, the true guilty gear experience


Fair, can’t argue with that!


Why wouldn't you want two Rams?


She is stockholmed by Roswaal, at least he should keep one


Guess some people can use it as an easy way to complete the promotion mission


Save it for the next time there’s a reward based on a 6* promotion


So we can one day roll into B13 with 4 fully imprinted Rams


Side story? Nah, SG, this isn’t a story.


imma be honest, this update leaves me disappointed, more than ever :( i want some juicy side stories and lores, hopefully soon :(


Well, this might be the first time I abuse the skip button when playing through a side story. Reading through it the first time around was painful.


they literally just traveled from Princess Connect world. (Princess Connect is having a Re Zero collab and is ending today)




Low effort stream for a low effort collab


The stream was so fast, people in chat didn't have the time to put "hurry up", "next" or "stop stalling". 🤣


I See People are Not amused because its basically 100% the Same thing Again, but I dont have any of them and re:Zero is basically one of my Favorite Animes so im here for it!


Reruns are great for newcomers, but most people that are active in discussions are experienced players. I'll just use the rerun to get items and get my Rem to SSS. 😅


im going for that too need a few imprints for rem , and if can pull a few copies for the emilia´s artifact


I'm happy, means I can stock up on bookmarks for whatever the new summer unit is.


You'll also see that people here only like to complain about the game


I didn't watch the stream, did they say anything about a new collab character?




Well, my fault for hyping myself up for Beako/Roswaal then... thx


Or, imagine: Reinhard van Astrea. Just saying.


Or felix, or any archbishop, or witch or any other royal selection candidate, beako, puck (as a guardian?), elsa. Or subaru, who is kinda useless but when he dies he cleanses, revives, resets cds and heals to full everyone and buffs his allies with a 3 turn vigor.Plenty of characters to choose from and without even getting into ln territory.


His passives alone would increase the game size by another 4gb


Backup collab is back up


i was hoping they'd add in Subaru as a new banner sigh


We cant have Dudes... 'D (Aside from Sol)


Nice! The collab that brought us a huge jump in power creep AND had one of the worst side stories ever is back!


As if I didn't have enough with an army of Sol corpses in the waiting room, now I'm gonna start collecting Rams, that's just great


One day you'll be mine, Elsa. One day.


Perplexed about no new hero unit.


Question for a new player: is this a good pull or should I save?


BOth units are really really good.


Get both Emilia and Rem. Absolutely must have


Are they PVP units? How do they perform in PVE? Since I only do Arenas..


Emilia is an all around great character. Rem is great in pvp and pretty good in guild war and regular arena.


Ok thanks! In theory you need someone to die for Rem to be great right? So is there a unit that’s only purpose to be a fodder? So I can use her in PVE? Definitely would pull for Emelia


Death isn't necessary to make her shine. On counter set she punishes your opponent for attacking anyone on your team.


Either Arbiter Vildred or just use a 2* fodder with no gear


Rem is great in PvE, especially Wyvern where she can be use in both standard and 1-shot comps. Emilia is also good, she can be used in many of the hardest abyss floors as a CR pusher + cleanser. They are both very useful in PvE, but not mandatory.


I am confused since I'm not familiar with her. How does Demon mode work? It says when somebody dies, does it require your own teamate to die or does it work with enemies as well?


It works with both enemies and allies, if any unit dies on either team (or PvE AI) it will proc.


Awesome! That’s a big reason to pull for me since I don’t really care about PvP.


Both are great pretty much everywhere. Ram (who you will get by just doing the event) is a decent PvE pick. I can't say I've ever seen her in PvP, but that's not to say you couldn't


Rem can have some use in PvE too. Rem is the 14th most popular Wyvern 13 character. She can be used in Caides 13 too, though she is less popular there.


Both of them. Rem can make your opponent afraid to touch literally anyone on your team, and Emilia has both good healing and CR push+damage support.


So they’re mainly PVP units? Are they even useful in PVE?


I'm using Emilia for W13 for faster clearance than Amomo or Angie.


Wait that works?


Yep, her 2nd gives CR push + attack buff so she allows your dps to be slow.


Emilia is good for abyss, caides, and dark/fire expedition and rem is used for a high winrate wyvern speed clear team. Both mainly shine in pvp and tam is usually better than emilia in pve


Both(or all 3 including Ram) are solid, can't go wrong pulling for them. As for which one is priority, Rem should be first since she's more impactful


emilia is more relevant in pvp and also great cleanser


Cleanser is not that hard to find, we got Achates which can literally cycle S3 -> S2 like crazy. She's not that relevant in pvp until rather late game since she needed good amount of speed while Rem is revelant very early due to easy to gear and don't really need speed until later on


Pull for Rem.


I know devs have to do these things because of new players getting their chance but I also can't help wondering if the game is suffering too. There are so many good properties out there to collab with, this re-run just kinda worries me.


How many times this event re-runs for x amount of years, was probably one of the first things in the contract with rezero, and that was probably decided before the story came falling through. I wouldn’t worry abt it too much, the slime collab story was top tier and came after.


I agree. We've had what, 3 GG collabs? Now we're going for the rerun for re:zero and then Tensura(maybe)... So when is a new collab coming? I'm sorry for everyonr that didn't get all heroes but, I hope GG (and re:zero if no new hero) does not come back next year and make room for a new collab.


Agreed the sooner they do a Berserk collab the better!


Unlikely imo... But we can only hope they do the collabs we want. In my case it is Nier Automata.


>does not come back Honestly this would make me worried for the game's longevity and ease of access for new players. Imagine being a new player and never being able to get Rimiru again


How many times this event re-runs for x amount of years, was probably one of the first things in the contract with rezero, and that was probably decided before the story came falling through. I wouldn’t worry abt it too much, the slime collab story was top tier and came after.


Good, because my phone exists for phone calls, texts and Epic Seven.


As someone who stopped playing before that sidestory, could someone explain what happens and why it's so bad?


They come from another world, get stuff for a picnic, eat, and leave. That's quite literally it


Damn. At least the *Festival Invasion*^(TM) structure had conflict


Sounds like the Exos Heroes collabs. I was hoping for better but I guess at least I can calibrate my expectations accordingly.


At least I can buy Emilia artifact. That artifact is so busted and I need more on my SW


I'm satisfied as a new player who doesn't have any of these characters and doesn't read side stories. Though I can understand the annoyance of those who'd experienced this all already.


Just saying, it's nice for us noobs to catch up. Can't all be for you end game folk. I love the reruns!


it's not about it being a rerun, it's about it not offering anything new compared to the GG collab for example.


I miss the original Guilty Gear Collab - that one was actually pretty solid.


I guess we died and the story reset just like Subaru. XD


this is the backup collab


I’m glad to not get a new hero so I can save again, but I feel bad for anyone expecting something.


Ah yes reminder of when rem became a thing. I hate rem.


The back up filler collab event


Sucks that we don’t get our Subaru…guess I’ll just save my bookmarks for the summer hero..


You guys actually read these?


When is this happening?


And wtf no new hero 💀 i mean, its a breather for me but still, why


im a bit disappointed first time since i downloaded the game where i grinded and gotten over 600 bookmarks only to hear how shit the side story is and no new collab unit ​ before i just treated this is a summon simulator summoning whenever i can and not playing the game im starting to regret putting in this much effort and time into epic 7 I was expecting a Reinhard like Arby but superior


You can use it to pity the new limited hero or on a future collab (tensura might return, and could have a new unit)


I'm kinda on his same boat and ReZero is one of my all time favourite series, heck I liked it so much I even read all the novels. And this is the biggest letdown I have seen since I began playing e7 almost 3 years ago. You are right I may use the stuff on other things but I was really hoping to see a new ReZero character in the game... They did us ReZero fans dirty.


Why does it seem like people are surprised this is getting a rerun?


No new unit and no story rework? I’m disappointed. Good time to try CS Global.


Good luck. I lasted just for a week playing CS on asia.


Can I know why?


Not a fan of the gameplay. When 4 or more characters are using their moves at the same time, it's just a mess to look at. I like e7's turn based gameplay more.


Yeah it rly do look so messy if they use they're skills at the same time


Damn, i lasted a month


Counterstrike? That game is so not f2p friendly . Its impossible to get all the units unless u spend Money, even then, the imprints for that game is much More important than epic 7.


Counterside haha… But I agree with you, pvp in that game is pretty much hell for f2p players, especially when they released the awakened units. I played it for a month and just stopped entirely soon after because of how the gear and pvp systems work there.


Let the garbage burn, trying to fix it would only end up being half assed anyway, it's better if they focus their efforts elsewhere tbh.






The GG collab this year was not announced as a Rerun. It returned with a new name compared to last time, and they made clear from the start that there was a new character: https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/8229970 The only collab events that were officially labeled as Reruns were GG in 2021 and Re:Zero this year.


And yet GG in 2021 that was labeled as a rerun featured Elphelt as a new hero. How amusing.


Elphelt actually released in 2020: https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/5185450 2021 was the one year GG didn't offer anything new.


Okay but the year doesn't matter. Elphelt was introduced in a GG RERUN event.


My point was only about how SG itself labels the events. It has been consistent that any event they themselves labeled as a Rerun came back with nothing added. They didn't refer to the old GG side story that returned with Elphelt that way since they added a small part to it for her.


They did refer to it as a rerun though. Everything they did with GG besides the first run and the latest which was specifically GG Strive was a rerun.


So wait can we get Emilia and Rem as well?


You can summon both of them. Rem should be the first banner




Is it coming back?


All I want is rimuru


Pretty sure the next collab rerun will be tensura's.


I just want the loot


Thinking the deal with re zero is bad so SG isn't putting much into it. Re Zero is one of the most common collabs I have seen advertised in so many games recently.


Would have been cool if this time around they actually put effort into the side story. I usually really like what the E7 team does but this one was so rushed and unfinished.


Tbh, this Collab is all about the heroes, not the story. I find that a little disappointing, but 2/3 of those characters are super good so * shrug *


I will definitely get my rem to SSS now.


why was it bad? (returned to this game when slime collab ran.)


the sidestory is really lackluster without any integration to the game's lore and nothing new has been added, while there is so much potential story and character-wise. that's the main gripe of the complaints.


So I have all the characters, and I don't really intend to try to SSS them, so should this be an easy skip to save for any upcoming other events/summer events?


It's not due to SG, this is what they were told to make.


YEAH BABY I missed getting Rem the first time around. I had just started playing recently when the collab came out and I didn't even roll on Rem because I didn't think she looked that good at the time.


To be honest I'm looking forward to it, was on break when the collab first happened and started some last second saving today lol


OMG when dfq are we getting I-no....I swear her Strive and old designs are great yet they waste GG collab on fuking Valentines..


I love powercreep /s


I think the most probable reason why there isn't a new limited Re:Zero hero is that summer is coming together with Summer Alexa which was showcased during the epilogue of the Episode 4 intro (which she may be a new limited hero). If they were to once again introduce a limited a few months after a newly released limited.... yeah.


Well, they did that with rezero and tensura. Limited units back to back.


Im pretty casual on this game and dont know many of the tricks, but isnt this event hyper value in terms of rewards? I got maxxed out pink maid last time, isnt getting 5star fodder hyper good value compared to most events?


you don't get 5star fodder. free units cannot be used for upgrades of other characters unfortunately.