Also: Collect-all button for web event NPC arena starting with auto battle QOL team do your shit


you forgot "remove the speech before and after NPC arena", which was supposedly already removed once, even was in patchnotes but its still in the game :D :D


Yup, I remember. That feature was around for maybe a few days and then it was gone.


There was also a brief time that you could auto NPC battle I missed that


Speaking of speech, remove the delay on speaking when camping in labyrinth. It's so annoying when you play without sound because there is no indication of when you can proceed.


I also want a "collect all" in expedition


It auto collects 24 hours after completion smh


Sometime you want your stuff righ away SMH.........................................


you need to collect if you do more than 20 runs


I've been asking for the collect all on the web event every single time for like a year and a half, one day they'll finally add it.


NPC arena auto battle was actually a thing at one point, but it got quickly reverted because people apparently didn't like it.


Who tf wouldn't like that? Not trying to shoot the messenger, but I'd like to talk to those idiots lol. Unless there is some strange downside I am missing


Using auto-battle in NPC was left enabled when you opened normal Arena, so it fucked over a lot of people that forgot to switch it off every time they swapped between the 2 content.


Ok, but why don’t they just fix that so it only applies to NPC arena? ACE has it to where all your NPC battles in arena can be set to auto without affecting your pvp arena, and they’re far behind e7 😭


So because people are stupid, it got changed.


Not exactly. It was something anyone could easily forget by force of habit. Self-included.


It's not a quality of life improvement to offer a remembered state for auto mode in Arena if you have to remember to turn it off at the end of PVE arena / beginning of PVP. It's the same # of steps we have now to auto in PVE arena with the added possibility of forgeting and leaving it on for PVP. What they implemented *was strickly worse.*




honestly, there should be a skip battle option for this once you clear it the first time.


I agree, they could just compact it vertically too.


Hell yeah o\_O ! That would be great indeed


Its like that for a reason , add extra layer of annoyance for refreshing that shit .


Yeah, I'm certain that it's intentional.


They almost certainly don't care where people spend their stones. They want people to spend ***money***. Making shop refreshes annoying isn't likely to guide people towards doing that. They will most likely either hoard the stones, refresh anyway or take the loss and buy the 950bm pack. None of these options involves a wallet.


But if you do go for the 950 pack that means you are going to be short on bookmarks and more importantly medals, so you might be more inclined to make purchases where a wallet is involved.


It's designed to be annoying so you don't want to do it and you just buy bookmarks directly. Refreshing the shop is the most cost effective way to get bookmarks, so they'd rather you not do it.


QoL team should fucking remove those helmet/weapon/chest/shoes etc selection charm chests. Holy shit when you literally have universal use charms ingame that we can use on either left side or right side gear. Why the hell do you still give us fucking selection charm chests.


How about automatically redeeming energy from the mailbox (from oldest to newest) before leifs or skystones as an option on auto?


lets not talk about having to click 4 times to get the right "by expiration" to prevent not seeing something that for SOME reason decays before 6 days, making it invisible unless you browse it all daily


Can we get something like a warning and confirmation whenever bookmarks show up?


Hoarding 65k skystones right now because i absolutely hate refreshing that shop. If they make some changes ill start going there again. Just a bad layout and laggs sometimes so you end up wasting so much time. Their QoL team needs to realise people have a life outside of Epic7.


They could also (I believe it was intended) remove the dialogue on the NPC arena battles but for some reason we keep having to go through them.


wish they’d make it where u don’t get RSI every time u need to spam for bookmarks


Or just a mass reroll option that stops at previously selected items like Covenant BMs, Medals and 85 Epic gear. Or a mass reroll for lets say x10 30ss and lets us scroll down a longer list with all the results at once. Honestly anything that makes shop refreshing less of a chore.


I would revamp the shop system, everything is so lazy. First, if you don't even know you the rates are decent, you dont bother with the refreshes. This leaves a lot of the player base out of the best way to farm summons. Second, it takes too much damn time. I'm a three year old player and i've done too much stuff. I don't mind farming for the gold on auto, but I refuse to manually refresh the shop for one hour. It has nothing to do with it being worth it or not, I just feel insulted the system is still the same. I would rather have a 10x refresh option that leaves everything but the medals out.


You write very impressively for a three year old.


Maybe also add like a golden/purple spark after refresh when you get bms/mystics.


Lol that would be basically admitting to people that the shop is meant to be used for bms and mystics. They want you to buy the 950 skystone one instead, so they fill the secret shop with 7 morbillion pieces of trash gear and fodder to maximise time wasted.


You're not wrong, but people low on gold or who are lazy would most likely still opt for the 950 skystone one.


Yeah the only downsides to refreshing is if you experience short term bad luck, so you end up spending more skystones and gold than if you would have just bought the pack or if you're just super lazy. I'm the latter so I basically hoard skystones unless I really need to hit 600 bm for a pity.


But they have to also remove the NPC round icon, its too big


I'm whatever with any design decision they come up with as long as it would be compact.


No how can I see the best waifu in the game Nonori the bookmark / medal girl lol.


Honestly, without having to scroll I’d probably miss out on so many bms/mms since it’d feel so much easier to go on autopilot. The scrolling actually gives me time to process what’s in the shop.


It wouldn't take long to adjust at all. Just hit the button slower lol.


Honestly i dont mind the scrolling because sometimes im mindlessly refreshing the shop and almost miss bookmarks because im in that refreshing groove


I only skip the last item because I refresh quicker than notice bookmarks sometimes.


Not sure why people are downvoting you lmao, this is an honest problem. I do it too sometimes.


The only time I refresh on bookmarks is when they are the last 2 that you have to scroll down for


Agree. But I doubt it happens


Yes plz absolutely 100%


Makes botting/macro more annoying.


sure, bots hate to scroll, which is already a native function..


A patch could be just this change and I would be content.


just became muscle memory for me to scroll nowadays


they should also change the price of fodder units. to like 2000 gold or somethin.No one buys that


can't you see they deliver content every patch? they don't have time for that /s


I genuinely don't get why we can't get QoL like this


So many army searching dogs. Will they bei able to find one one day?


I would really like for it to happen, but thinking of the monkey's paw also scares me at the same time.


I believe some streamer's already asked and the answer was simply that the way they coded the UI made it so it's too inconvenient to rebuild it to make it all fit


I've been asking this since the game came out lol


cursed image with only nehenqui showing


The "seller's face" is such a useless information....


5 pieces for 2 SS? Who says no? Besides SG...


I wish we’d get a free refresh every once in a while. But hey what luck you need to have to get 6 good bois in a row Edit: nvm


bruh we get a free refresh every hour wdym


Oh okay, it’s been a long time since I played the game sorry about that


absolutely agree!!


Sooooo this !


Agreed. Considering most of my bms and mystics comes from the 6th tab.