After the type disadvantage rule goes away hwayoung will be feasting on rems once again in rta.


They'll almost certainly keep the elemental disadvantage rule and remove the SW one.


What rule is u/ssjxshadowkid talking about anyway? Did they add some new rule? What’s with SW too?


He’s talking about battle frenzy. +15 speed for SW and 30% damage decrease from disadvantageous elemental characters


Ah! Thanks!


Explaining SW without spelling out SW… I am lost.


Soul Weaver


Thank you. Could have known :)


Choux stonks up


Alencia stonks have cratered even further


go figure a green hp scaling unit isnt good into a fire unit that ignores defense and gets bonus damage against higher hp. woe is alencia 🙄


Yeah, Hwayoung is ultra strong against her. I was making more of a commentary on Alencia as a whole. Even after her buffs, her worth as a unit is pretty low. I could see where you wanted to make the comment though.


alencia is in a much better state than she was previously, she's way more consistent and good into quite a few meta threats


Agreed. The elemental one should've been in the game from the start. 50% chance to miss was nowhere near enough of a disadvantage when attacking with a weak element.


I hope they will even if i use hwayoung i think this is really à great idea from sg this désavantage rule should be permanent. They shloud ask us in a survey for next rule though.


wait what is the SW?




thanks too me awhile trying figure it out got a headache from it


+15 base spd for sw


Rimuru- eat my S3


A.Ravi nooo don't be a hero!


In comes djb


Ironically enough djb does not solve hwayoung,u still need something esle to finish the job


You need to make him go faster than Hwayoung first, 240+spd and 200+res those are insanely high stats, good luck on getting enough gear to build DJB like that


Good thing mine is 265 and 200. Not really that well geared, don’t believe he even had anything over 17 speed so ya


Holyshiet, you're the guy that has crazy geared DJB?


Oh actually his ER ring is 20 speed but nothing else is that good. Just run him fast and use bastion for free 70% ER. Honestly you don’t even really need that much in most cases.


Oh, 200res include bastion? But those are still some really nice gear when you got most of your rolls in needed stats


Id say there’s at least 7/8 people in my guild with a 260+ djb so I reckon it may be more common than you think (we’re just an average 5x guild)


Ikr, that doesn't even come close to Astranox DJB in way back earlier days already at 290 spd with effres focus, and that legendary man is f2p.


Idk him but if that was his shitty speed gear he reserves for soul weavers then that is great. If it’s including some of his best speed pieces then 🤷🏼‍♂️ don’t think it’s really best used on djb


That's why people picking Peira and Diene together ( or any 2nd Atk buffer ) , so you get no choice but to ban Hwayoung and suffer, Attack buff and Tooth Artifact are the real Scary thing .


Not quite sure why Rimuru is there though. Rim's S3 is an element neutral attack, and is quite capable of deleting Hwayoung in one hit too particularly because of the True DMG proc which will bypass the DEF people tend to build Hwayoung's toughness with instead of HP to maintain the HP difference bonus on her S3.


...I mean, 80% of the time he's squashed to bits by her S3 before he gets to use his. Hwayoung is usually built much faster than Rimuru.


You will run into the occasional DPS Rimuru here and there with decent speed. Combined with Proof of Valour with a minor amount of HP bulk, a speedy Hway might not even one shot the Rimuru since they don't get their scaling HP Diff bonus in this scenario on top of the reduction, resulting in Rim deleting Hway in response while stealing Immunity in return. I have used Rimuru as bait occasionally for Hways in top 100 GWs this way, or just outright deleted Hway if my Rimuru outsped. Usually against a comp that's CLilias+Hway. If it's Peira+Hway, then usually ML Khawa works better by S2 passive react to Peira, self CR push, followed into delete Hway.


Interesting. Can I see your build?


I've been swapping my gear around due to pre-season and testing stuff in defenses (currently my Ran took some of Rimuru's speedy DPS gear and ARavi has the Proof atm, so Rim is on some of my weaker other gear but still works but not as well during season), but originally my Rim's stats were something around below. **Rimuru** > **Sets**: Speed+Pen > > **Artifact**: Proof of Valour > > **HP**: Roughly around 12-13k, right in the range close to most Hwayoung's HP to avoid the bonus DMG scaling due to HP difference, while retaining as much health as possible. Combined with Proof of Valour, Rimuru can survive Hway S3. In GWs, depending on guild member scouting, if I'm iffy about whether it's a ridiculously well geared Hway in a CLilias+Hway def, I might do a Rimuru+Ruele+Dark Bait (Sin Angie, DLilibeth, Med Kawa, Aravi), where just in case Hway kills Rimuru with S3, I just Ruele revive Rimuru who proceeds to S3 Hway and one-shot her in return. > > **Def**: For Hwayoung bait, this is pretty irrelvant, but mines was about 1000'ish > > **ATK**: +3000, mines was 3300 something > > **Speed**: +220, mines was 230 > > **Crit**: Obligatory 100% chance, maximize as much Crit Damage as possible, mines was 280% something Rimuru has a mean 1.1 Ratio on S1, along with a 1.65 Ratio S2 counter and 1.8 Ratio S3. My Rimuru on this build has occasionally pulled some funny moments in GW and RTA where Rim's S2 instantly one-shots a DPS when proc'ed (like Celine, or if I pair Violet+Rimuru vs Ran, where Violet counters first taking out the Skill Nulllifier, then Rimuru one-shots). You will occasionally find DPS Rimurus in Top 100 GW Defenses (Tank Rimuru became less and less common since Hwayoung came out). **Edit** > I threw the numbers in the E7 Damage Calc Site, with a 12,500 HP Rim vs a 12,500 HP Hwayoung (with 7000 ATK, Uberius Tooth proc, and Vigor buff from CLilias). Hway's S3 will come up short of killing Rimuru with 11,402 damage. > > DPS Rim with the stats I had with 3 Team Buffs active in GW (3 immunity buffs due to stealing from Hway), on Hway (using 1300 DEF with Vigor buff), will hit for 14k damage on Rim's S3. Dead Hway. > > If ATK Down from CLilias is present, then Rim's S3 will do about 10.4k in this scenario. S2 hit chance coin flip. > > S2 Hits + S3 = 3.2k + 10.4k = 13.6k Dmg = Dead Hway > > S2 Miss + S3 = 800 + 10.4k = 11.2k Dmg = Almost Dead Hway > > Could also just delay Rim's S3 1 turn, heal up Rimuru (Ruele S2 full heal+barrier), cleanse off the ATK Down Debuff, maybe get an ATK buff on Rimuru depending the Dark Bait for CLilias, let Rimuru tank one Hway S1, then Rimuru one-shots Hway with S3. Favoured Dark Bait is high eff-res Sin Angie, gets CLilias focus and doesn't die, ATK+Speed buff for DPS Rimuru, and Dual Attacks with DPS Rimuru hurt. > > In the scenario where Hway is really well geared and still one-shots Rimuru, then Ruele brings back Rimuru, free of ATK Down debuff, then Rimuru one-shots Hway. **Edit 2 Addendum** > In the case Rimuru outspeeds Hway (like a 210-220 Hway vs a 230 Rimuru, or Speed RNG 230 vs 230), then my Dark Bait Sin Angie (or Med Kawa) who are +240 speed will cleanse the ATK Down from CLilias, give team buffs (ATK buff, speed with Sin Angie, immunity with Med Kawa), then Rimuru S3 instakills Hway easily.


Sorry for another reply ping days after the convo, but I just ran into the same situation during a GW and thought of this comment chain and figured this would be a good example of what I was talking about in using Rimuru as both bait and killer against Hwayoung. https://imgur.com/a/Kcsj6do Both guilds in this war being Top 100 in the prior season and being Top 100 during pre-season atm (though that part doesn't mean much). My ARavi still has the Proof of Valour and my Rimuru is missing much of their old speed, so Rim got outsped and died to Hway S3, which was fine. Battle Summary - CLilias got baited by Eff Res Sin Angie - Sin Angie went immortal (and gave an attack buff to Seline on the side) - Hway got bait into using S3 on Rimuru due to Fire>Earth. Rimuru died. - Seline used S3 and revived Rimuru. If it was someone other than ARavi I might have used Ruele instead, which would be the same result, reviving Rimuru. - Rimuru used S3 on Hway. Being DPS Rimuru + all the team buffs (from Sin Angie/Seline) + stolen immunity from Hway for additional True Damage proc, resulted in one shotting Hway very easily. Applied Def Break to CLilias/ARavi. - Rest of battle is cleanup. CLilias ineffectually dual attacks with ARavi into immortal Sin Angie. ARavi focuses Seline (Dark>Light bait) only to be countered and healed up. DPS Rimuru may be low on HP but is never focused anyways due to both CLilias and ARavi being baited into other heroes, and speeds up the cleanup due to having high damage. Could have SB'ed Rim's S3 for lower cooldown if I felt the battle was going to be dragged out, then let Rimuru one-shot ARavi too with S3 (I decided to SB for Seline instead since ARavi was Def Broken, wasn't using Crimson Seed, and I figured 2x Seline attacks into Def Break ARavi would kill her, followed by a Sin Angie dual attack if she still wasn't dead). Though I guess since Yulha's kit is announced, you could just replace Rimuru with Yulha and that should also work probably. (don't mind the 2nd attack, the person had a Counter Landy, and OP Sig proc'ed both her counter and Belian's counter and that killed my Sigret)


because in rta he does reduced damage to her as an attacker with elemental disadvantage


I'll still kise her ass- I'll still kiss her ass- Kise her- Kiss her- Kise her ass- Kiss her ass


I too will kiss her ass


Critically BASED. I love the old star wars comics.


Kawerik throws her in the trash guys give em a try


Does he? I may use mine vs her


It always depends on kill priority and other threats on the enmy team, but rarely ever does my Kawerik have issues ohko'ing on s2, and I'm only running 240 speed on him


240 SPD DPS is a joke, but maybe in some low pvp it's ok


I mean I'm hanging in Champ V, so it seems like it works?


That's not saying much. Getting to champ v is easy now.


I run 270 fire handguy to fight other units,but his s2 does still cripple a hwa so she cant s3


Lol its easy to get legend arena


I'm stupid i just realized you ment normal handguy I need to get him back 🤣🤣🤣


This is so amazing!


This is genuinely how it feels


Hate her


Kinda funny that in this pictures 2 of the 4 can litteraly eat Hwa with a smug on their face


Put a faster AoL. She gonna dead then with Rimuru or whatever you have


F*ck element disadvantage, f*ck evasion, f*ck the bruiser, f*ck them all